All women are different. However, when it comes to sex, there is something most girls can agree on. The fact that, for women, clitoral play is the most reliable way of reaching an orgasm. A tongue or a set of fingers? All good. Still, I would argue that the best clitoral vibrators offer an entirely different sensation.

Yes, I love a set of fingers or a skilled tongue artist as much as the next girl, but nothing gets me to peak as fast as the best clitoral vibrators. Nothing. And, this is not just my personal experience talking. I know several women who had their first-ever orgasm from a clitoral vibrator. So, if you have tried everything but a clit-only toy, do yourself a favor and purchase one. It might just be the thing to unlock the wonderful world of O.

In a nutshell, clitoral vibrators rock. This is why I decided to put together a little guide for people looking to purchase their first clitoral vibrator. Hopefully, this list will be an inspiration for all you pleasure seekers out there. Have fun!

What is a Clitoral Vibrator?

A clitoral vibrator is a female sex toy designed specifically to stimulate the clitoris. In general, these toys are smaller than a “traditional” vibrator, which also makes them a somewhat more discreet choice. 

How Does a Clitoral Vibrator Work?

This is where things get interesting. Clitoral vibrators work by directly stimulating the clitoris. As you know, all clits are different. Some need more stimulation than others. Luckily, the best clitoral vibrators love all clits equally. They offer various intensity levels and settings, all to make sure every clit leaves a happy customer. The clit vibrators listed here use a contactless technology that stimulates your pleasure points via air pulses and a gentle sucking motion. If this sounds good to you, keep reading.

How Did I Choose The Best Clitoral Vibrators?

By testing. Duh! No, seriously, I have tested a fair share of clitoral vibrators during my lifetime. And, despite the amount of choices available, there are a lot of duds out there. Some models are too loud, some are unpractical to use. And, some, to put it plainly, do not get me off. When making the final selection of my favorites, I tried to keep the choices as varied as possible. You will find toys ideal both for couples and for solo play. I also included a great entry-level product for people entirely new to contactless clit stimulation.

Without further ado, please enjoy my personal selection of best clitoral vibrators for 2021:

• Best Overall: “Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator”

• Best for Edging: “Lelo Sona 2 Cruise Cerise”

• Best for Couples: “Womanizer Starlet Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator”

• Best for First Purchase: “Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator”

• Best Cheap Clitoral Stimulator: “ROMP by Womanizer Shine Clitoral Suction Stimulator”

Best Overall – “Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator”

My favorite clitoral vibrator of all time. The gentle-yet-intense stimulations usually get me to come in less than 5 minutes.”

Price: $119.99 on Lovehoney

Key advantages: made from elite-grade silicone material, 240-minute runtime, fully waterproof, quick and intense orgasms, rechargeable

“The Pro40” is the crown jewel of the Womanizer series. And, dare I say it, the current queen of clitoral vibrators. 

So, what makes the “Pro40” from Womanizer/Lovehoney such a gem? Well, before I sprinkle you with the naughty details, let’s take a look at some technical feats. The “Pro40” comes with USB charging. And, getting this baby fully ready-for-action will take approximately two hours. Fully charged, it will give you about 240 minutes of mind-melting pleasure. Plenty of time if you ask me. The “Pro40” is also fully waterproof, which means that this clitoral vibrator is also great for bath/shower action if that is your thing.

Time to get down and dirty. I was SUPER excited to give this baby a spin. So, there I was. All alone in my bed. Ready to dive headfirst into the waves of pleasure that the Womanizer series is known for. And, kaboom, pleasure is what I got. Let me just put it this way, the “Pleasure Air Technology” as they call it is life-changing. I would describe the gentle-yet-intense stimulation as “pulsating”.

This clitoral vibrator has 10 levels of intensity. And, you can switch these intensities with a super simple + and – system. I’m a gal who loves a bit of intensity so the first two settings were barely noticeable to me. But, once I got to 3 and above…OH.MY.GOD. It took me about 4 minutes to climax. And boy, what a climax it was! I generally squirt rarely, and from a combo of oral and manual stimulation only. Imagine my surprise when the “Pro40” got me to waterfall-level in less than 5 minutes. Splash, baby!

By now, I have only grown more fond of this little beauty. And, I have also found new clever ways to come with it. For example, If I am in the mood for a slower and softer orgasm, I use it for nipple play. A different, more relaxed type of O. Just as good though. All in all, this luxurious toy is, without a doubt, my favorite clitoral vibrator. And, also, one of the most treasured toys in my collection. Mwah! Love it!

Best for Edging – “Lelo Sona 2 Cruise Cerise” 

“An innovative toy for long and hot solo-sessions. The half-automated stimulation is great for slowly building up to orgasm.”

Price: €118.15 on LELO

Key advantages: made from high-quality silicone, half-automated response system, waterproof, great for edging

If there is a clitoral stimulator that gives the “Pro40” a run for its money, its the “Lelo Sona 2 Cruise Cerise”. This is due to the innovative system that it uses. The high-quality silicone directly responds to the sonic waves and pulses of the “Lelo”. The results? A super intense sensation that stimulates both the inner and outer parts of your clit.

“Lelo Sona 2” is also half-automated. Increase the pressure of this baby on your body, and it will automatically respond by turning up the intensity a few notches. This is also what makes it one of the best clitoral vibrators for a super drawn-out solo pleasure-session. Perhaps accompanied by wine and your favorite fantasy. “Lelo Sona 2” is also fully waterproof, which means that it is great for a candlelit solo session in the bathtub. Something that, for me, has become a weekend tradition. Cheers!

As you see, the “Lelo Sona 2” has all the marks of a near-perfect clitoral stimulator. So, why is it not on the number one spot? Honestly, this comes down to personal preference. “Lelo” toys are great if I have all the time in the world. And, sometimes, I love slowly edging myself to climax. Most times, however, I prefer having the choice of getting off fast. You know, like a man. Having this kind of liberty has always felt empowering to me. And, “Pro40” always gives me this option. 

So, in a nutshell, pick “Lelo Sona 2” for an erotic, drawn-out solo session. Pick “Pro40” if you desire pure intensity. Both are fantastic clitoral vibrators. It all comes down to your personal preferences in the end.

Best for Couples – “Womanizer Starlet Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator”

“An ideal clitoral vibrator for couples looking to spice up their bedroom routines.”

Price: $79.99 on Lovehoney

Key advantages: a discreet and sleek design, great for couples, rechargeable

We move on with “Starlet”, yet another addition in the “Womanizer” family of clitoral vibrators. The “Starlet” proves that size isn’t everything. At least when it comes to getting a girl shaking with pleasure. 

It is a super-petite (circumference 4.5 inches, length 3.5 inches) clit vibe that is discreet, yet powerful enough to blow your mind time and time again. It uses the same patented “Pleasure Air Technology” that allows you to stimulate your clit without direct contact. Sounds good? It is. Women vary in sensitivity levels. Some of us need heavy stimulation, some of us need almost featherlike sensations to get off. Whichever category you fall into, one of the 4 intensity settings of the “Starlet” will get you there. 

“Starlet” uses USB recharging and will give you 30-minutes of action. Less than the “Pro40”, but still enough to get your mind blown, multiple times if you wish. And, I cannot stress this enough, it is so small! This makes it one of the best clitoral vibrators for women who travel a lot. As you know, traveling can be super stressful. Especially if it is a work-trip.

A splendid way to get your mind clear of work-stress and jet lag? A hot solo pleasure-session with an orgasm or two. Or three. The petite size of this clitoral vibrator also makes it one of my favorites for couples new to sex toys. Do you know how sensitive men can be towards toys? Well, the “Starlet” is so discreet and small, your SO will not feel emasculated by her. His D and the cute little “Starlet”, this will make for a hell of a night.

Best for First Purchase – “Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator”

“A great clitoral vibrator for novices to self-exploration. This vibrator will shortcut your way to a shaking orgasm.”

Price: $99.99 on Lovehoney

Key advantages: one of the most quiet clitoral vibrators, comes with a travel cover, great for beginners, has a super solid grip

UK pop superstar Lily Allen was one of the early promotors of the Womanizer series. She hailed the Womanizer clitoral vibrators as being “life-changing”. It is no wonder, then, that her fandom eventually led to a collaboration with the company. Enter “Liberty”, a clitoral vibrator brought to us by Lily Allen and Womanizer.

So, what do we have here? “Liberty” is somewhat comparable to “Starlet” in many departments. It is quite petite (circumference 5.5 inches, length 5 inches) and even more discreet. It even comes with a magnetic travel cover to ensure the privacy of the shiest pleasure hunters.

But, the usability department is where the strengths of “Liberty” truly start to shine. For women who are new to self-pleasuring, this is one of the best clitoral stimulators out there. It has a very solid grip, which makes it superb for finding the ideal stimulating angle for your little bean. Some of us know our spots from the heart, some of us are not (yet) so lucky. But, let me tell you this, the “Liberty” will make “finding the O spot” the best game you have ever played. 

For such a powerful toy, this baby is also surprisingly quiet. Yet another feature that makes it such a great clitoral vibrator for beginners. Although, let me warn you. Even though “Liberty” will be quiet, YOU most likely won’t be. The “Pleasure Air Technology” is real. And, it will flip your world around.

Best Cheap Clitoral Vibrator – “ROMP by Womanizer Shine Clitoral Suction Stimulator”

“The best clitoral vibrator for people looking for value-for-money. A solid introduction to the Pleasure Air Technology.”

Price: $54.99 on Lovehoney

Key advantages: affordable, waterproof, rechargeable

As much as I love luxurious clitoral stimulators, not anyone wants to spend big. Especially beginners. Luckily, there are also plenty of great cheap clitoral vibrators available. 

“ROMP” uses exactly the same patented “Pleasure Air Technology” that other clitoral vibrators on this list. And, it also comes with 10 intensity levels. Plenty to choose from, plenty to love. It is also as nifty as the “Starlet”, meaning that it is also travel-sized and great for couple use. All in all, you will be getting plenty of joy from this baby. As with all the clitoral vibrators from Womanizer, this beauty will get you peaking fast and heavy. So, pleasure-wise, no losses to be found. 

To sum it up, what do we have here? One of the best bang for your buck (heh!) toys available. And, if you are new to clitoral vibrators, this investment might just open your eyes to a totally new world.

I had fun writing this article. And, ahem, I had even more fun testing these clitoral vibrators. Hopefully I managed to tickle your curiosity and you will be purchasing one of these beauties. 

Stay adventurous, stay sexy, and stay confident!

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