Times truly have changed, and only for the better.

Buying sex toys was not simple when I first started to become more interested in my body, sex toys, and my sexuality in general. Yes, sex toys were available and the selection was solid, but there was still a big roadblock for all young women interested in a toy – you had to physically go to a sex shop to get a toy! Ordering stuff online was not that common and nearly not as simple as it is now.

Seeing as vibrators, dildos, and other goodies are now a few clicks away for all women has led many virgins to experiment with sex toys. This has also led many lovely ladies to wonder whether they are still virgins if they use sex toys?

This is a question that we will look into in today’s article. I will review this topic from both an anatomical and mental aspect. I will also give some tips for virgins experimenting with sex toys and I will also lead you to some product suggestions.

So, if you are wondering whether you can and should lose your virginity to a toy, keep reading!

Am I Still A Virgin If I Use a Toy?

Sex Toys For a Virgin – Yes Or No?

• Which Sex Toys Should Virgins Use?

Am I Still A Virgin If I Use a Toy?

It is not possible to lose your virginity to a sex toy. The exact definitions of virginity are different for different women, but I am yet to hear a single reliable source that claims losing ones virginity can be attributed to a sex toy. 

Virginity is associated with “sharing your sexuality with another person.” And, as much as I would like to believe that something like my LELO Dot clit vibe is my trusted girlfriend, it is just not true. 

How about the hymen? Glad you asked! Modern western science has long debunked the myth that an intact hymen is “proof” of virginity. For many women, the hymen stays exactly as it is even after repeated intercourse. Alternatively, many women rip their hymens via tampons, accidents, or even by performing various sports.The state of your hymen has nothing to do with whether you are a virgin or not.

Whether we look at the topic from an anatomical, emotional, or mental perspective, the conclusion remains the same – it is not possible to lose your virginity to a sex toy.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets see whether I would recommend using sex toys as a virgin.

Sex Toys For a Virgin – Yes Or No?

Yes, I wholeheartedly recommend sex toys to all virgins interested in their blossoming sexuality. No pressure though! Just as with losing your virginity, you should never be pressured into using sex toys if you are not interested in using them. Just because your friend Betsy is constantly raving about her new oh-so-awesome black dildo does not mean that you are missing out. If you are not interested in sex toys, then so be it! This is completely fine. I myself got my first sex toy years after I started having sex.

However, if you do plan on experimenting, then this is fine too. Plus, using sex toys as a virgin comes with many benefits, including the following:

  • You learn what you like – Using a sex toy can help you discover exactly what you like. Which spots of your body respond to stimulation the best? Which parts do not feel so good? Do you prefer intense stimulation or something super slow and relaxed? Sex toys can help you find answers to all of these questions, even if you have never had a partner before.
  • You gain confidence – Losing your virginity will still probably be a little awkward. Even if you have spent hours playing with sex toys. However, having some sexual experience with toys can help you get that little confidence boost.
  • Sex toys can relieve stress – School, work, relationships, even pleasurable activities like your hobbies can cause stress. Unrelieved stress can lead to lots of long-term mental and physical problems so it is a good idea to find relief where you can. And, a good afternoon or evening of sexual exploration (maybe even an orgasm or two) can do wonders in reducing your stress levels.
  • It can get you paid – I thought long and hard whether to include this here or not. I decided to include it. You see, cam girls can make A LOT of money. And, I have a friend who loves sex toys yet has never had sex before. Surprisingly, she is also not shy. Like, at all. Thus, she tried her hand at being a cam girl. Her niche? Using sex toys for cam girls as a virgin. I will not talk names and numbers, but she makes bank via tips from her viewers. Now, this comes with a HUGE disclaimer though – stay far, far away from camming sites if you are underage. Also, do not enter camming solely for the purpose of earning money. Only do this if you are genuinely excited about the idea of performing on camera. Do not even consider something like this if you are not of legal age! Also, think long and hard about whether you want to do something as public as camming if you are still relatively inexperienced with your sexuality.

As you see, there are many benefits to using sex toys as a virgin. Some of them obvious, some of them not so obvious. In the end, what is important here is that you never feel pressured by anything or anyone. Once pressure enters the equation, you will never be able to truly immerse yourself in the pleasure sex toys can bring you.

Which Sex Toys Should Virgins Use?

Nothing is off the limits. If you feel as if you want to go all-in with your very first toy, feel free to order a sex machine like The Sybian or The Tremor. Who am I to stop you?!

That said, most virgins will want something way, way more subtle for their first toy. Here are two solid recommendations:

  • Clitoral vibratorsClitoral vibrators are amazing and powerful. Yet, these toys never feel intrusive and are very intuitive to use. Even if you do not know your body yet, you will be best friends with all your pleasure after a few sessions with a good clit vibe. LELO IDA Wave and LELO Dot would be the two products I would recommend for all women, regardless of their previous experience with sex toys.
  • Dildos – If you want something lifelike, start here. A dildo is a simple yet reliable sex toy that can still feel so, so good. For some concrete product suggestions, feel free to check out my guide on the best dildos for virgins.

The rabbit hole of female sex toys (that sounded weird) is deep. There are lots and lots of toys to choose from but I would start with either a dildo or a clit vibe. These toys are great for learning about your body.

Once you do know what, where, and how you like…feel free to wade into deeper waters and find some more niche stuff to experiment with.

So, we have not established that sex toys do not take your virginity. With that information, you are free to have fun and explore exactly what you like. Above all, I hope that you will do just that – have fun and explore!


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