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I am going to be completely honest with you – I have been doing Tenga some disservice by covering them so little in this blog. Sure, we chose a Tenga toy as one of the best Fleshlight alternatives and one of the best affordable male masturbators, but we have yet to take a closer, in-depth look at this company and its toys. A flaw that I will fix with this overview of the best Tenga toys on the market.

As always, we will be taking a quick look at what this brand is all about and then taking a deeper dive into some of their toys. All to help you decide whether a Tenga is for you or not.

Before getting into the reviews, allow me to introduce the brand to those new to this:

What is Tenga?

Tenga is a Japanese sex toy company built with a massive, seemingly impossible goal of revolutionizing the sex toy industry. How? In short – by making sex toys cool. This includes everything from making body-safe toys that have multiple fun functions all the way to encouraging talking about masturbation and sex toys. This is not only about toys, this is about lifestyle. And we are all here for it!

What kind of toys does Tenga sell?

Male masturbation toys are the most popular Tenga products. Some of their toys have also climbed their way into becoming some of the most well-received toys in their respective categories. One feature that has made Tenga toys particularly coveted is how easy they are to clean. More on that later, but affordability and ease-of-use are some of the main keywords associated with Tenga.

What are the advantages of Tenga toys?

The sensation is always the key player and they do a damn good job in that department. Affordability is also a talking point. In addition, the aforementioned cleaning process. I mean, if you are completely new to this then you couldn’t possibly imagine how annoying some sex toys are to clean. This issue is handled very well in nearly every Tenga toy.

Looks like we are all set to get into the groove of things. Here are the 6 best Tenga sex toys for men:

Best Overall – “Flip Zero Black”

Best Disposable Toy – “Tenga Egg Series”

The Most Intense – “Flip Zero Electronic Vibrotation”

Best Unisex – “TENGA Uni Series”

Best Penis Ring – “Tenga SVR Series”

Most Unique – “Cool Tenga Series”

Best Overall – “Flip Zero Black”

Flip Zero Black male masturbator

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Key features: a non-automated yet intense experience, quick drying and cleaning process, beautiful and discreet design, offers great value-for-money

The Tenga Flip Zero Black takes the intensity of the OG Flip Zero and knocks it even further. Especially in the intensity department. The sleeve feels even more intense and even more complex. A very good example of great Japanese design – this is not an automatic male masturbator. How on earth does it manage to provide this much sensation? Beats me.

The sleeve features some super unique stuff though. Namely the spiked “orb” as they call it. The orb comes alive while you are in the middle part of the toy and kind of tickles the member in an ever-so-wonderful way.

Pretty much impossible to describe, but for me, that particular feeling is what makes the Flip Zero Black pop. Reminds me of the type of weird and mysterious sensations offered by the very best Fleshlights like the Autumn Falls, Kazumi, or even the new Sky Bri.

The other useful perks we know from Tenga are still there. The “hinges” of the Flip Zero black allow you to crack open the toy and wrap your member around it. All the while maintaining a steady flow of air to ensure that everything stays nice and hygienic.

So, for whom is this Tenga toy the best choice? For those who wants their male toy experience to be as smooth as possible without any losses in the pleasure department.

Best Disposable Toy – “Tenga Egg Series”

Tenga egg series

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Key features: one of the best one-time-use toys, different egg options available, affordable, a unique toy

Arguably the most iconic sex toy product from Tenga, the eggs are also still some of their best-selling disposable products. And it is easy to see why – they deliver sensations similar to elite-level strokers but at a fraction of the cost.

This makes the eggs some of the very best entry-level sex toys for men. I mean, the eggs are cheap and disposable. Even if you hate them and never want to get another sex toy again, you will not lose a lot of time and money by getting the Tenga eggs.

Before I got my penis on these toys, I always wondered how on earth do they feel and how do I even use them? I mean, egg masturbators. Really? 

The idea here is super simple. You crack open a Tenga egg, get out the stretchy masturbator from the egg, and then wrap it over your penis and enjoy the fun. After this, you dispose of the product.

Oh, and this is important – the Tenga eggs truly are for one-time use so you will not be able to cheap out on this stuff and keep using the eggs for extended periods.

How do the eggs feel though? In a word, pretty interesting. The textures all feel different so you will have a lot of fun going through different ones and trying them out. Just get the six-pack and enjoy a variety of different masturbation experiences.

The Most Intense – “Flip Zero Electronic Vibrotation”

Flip Zero Black Vibrotation

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Key features: an intuitive toy that reacts to the natural body movements, an intense sensation, body-friendly design, lots of different patterns and speeds

Tenga is more well-known for their non-automated toys. The community seemingly knows that they offer male vibrators as well, but no one really talks about them. I am here to change all that.

The Vibrotation from Tenga is one of their automated offerings. It is an additional “sleeve holder” machine that is compatible with all Flip Zero products…and it is a rockstar of a combination. Pretty much in a literal sense. I mean, as a penis-owner, have you ever thought about what it would feel like if your penis would be thrown into a washing machine? No? Guess it is just me then.

Anyways, this is what Vibrotation feels like. It vibrates, it sucks, and it rotates. If this sounds interesting and intense then know that this is precisely what it is. Of course, you can also cycle through different patterns and adjust them according to your tastes. Want something a bit more quiet and massage-like? This is also a possibility.

For me though, the main talking point of the Vibrotration has always been the sheer intensity though. Especially when you have been dry for a long time. Damn, damn, damn.

Best Unisex – “TENGA Uni Series”

Tenga Uni series

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Key features: a truly unisex toy, affordability, loads of different options available

It is super rare for a sex toy item to truly surprise me at this point. I think the last toy that surprised me was the LELO F1SV3 with how intuitive and reactive it is to the body. 

Well, I am glad to say that Tenga has a few surprises up its sleeve too. I have tried most of their toys, but I held out from the unisex line for the longest time. My bad! This line is pretty damn great.

First off – how unisex can a sex toy really be? Very. You see, every toy in the Tenga Unisex series can be used two ways.

You can opt to roll the stretchy sleeve all over your penis and enjoy an advanced jerk-off session via the ridges and other details inside the sleeve. Alternatively, you can roll the sleeve over your two fingers and use it as an enhancer for some fingering action. Yes, both sides of the sleeve are covered with various textures that will make your pleasure bits feel nice.

This Unisex series looks cool too. All the toys are colorful and just…fun. You kind of want to use them immediately after getting your hands on them.

Lastly, let’s give a shout-out to the price of these things. At under $10, the price-to-value is pretty amazing here.

Best Penis Ring – “Tenga SVR Series”

TENGA SVR penis ring

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Key features: stimulates both the penis and the vagina, a good range of different vibration modes, app-compatibility, good design

Next on our list of best Tenga toys, we have the SVR+. This is Tenga’s offering in the penis ring department and it is a good one.

Simplicity is the keyword here (this applies to other Tenga toys too) – this is the type of toy that you will know how to use right out of the box.

Just get it out, put the ring on your penis, and enjoy the ride. Now, keep in mind that you will not be the only one enjoying the ride as the Tenga SVR+ is a ring for couples. Similarly to TOR 3 from LELO, it is designed to stimulate the vagina as well.

Place the SVR+ on the shaft, choose a vibration fitting to the tastes of you guys, and start hittin’ it!

Will it work well as a straight-up masturbation toy though? Sure. The vibrations offered are somewhat similar to what the Lovense Gush 2 brings to the table. A sort of static buzz that slowly buzzes you to an orgasm. If you are not as sensitive as me then don’t worry, a little tug will still get you there and it will also feel better than a “regular” tug.

So, we have app compatibility, a design meant for couples, and even a reasonable price all things considered. Does this fit the bill of a good sex toy? Damn right.

Most Unique – “Cool Tenga Series”

A disposable male masturbator from Tenga Cool series

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Key features: offers a super unique cooling sensation, affordable, a range of different toys available with the menthol touch

You haven’t lived if you have not gotten a blowjob from someone who just had a good menthol gum in his or her mouth. It adds an amazing, sort of tingling sensation to the mix. 

The folks at Tenga have figured out that a touch of coolness adds a lot to the masturbation experience. As such, they offer nearly every toy in their disposable line-up that comes with a “cool” edition. 

So, if you found yourself in love with the textures of Tenga eggs, the cups, or any other of their disposables then it is almost mandatory to try out the respective cool versions of these toys as well. 

So, what do they add to the experience? To me, they just bring a sort of almost weird type of intensity to the mix. Your penis feels kind of cool and even less sensitive at the start. 

However, once you go further with the jerk-off experience you will start to appreciate the coolness more and more. And, the eventual payoff is pretty darn amazing too.

With that, I will wrap things up for now. Hope you found this post helpful for navigating the wonderful world of Tenga sex toys.

What I can say is this – these toys firmly stand as the number one resource for disposable male toys. And honestly, I can’t see them giving up the crown soon. For those interested in male sex toys, I highly recommend you give Tenga a chance. 

Good night for now!

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