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In 2024, sex toys are cool again. Seriously, gone are the days where toys were only used by weirdos in dingy sex basements. One survey reported a whopping 69 percent of American women ages 18-60 to have used a vibrator. This is way more than half!

The point here is this – these days, sex toy companies have had to elevate their game. The toys need to feel good, look good, and also be durable.

Also, sex toys can be considered luxury items. Yes, you heard that right – luxury items. Some sex toys not only feel good, but also look like statement pieces on their own. These are precisely the types of toys we will be exploring in this article.

In this list of best luxury sex toys, we will explore the types of toys for vulva-owners that feel good, look good, and are genuinely deserving of their status as the golden stars of the sex toy community.

Before we move on to our list, let’s define stuff a bit and have a little bit of a Q&A to quickly. This will hopefully clear every and all issue regarded to the definition of what a luxury sex toy is and what it is not.

What makes a toy a luxury sex toy?

In the following, allow me to quickly list the main criteria I used when choosing the best luxury sex toys:

  1. Premium Materials: Luxury sex toys are crafted from the finest materials. Medical-grade silicone and stainless steel are some of the key players. These materials not only ensure body-safety, but also enhance the experience of using the toy by providing a soft, velvety touch that feels exquisite against the skin.
  1. Advanced Technology: From app-controlled functionalities to innovative stimulation methods like sonic waves and air pressure, luxury sex toys incorporate cutting-edge technology. These advancements offer customizable, and varied experiences, ensuring that users can tailor their toy experience to reflect what they need at any given moment.
  1. Design and Aesthetics: The best luxury sex toys are not just functional but also visually appealing. Elegant designs, ergonomic shapes, and sleek finishes make these toys as beautiful to look at as they are to use.
  1. Performance and Features: Superior performance is a hallmark of luxury sex toys. They often come with powerful, quiet motors, multiple settings, and rechargeable batteries, ensuring that they deliver consistent, long-lasting pleasure. These days, a good sex toy is half expected to be as smart as many of the appliances and gadgets you use in your daily life!
  1. Brand Reputation and Craftsmanship: Brand recognition is absolutely a thing in sex toys! Let me give you an example – you can expect fine craftsmanship from something like a Chanel clothing item. This is a company that simply does not allow reductions in standards – similarly, a luxury sex toy company like LELO simply can’t allow a poorly functioning, ugly toy to leave their factories.

Why invest in luxury sex toys?

Investing in luxury sex toys is about more than just seeking pleasure; it’s more about self-care than anything else. These toys offer unparalleled quality, safety, and satisfaction, making them a worthwhile addition to any bedroom.

In addition, luxury sex toys are a great entry to this world. Why? Simply due to their non-intimidating nature.

Just think about it – as a newbie, would it make sense for you to start with a super large dildo or something as crazy as a tentacle dildo? Didn’t think so. 

It is much better to start with something that looks erotic and appealing.

How do I choose the right luxury sex toy for me?

Consider what type of stimulation you prefer (clitoral, G-spot, dual stimulation, etc.), the materials you like, and any specific features you desire (such as waterproofing, app control, or specific vibration patterns). 

If you are completely new to sex toys or even a virgin then go with your gut. Do your research, look at the reviews, and simply go for what seems the most “hot” to you. This may seem like ridiculous advice, but I have found that it tends to work more often than not.

And, since we are dealing with luxury sex toys, you will find it quite hard to miss the mark quality-wise anyway.

Are luxury sex toys safe to use?

Yes, luxury sex toys are safe to use. This is one of the main advantages of choosing your toys from premium brands – everything will be made of completely non-allergenic, body-safe materials.

These are the 9 best luxury sex toys:

Best Clit Vibrator – “LELO SONA 2 Cruise

• Best Wand Vibrator – “Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Massager”

• Best Penis Ring – “LELO TOR 3”

• Best Panty Vibrator – “Lovense Ferri”

• Best Anal Beads – “LELO Soraya Beads”

• Best Cheap Clit Vibrator – “The Rose Toy”

• Best Necklace Vibrator – “Lovehoney Dare Discreet Necklace Vibrator”

• Best Thrusting Dildo – “Lovense Gravity”

• Best Rabbit Vibrator – “LELO Soraya Wave”

Best Clit Vibrator – “LELO SONA 2 Cruise

LELO Sona 2 clit vibrator

Find the best offers at LELO

Highlights: Discretion, great range of patterns and speeds, beginner-friendly, quiet, the Sonic Wave technology

What truly sets the Sona 2 apart is the sonic wave technology that LELO uses in many of its toys.

Unlike traditional vibrators, these toys use gentle pulses that resonate deeply, providing a sensation that is both intense and surprisingly gentle.

The experience is akin to a series of caresses rather than the typical buzz that most of us associate with vibrators. This kind of approach makes it a good fit for those who prefer a less direct and more sensual form of stimulation.

The Sona 2 offers a range of settings, from a soft, whisper-like touch to more powerful pulses, catering to a variety of preferences. Its intuitive controls are easy to navigate, even in the heat of the moment, allowing for seamless adjustments to intensity. 

This also leads us to my favorite way of enjoying the Sona 2 – by slowly building up from slower speeds to faster ones.

This kind of transition just works ever so well for this toy.

Lastly – since this post is about luxury sex toys, we must also spare a moment to design. In a nutshell, the Sona 2 is “a small vibe executed perfectly” – it fits well in the hand, and offers plenty of power while being almost pocket-sized AND looking damn beautiful as well.

For external, clitoral stimulation, this is a great starting point.

Best Wand Vibrator – “Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Massager”

Doxy wand massager

Find the best offers at Lovehoney

Highlights: comfortable grip, the intensity of the vibrations, durable, great for a muscle massage, suitable for couples

The Doxy Extra Powerful Wand Massager is a game-changer in the world of magic wand vibrators, combining power, durability, and a touch of luxury.

From the first time I held it, the wand’s solid build impressed and even excited me a bit. It is phallic, it is sturdy, and the material just feels great in the hand.

The aluminum head of the toy is one of its main features, by the way. Feeling it on your most intimate areas just feels… a very good way. Especially in combination with the type of vibration it offers.

The power of the vibration is yet another massive talking point with this one. You see – the super deep and rumbly vibrations offered by the Doxy are pretty much unparalleled.

Even at lower settings, the intensity is remarkable, providing a level of stimulation that can satisfy even the most power-hungry users. This power is seamlessly adjustable via the intuitive controls of the toy, allowing for a tailored experience that can transition from a gentle massage to something that feels like a pulse-pounding thrill.

For me personally, the more intense settings of this one have always been a bit too much. I prefer a more smooth ride instead of an earth-shaker.

That said, there are plenty of vulva owners out there who simply want the most intense thing possible. And, in this department, the Doxy more than delivers!

Want a sturdy, beautiful sex toy that also comes with A LOT of intensity? Well, this wand is heaven-sent for you!

Best Penis Ring – “LELO TOR 3”

LELO TOR 3 penis ring

Find the best offers at LELO

Highlights: a truly couple-friendly ring, great for issues with erection, enhances the pleasure of both the wearer and the vulva-owner, great for improving the sexual stamina of the man

Read our full review of the LELO TOR 3

See, I pulled a little sneaky on ya here?! You see, this post is generally aimed towards readers with a vulva. So, what the hell is a c*ck ring doing in here?

The answer is simple – the vulva-owner wins it with this one just as much as the penis owner. Sure, it is considered one of the best LELO toys for men, but this ring was ultimately designed for couples.

How does this work?

Well, the “architecture” and design of the toy keep the penis rock hard while also vibrating in a way that stimulates the clit.

This dual-stimulation aspect elevates this sex toy from a regular penis ring to something much more interesting.

As with most premium sex toys, the vibrations are completely adjustable, allowing for a customizable experience that caters to different intensity preferences.

Play around with the different settings and partners – part of the fun is cycling through different patterns and finding the ones that tickle the fancy of both of you guys!

How about a pro tip? Let your man wear this one while you ride him in reverse cowgirl. Thank me later!

Best Panty Vibrator – “Lovense Ferri”

Lovense Ferri panty vibrator

Find the best offers at Lovense

Highlights: small yet powerful, fits comfortably, suitable for long-term wear, quiet enough for public wear, long-distance capabilities

Read our full review of Lovense Ferri

A list of best luxury vibrators wouldn’t be complete without Lovense Ferri, my personal favorite panty vibrator. Before we proceed, allow me to quickly explain what exactly is a panty vibrator – in short, this is a type of sex toy that is meant to be worn down there. A discreet, fun type of pleasure.

And, what in particular makes the Lovense Ferri the frontrunner in this category? The feeling is the most important aspect of course and the Ferri works overtime in that department.

Clit-focused, deep yet direct, and surprisingly powerful for such a small vibrator. Enough to bring one into a good orgasm. Or two. Or three.

Now, I did mention that luxury sex toys are about functionality too and the Ferri shines in that department as well.

Due to its long-range features (feel free to let someone control your toy from far away!), this panty vibrator has become one of the most popular cam girl toys currently available.

Via the app, one can control it from however far away. This creates opportunities for some very fun concepts for adult-focused streams. Fun Stuff!

Best Anal Beads – “LELO Soraya Beads”

LELO Soraya beads

Find the best offers at LELO

Highlights: solid introduction to anal play, sleek design, comfortable grip, a unique type of anal stimulation, a unisex toy

The Soraya Beads are the LELO entry into the world of anal toys. You see, everything anal is pretty much accepted in the mainstream now. As such, it is no wonder that many women want to explore these sensations for themselves.

Soraya Beads are a great choice for this.

The design and the technology are the key players here. For one, the beads use a cascading design where one bead smoothly goes from one bulb to the next without having any “gaps” on the body of the toy. The bulbs will go inside you smooth as butter!

In addition, there are the 8 different vibration modes and the Bow Motion technology.

The Bow Motion is a “rattling” type of smooth and deep vibration that further helps ease into the anal experience. Plays so well with those cascading bulbs.

And yeah, it looks super luxurious and beautiful as all LELO’s do.

If you have ever been looking for something to make anal play feel velvety smooth and luxurious then the Soraya Beads are an idea worthy looking into.

Best Cheap Clit Vibrator – “The Rose Toy”

The rose clit vibrator

Find the best offers at Lovehoney

Highlights: affordability, waterproof, a quiet toy, social media popularity, discreet design, easy-to-use interface

Read our full review of the rose toy

Can one of the best starter sex toys for women also be considered a luxury sex toy? Absolutely! This is precisely the case when it comes to the rose toy – a clit vibrator that took TikTok by storm a while back.

And for good reason too – it just works on all levels.

It is affordable when compared to some others on this list, it works as a first toy, it is relatively quiet, and it is completely waterproof as well. And, I for one love taking my toys to a good bath session. Usually accompanied by a good bottle of wine. Mmmmm…the stuff of dreams.

On a serious note though – this clit vibrator is arguably the best entry point to luxurious, well-designed sex toys.

It is not nearly as expensive as the LELO SONA 2, another clit vibrator on this list, but the general feel offered by the toy will be quite similar. Also, keep in mind that the rose will not be quite as durable as the SONA 2, but this is to be expected considering the massive price difference.

All in all though, still one of the most popular toys out there, and well, in all honesty, the status of the social media darling is fully deserved too.

Best Necklace Vibrator – “Lovehoney Dare Discreet Necklace Vibrator”

Dare Discreet necklace vibrator

Find the best offers at Lovehoney

Highlights: discretion, includes a travel lock, very small, gift-friendly

Most will associate sex jewelry with spikes, tight fits, and latex. This is not necessarily true – in fact, sex jewelry can be sensual, feminine, and beautiful too. This is the case for the next luxury sex toy on our list – a wearable vibrator from Lovehoney.

At a glance, this is a simple rose gold-colored necklace that features some sort of a symbol. Something that I would wear to accompany a little black dress, for example.

This is far from being a simple necklace though – you see, the Dare Discreet doubles as a bullet vibrator.

And a strong one at that – there are only 3 speeds and 2 distinct patterns, but the intense speed is a considerable powerhouse. Just as with the Lovense Ferri panty vibrator (also featured on this list!), you will be surprised by just how deep and intense something this small can hit you!

Sure, it is not a perfect toy. You will not have the range of customization options known from some other vibes and you will only have about an hour of continuous playtime.

Still, the fact that the concept of necklace vibrator can be done so well makes this a worthy addition to this list.

Best Thrusting Dildo – “Lovense Gravity”

Lovense Gravity thrusting dildo

Find best offers at Lovense

Highlights: a solid suction cup, long-distance control, unlimited vibration patterns, suitable for anal play

Thrusting sex toys are something I have been exploring a lot lately. I have gone through my fair share of thrusting dildos during my time and the Lovense Mini Sex Machine was also a very nice surprise.

The next toy on our list is one of the finest specimens from that category – the Lovense Gravity thrusting dildo.

So, what makes this particular thruster a highlight? Well, there is the technical aspect for one. I just love how they have handled the combo of rotation and thrust in this one. Even at slow settings, it takes you for quite a ride. Especially if you are new to these types of toys.

Imagine someone penetrating you from the “right” angle while also keeping the rhythm completely steady? Oh, and the penis happens to have some kind of magical vibration to it? Yeah, this is the sort of stuff that the Gravity offers.

And then there is the suction cup. A seemingly random detail, but there are few things more annoying than having your dildo fall off the wall right before you are about to come! No such issues with the Gravity.

Lastly, the long-distance control we know from all Lovense toys. Want to ride something that is in control of someone from the other side of the ocean. No problem. Just let them fire up the Lovense app and you are good to go.

Best Rabbit Vibrator – “LELO Soraya Wave”

Find best offers at LELO

Highlights: great entry point to dual stimulation, beautiful design, great grip, waterproof

The Soraya Wave is LELO’s venture into the world of rabbit vibrators. It is not just any old rabbit vibrator though. 

First of all there are the looks – those golden flourishes, this beautiful sleek look, that soft silicone. Everything about the Soraya Wave just screams luxury!

Even with luxury sex toys though – looks only go skin deep and there is way more to the Soraya Wave than beautiful design.

The most noteworthy aspect of it is how they have made something as intense as dual stimulation into something approachable. 

The feeling of getting clitoral stimulation while also having something inside you to work on the G-spot can feel amazing and very fulfilling (quite literally!), but it takes a good toy to get that sensation right.

The Soraya Wave does precisely this – the way it vibrates and motions just works with your body instead of feeling like a foreign object that you use ON your body. 

If rabbits or dual stimulation have seemed like too much to you then the Soraya Wave could be just the toy to make you a believer.

As you saw, luxury is not necessarily about the price. At least when it comes to sex toys. It is more about quality, aesthetics, and pleasure. As such, I hope that everyone found an erotically indulging idea or two from our list.

It was a pleasure as always and I will see you fine folks for the next article!


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