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Confession time. I have a very soft spot for fleshlights. Why? Simply because they are the male toys that started this awesome journey. You see, the very first sex toy I bought was a fleshlight. And, 10 years later, I am still an avid fan of these toys. They are easy to use, are relatively cheap, and most importantly, they feel f*cking amazing

By now I have a massive collection of fleshlights (I’m too lazy to count right now, sorry). And, this is precisely where the inspiration for this article came from. I sincerely want to enhance your sex life. So, I decided to list the best fleshlights in my collection. All to help you choose a model that will give you the largest amount of pleasure.

Are you looking for help choosing your first fleshlight? Can I get a fleshlight for cheap? How does a fleshlight even feel? All these questions will be answered in this article. Oh, and while we are talking about questions, allow me to answer a few commonly asked questions about fleshlights:

What material are fleshlights made of?

Fleshlights are made of a special material called SuperSkin, a patented formula. The exact contents of the SuperSkin are kept secret, much like the formula of Coca-Cola. 

What you need to know is that this material feels like a real vagina, and does not contain harmful stuff like phthalates.

Does a fleshlight feel like the real thing?

In short, yes. These toys are so successful because the fleshlight textures do a great job of imitating the sensation of penetrating a vagina. Depending on your tastes, different fleshlights come in different tightness levels, textures, and sizes. 

Can I use a fleshlight to help me last longer and get over performance anxiety?

Yes, the Stamina Training Unit has been one of the best-selling fleshlights for years. Countless men have (yours truly included) have credited this bad boy for improvements in their performance. If you are interested, the STU also features in this list.

These three questions about fleshlights are by far the ones I get asked the most. Hopefully, the answers were helpful. If you are still on board, feel free to dive headfirst into our list of best fleshlights for 2021:

Best for Stamina Training – “Stamina Training Unit: Lady”

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Key advantages: best-in-class fleshlight for stamina training, realistic stimulation, stylish design

Let’s start with the hits. Stamina Training Unit is Fleshlight’s top-selling product worldwide. This legendary sex toy has been designed to give you the exact experience of a real, super tight vagina. And, it does a hell of a job! Let me warn you, the stimulations from this baby are unexpectedly intense. This super stimulating texture, by the way, is intentional. How come? Well, the Stamina Training Unit is a sex toy for both business and pleasure.

This baby will give you grade A orgasms while also making you a better partner in bed. Exactly as the name implies, you can use the Stamina Training Unit to train yourself to last longer in bed. As most guys know, lasting long is mostly a mental game. And, the Stamina Training Unit will help you immensely in that department. Trust me, having an all-nighter with a woman is a piece of cake after regularly engaging with the Stamina Training Unit.

In a nutshell, the hype is real. Stamina Training Unit hits it out of the park in all departments. It looks good, helps with your performance, and will blow your mind with pleasure. Gentlemen, we have a winner!

Best for Beginners – “Classic: Pink Lady”

Key advantages: great fleshlight for beginners, original fleshlight design

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Any list of best fleshlights wouldn’t be complete without including the Pink Lady. After all, we are talking about the OG here. The fleshlight that started it all. The Pink Lady has stood the test of time exceptionally well. And, it is still one of my top recommendations for men looking to purchase their very first male sex toy.

The original Pink Lady uses the same SuperSkin material as all the best fleshlights. I suspect that the SuperSkin is key behind the raging success of fleshlights. Penetrating this material really feels like hitting a warm p*ssy raw. Love it.

While the Pink Lady is a superb fleshlight for beginners, I wouldn’t use it as a stamina training unit. This fleshlight works best as a straightforward male masturbator.

If you looking to buy your first fleshlight, start here. Just know that you will not be going back to your hand anytime soon.

Most Intensely Stimulating Fleshlight – “Stoya Destroya”

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Key advantages: anal orifice also available, the unique sleeve texture is great for men who prefer intense stimulation

Stoya Destroya is another fleshlight that has gained an almost cult-like reputation among male sex toys. And, it is still among the most intense fleshlights you can get. This ribbed texture is something else! 

The fleshlight is filled with rings of bumps and fangs. Yup, the Destroya bites! But, these are the kind of teeth you will want on your c*ck. What I also love is that the deeper you get, the narrower the canal gets. Once you get near the end and increase the intensity of your thrust, the magic starts to happen. This shaft somehow just works better and better as you go at it hard. And that climax! Those orgasm contractions feel intense as flames while you finish inside Stoya. Oh, and if you are into anal, this fleshlight model comes with an anal option as well. Ever dreamed of sticking it into Stoya’s butt? Here is your chance.

To summarize, this male toy is for the kinksters out there. It is a fleshlight with a certain mysterious edge to it, just like Stoya herself. Blissful stuff!

Best Vibrating Fleshlight – “Vibro: Lady”

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Key advantages: the only vibrating fleshlight, sensations similar to a high quality penis massage

Next up, let’s talk vibrations. Vibro: Lady is not your standard fleshlight. No, sir! This time vibrations are included in the mix! How does it work? The fleshlight comes with three insertable vibrating bullets. So, you have your classic fleshlight sleeve with an addition of some vibrating action.

How do these vibrations feel? Great. If you have never had your member massaged, try this fleshlight. The vibration reminds me of getting a good penis massage. And, you always get the happy ending as well, heh.

If I was to point out a flaw, it would be that the sleeve is quite basic. And, since I am quite an experienced fan of fleshlights, I want my sleeves to blow my mind with the uniquely designed inner textures. Here, we have a carbon copy of a real p*ssy with some added vibration. Not that there is anything wrong with this mix. It absolutely rocks. But, when it comes to fleshlights, my personal tastes have gone in a different direction.

Best for Couples – “Quickshot Vantage”

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Key advantages: one of the cheapest fleshlights available, great for couples, comes with two orifices, easy to clean

Next up, we are looking at Quickshot Vantage, one of the cheapest fleshlights currently available. It is an easy-to-use, small fleshlight that is great for both couples and solo use. Don’t be fooled by the price of this thing for one second, as the Vantage has given me and my wife countless hours of fun.

So, what makes this baby a hit? For one, it has two exposed orifices and an entirely clear case and sleeve. How about a pro tip? Make full use of these features and let your partner suck your tip off while you are penetrating the fleshlight. A new dimension of joy is guaranteed for both parties. And, since this bad boy is open-ended, you can choose where your love juice will end up. My suggestion? The lovely face or body of your partner. Whichever “landing destination” you choose, cleaning up will be much faster and easier compared to regular fleshlights. 

To sum things up, this is one of my favorite fleshlights for several reasons. It is cheap as ashes, is great for couples, and is also very compact. Lots of love for this one!

Best Blowjob Fleshlight – “Turbo Thrust Blue Ice”

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Key advantages: great for stimulating oral, unique texture, great for couples

Readers of Sex Toy Magazine will already be familiar with this fleshlight. We rated it as one of the best blowjob machines on the market. Blowjob toys are intended to replicate the feeling of getting a good, sloppy blowjob. Sounds good? Keep reading.

The inner texture of the sleeve is quite unique and will surprise you right from the first thrust. You will feel as if your penis is getting sucked off by someone who SERIOUSLY knows her business. I prefer stimulating my tip with this one, as the ridges and kinks in the toy just do it for me. But, some men swear by the deep throat capabilities of Turbo Thrust as well. So, if this is your thing, feel free to go deep.

The clear design also makes it a great choice for the voyeurs out there. I, for one, strictly use clear fleshlights when I use the stuff together with my wife. She just loves seeing my c*ck slide back and forth in a fleshlight. And, so do I. Our list of best fleshlights wouldn’t have been complete without including a toy for the blowjob enthusiasts out there. So, if you love a good oral session, this is your pick right here.

The Tightest Fleshlight – “Autumn Falls Fleshlight”

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Key advantages: vagina mold of the gorgeous Autumn Falls, a very intense inner texture, anal orifice also available

Autumn has steadily become one of the favorite pornstars of me and my wife. Her larger-than-life curves, her enthusiastic approach in her scenes…and those piercing eyes! A real treat. I was ecstatic when I heard that she teamed up with Fleshlight. Finally a chance to get a taste of that Puerto Rican p*ssy!

The toy did not disappoint. This is one of the most intense fleshlights currently available. They have made this happen by distributing the tightness in waves. Slide in, thrust, and feel your c*ck getting gripped. Slide a bit further, and the grip gets a bit softer…only to get super tight again in the next chamber. Honestly, it is quite hard to describe this sensation. What I can say is that this toy took me, a seasoned fleshlight expert, for quite a surprising ride.

If you have ever wondered about the fit and texture of a hot Latin p*ssy, try this one. It is also one of the tightest fleshlights available. So, if you need heavy stimulation to get off, this is one of the best fleshlights you can get.

Most Realistic Fleshlight  – “Dillion Harper Crush”

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Key advantages: anal orifice also available, great for stamina training, a very lifelike fleshlight 

It’s cool that some of my favorite fleshlights are molded after my favorite pornstars. Coincidence? Not sure. But, what I do know is that the Dillio Harper Crush is a hit. The orifice of the Crush is quite simple and petite at first sight, reminding me of the girl next door p*ssy I used to get back in high school.

But, slide in and things get way kinkier. The sleeve has five chambers, so you will have fun with this one. Despite having a unique texture, the stimulation is more on the realistic side of things. A great choice for training your stamina for the real thing. For men who need heavy friction and intensity, the Dillion Harper Crush wouldn’t be my first recommendation. However, if you want your ride to orgasm to be smooth and lifelike, this toy will give you a legit P to V experience.

The mold also makes it quite easy to see what made Dillion Harper such a star. This p*ssy is just so freaking beautiful. Pure, petite-looking, but oh-so-good for f*cking.

Hopefully, this was an enjoyable and helpful read. If you have any questions regarding fleshlights, feel free to contact Sex Toy Magazine. We would be glad to further help you with choosing and using these wonderful male toys.

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