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At the time of writing, the crew of Sex Toy Magazine is celebrating Masturbation May. A month dedicated to indulging in something we all do and love, masturbating. This month has got me a bit nostalgic. I still remember my first tear-sized drops of j*zz. I shot these drops by watching VHS tapes of stars like Asia Carrera, Chasey Lain (still one of my favorites), and the one and only Jenna Jameson. Thanks, Dad, for not really bothering with hiding all your tapes and magazines.

While there is a nostalgic aspect to retro videos and scrappy magazines, the world has changed. Nowadays, masturbation aficionados can truly indulge by using things like VR porn and automatic strokers.

In 2021, another milestone in VR porn was reached with the launch of Dezyred, the world’s first 8K VR porn game delivered by the one and only VR Bangers. For a sex toy enthusiast like me, this only means one thing. Time to saddle up, grab a good stroker, put on my headset, and get..errr, testing. This is supposedly the most immersive VR porn experience out there. Needless to say, my expectations are sky-high. Read on for my full review of Dezyred.

Introduction – What is Dezyred?

Dezyred is the world’s first 8K interactive porn game developed by VR Bangers, the current leading provider of all things VR Porn (at least in my opinion). VR porn has been around for a while. Yet, VR porn games are yet to show us something truly extraordinary. At least in my opinion.

VR Bangers is trying to change this once and for all. Dezyred was a project supposedly in development for years. And, finally, it is here. So, let’s examine what makes this interactive VR porn game so special:

  • Dezyred comes in 8K – For those entirely new to VR, this is a big deal. 8K means full peripheral vision done well. Add to this the fact that all Dezyred scenes are shot in full 360° VR and you get some seriously impressive visuals. Most importantly, however, 8K takes care of annoyances like motion sickness and screen door effect. In the VR porn context, 8K means that every single pink shade of a vagina will be visible. Every little bump on an areola…every little…ok, enough, you get the point.

  • Choose-your-own-adventure porn taken to the next level – If you are a connoisseur of pornography, you are probably already familiar with this concept. Only here, this idea has been taken to the next level. Don’t worry, I will give you some juicy details of the content in a further section of this Dezyred review.

  • Features some of the best stars of the industry – This is where most interactive VR Porn games get it wrong. What if I am not interested in tentacles and anime girls? What if I want to celebrate the capabilities of VR and a good stroker in the company of some of the best stars in the industry? Dezyred has solved this problem. Their content comes with stars like Lacy Lennon, Whitney Wright, Angela White, and Cecilia Lion. I’m talking A-listers of porn.

  • Genuinely good content – Men are visual beasts. This is just how we are programmed. But, engaging content is the single most important aspect of VR porn. Dezyred fully understands this. They have put-together scenes that get hotter and hotter as they progress. Plus, there is variety. All in all, Dezyred offers the perfect tease with the ultimate payoff.

  •  Interaction with the environment – Dezyred is the first VR porn game I have played that lets you interact with non-genital content. In addition to having some T&A fun, you will be following a legitimate story at which you will have to interact with elements of the environment that drive the plot. And, if you didn’t get it yet, the story involves a lot more than pulling your stepsis out of the dishwasher or something similar.

Content of Dezyred 

As of the time of writing, Dezyred features one full interactive game with two additional interactive games already in development and on the way. The current VR porn game is called “Double Trouble” and stars Whitney Wright and Lacy Lennon. Let’s take a look at this story in detail.

Double Trouble”

In the story, you will become the stepbrother (no points for originality, Dezyred!) of Lacy. The two of you are hosting a guest, Whitney Wright, the best friend of your oh-so-lovely stepsister.

What happens next is…well, this is an open story, so you get to choose what happens next. Let’s just say that the story is surprisingly well done. You have humor, you have hot stars, and you have variety. Speaking of variety, let’s get technical, this is what the full 7+ play hours of “Double Trouble” from Dezyred will get you:

  •  9x sex scenes in total – girl-on-girl and one of the anal scenes (you’ll know which one I mean when you’ll see it) are two of the scenes that benefit the most from the Dezyred experience.
  •  2x stars – Whitney Wright and Lacy Lennon.
  •  1x threesome
  •  2x anal scenes – one of these is a showstopper.

Without spoiling too much, I loved it. It is not perfect, as the stars featured are not my personal favorites. But, purely from a technical standpoint, Dezyred is a massive step ahead for VR porn games.

As mentioned, they are bringing out 2 new games in the near future – “Womanizer Chronicles” and “Sorority Hookup”. “Womanizer Chronicles” will star, among others, Cecilia Lion and the legend Angela White. As soon as this one will come out, I’m afraid I’m gonna stay inside for at least a week. Angela White…goddess!

How does it work?

Dezyred is a choose-your-own-adventure porn. In that sense, the “worlds first” is a bit misleading, as I have played plenty of similar VR adult games before. What sets Dezyred apart is the technical superiority, attention to detail, above-average storytelling, and of course, superb performances from some of the best performers in the industry.

Other than that, it is a typical choose-how-you-progress game. Since Dezyred comes with 7+ hours of content, the site has also mapped out all the possible progressions. This is great for those who want to suck the juice out of the game as quickly as possible. But, pro-tip, games like these are significantly more arousing when you go in blind and let the story lead you.

What do I need to run Dezyred?

Vr platforms

Here is a full list of VR platforms that Dezyred supports:

  • Oculus Rift/RiftS
  • Oculus Quest/Quest 2
  • HTC Vive
  • Microsoft MR

The following VR platforms will be supported by Dezyred in the near future:

  • Oculus Go
  • Gear VR
  • Daydream
  • Android
  • iOS

Toy recommendations

I wouldn’t be writing about VR porn only for the scenes and the stars. Best believe I always use a good stroker as well. Our blog is dedicated to sex toys after all. When it comes to VR-friendly sex toys, Kiiroo continues to be the top dog. Kiiroo Onyx+ is, simply put, the best interactive male masturbator on the market. And, if you want to get the best out of your Dezyred experience, I highly recommend investing in such a device.

Speaking of VR platforms, my experiences are rather limited. And, I don’t want to go in-depth on subjects I know little about. What I do know is I used an Oculus Quest 2 for Dezyred, which is splendid for both my gaming and my VR porn needs.

Playa app

To run Dezyred, you will also need to get the Playa VR Player app. Playa is available for free on most platforms. So, no additional costs in that department. 

How much does Dezyred cost?

At the time of writing, signing up for Dezyred is entirely free. There is a catch, though, there always is. Dezyred uses a credit system. Want to unlock the next scene in your story line? Simple, spend some credits. Luckily, you will get 600 credits immediately after signing up. Additional credits can be bought in packs, which currently come in three variations:

  • 3000 credits for $20
  • 12500 credits for $50
  • 30000 credits for $1000

Since Dezyred currently offers only one game, you can get a full playthrough (7+ hours of content) of the current content for about $35. Oh, and once you have purchased a certain progression scene, it will remain unlocked forever. Play as much and at which order you want.

Conclusion – is Dezyred worth it?

Yes, very much so. Sadly, I have a life outside of sex toys as well, so progressing through all the scenes took me two weeks in total. During this time, I blew my load 7 times. And, the sessions were amazing! For $35, this is a great investment. Let me just say this, hot pornstars and superb scenes are awesome and all, but what (rather surprisingly) makes Dezyred win is the story.

The progression gives you just enough at just the right amount of time. And, once you manage to reach the action, the payoff is oh-so-good. 

The technical superiority of the 8K also makes a difference. If I want to count the pubic hairs of these women, you bet I can. If I want to write a detailed overview of the coloring of Lacy Lennon’s vagina, you bet I can. 

Any cons? Well, Dezyred feels slightly unfinished. Not all popular VR platforms are supported yet. Plus, only one story is available. But, seeing how good the current stuff is, I fully understand why VR Bangers wanted to get Dezyred out in the open as soon as possible. Luckily, Dezyred has been a massive success thus far. So, I’m certain that they will bring out many more stories and supported platforms soon. A revolution in VR porn? It just might be.

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