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For the last two months, I have been wearing various gadgets in my pants. My member has been surrounded by strange bolts and mechanics and…other stuff. Why? For you, dear reader! You see, I’ve been testing the best penis stretching devices. Yes, if you didn’t know, you can supposedly get larger by wearing stretching devices that manually stimulate penile growth.

Wow, amazing, I can now get a Manuel Ferrara d*ck by putting on a small device for an hour!  Sorry, won’t happen. There are a lot of whack devices out there that promise extra inches overnight. Remember kids, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t hang your head low just yet, though. The best penis stretching devices can help you get bigger. Visibly bigger. Just don’t expect miraculous gains and stick with using the stretchers. The last note, by the way, is crucial. Some of the penis stretchers are marketed as being unnoticeable. Yeah, to others, maybe. But, trust me on this one, walking around with these gadgets is not uncomfortable, but it certainly isn’t awesome either. Especially at the beginning. You lose some you win some, right?

If you are still interested in purchasing one, read on. I will gladly share the intimate details about my experience with the 4 best penis stretchers on the market.

Before we proceed, let’s answer some commonly asked questions about penis stretchers:

How did we choose the best penis stretchers?

We talked to the community and we scoured online. What we were left with was the cream of the crop. The 4 hall-of-fame worthy penis stretchers. Admittedly, since I used 4 devices, it is hard to judge which stretcher gave me the best gains. So, the main criteria here will be the price-quality ratio and the comfort of the device.

Does it matter whether I’m circumcised or not?

No. I’m an uncircumcised man myself and I had no problems with the 4 devices I tried. 

Does wearing a penis stretcher hurt?

No. As long as you do everything according to the included manuals, you will be fine. It must be said, though, wearing penis stretchers for a longer amount takes some getting used to. It will feel uncomfortable and annoying at first, but it gets better. About a week in and you will not even notice you are packing a little extra down there.

Do penis stretchers work on girth as well?

The best penis stretchers supposedly work on girth as well. However, I can only speak of my own experience. I did NOT see visible gains in girth after two months of using penis stretchers. Luckily, I did manage some length gains. Generally speaking, the effects seem to be entirely individual. Some men report no gains in length and girth, while some report massive gains in both. I’m afraid I’m gonna call an “it depends” on this one.

Before we proceed to our list of best penis strething devices, I want to point out that I am speaking strictly from experience. Anything written in this post should not be taken, under any circumstances, as medical advice. Make sure to follow the instructions of each product down to a T. Or else, you might lose your penis entirely. Just kidding! Still, be sure not to get too crazy with these devices. As a general rule of thumb, if anything feels painful, you are doing something wrong and should stop immediately.

Time to pull out the gadgets. These are the 4 best penis stretching devices for 2021:

Best for penile curvature – “Jes Extender”

Jes Extender penis stretching device

Included in the order: 2inch/5cm elongation bars, 1 inch/2,5cm elongation bars, protection pad, keys, comfort strap, silicon tube, basel unit, dual action front piece

Check price at The Enhanced Male

Kudos to Danish design! This penis stretching kit comes in a classy mahogany box, looking more like a male grooming kit than a penis stretching set. It was the first stretcher I tested because it looked the most reliable out of the bunch. For the first few weeks, one should only wear the Jes Extender for 4-5 hours. After a few weeks, you can start slowly extending the periods of wear. This is easy, as the device does indeed wear very light. The stretch is barely felt. I eventually even managed to start sleeping with this thing on.

The system here is simple. Think about weightlifting and muscle growth, the process is exactly the same. If you are interested in the exact science behind the Jes Extender, head over to their official site. All of the information about the workings of the extender is available there.

Now, how did it work on my member? Since this stretcher was the first I tested and the permanent results take a few months to show, it is hard to judge. What I do know is I started to see some gains after about three weeks. Make of that what you will. Oh, and this also works well on straightening the curve of a penis. So, if you are a curvy fellow, this is your tool right here.

Best for beginners – “Cal Exotics Professional Grade Penis Extender System”

Cal Exotics penis stretching device

Included in the order: safety base plate, stretchy silicone strap, 4 removable extender rods, foam comfort pad

Check price at The Enhanced Male

This nifty little tool would be my pick for the best penis stretcher for beginners. It weighs only a few ounces, is easy to use, and is also the cheapest on this list. Nothing to lose with this one.

Admittedly, it does not look as premium as some others on this list. But, the success of a penis stretcher is determined by how comfortable it is to wear. Who cares about how it looks! This one fits like a glove on my penis. In fact, this device offers arguably the best rotation of all penis stretchers on this list. I did not wear this one for sleep. No, sir! I did something even more insane. I played tennis with it! Sure, I played awful. but that was only due to knowing that this thing is on and could possibly pop loose at the worst moment. Well, it didn’t. It stayed perfectly in place the whole time. Impressive? It is.

All things considered, the best choice for men new to penis stretching.

Best value  “Penile Enlarger Aide”

Penile Enlarger Aide penis stretching device

Check price at The Enhanced Male

One of the best-selling penis stretching tools available. It is easy to see why. The device uses the same system that the more premium Jes Extender. But, as far as I’m concerned, it is just as effective. It might not look as cool, but it does the job. Of all the penis stretchers on this list, this is the one I wore the most. It is unnoticeable, yet offers quite a firm pull.

From my experience, it is also the one that works the fastest. I saw measurable gains right after first use. Admittedly, my penis retreated right back after about half an hour. Remember, you need to put in months of wear to see long-term gains. Still, it was cool to see a longer penis immediately. Inspiring!

I want to give a shout-out to the base of this device as well. They have handled the design aspect exceptionally. My balls are slightly larger than average. So, not all penis stretchers play well with my two boys. This one, however, feels as gentle as a puppy for this area.

An all-inclusive penis stretching set  “Male Edge Pro Stretching Penis Enlargement System Red Edition”

Male Edge Pro penis stretching device

Included in the order: travel bag, instruction DVD, measuring device, four rubber straps, two protection pads, cohesive gauze, a one-year warranty, a training diary

Check price at The Enhanced Male

Another luxurious penis stretching set. And, by set, I really mean it. You get a lot of stuff included with this one. Some of it is quite fun. For example, the company is so confident in their product that they included things like an instructional DVD, a “training diary”, and a ruler. Oh, and this penis stretcher also comes with a yearly warranty. So, should your massive memeber break out of its cages, feel free to send the stretcher back! Just kidding. Still, a warranty is always a welcome addition.

The DVD went straight to the bin. This is 2021 and I literally have nothing to view it with. I did use the training diary and the ruler, though. If I’m gonna walk around for two months wearing a penis stretcher, I want results. And, the diary offers a good way of tracking the gains.

This is the last stretcher I tried. This means that it is a great time to reveal just how much I grew. A little under one inch in length in two months. It is up to you whether gains like these warrant purchasing a penis stretcher. Speaking of myself, I was pleasantly surprised. I expected nothing. This is not an experiment I will be repeating in the near future. But, it is cool to know that I have these gadgets to turn to if I start to feel insecure.


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