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According to some estimates, one in three men have issues with premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. I don’t buy it. I am pretty sure that EVERY MAN out there will sometimes shoot their shot a little too early for their liking.

I know that I have struggled with PE many, many times in my life. It happened constantly when I was young and inexperienced. It also happened when there was the pressure of the first time with a new partner. And, it still happens when I am particularly horny for my wife. Or too stressed. Or tired. Bottom line is this – PE is a common occurrence for me and most men out there.

Yes, there are a lot of solutions out there. Some of them are quite effective (breathing exercises, kegel exercises), while some simply have never worked for me (trying to wander elsewhere in my mind, using two condoms.)

Now, there is also another options – delay sprays.

I have always been interested in these types of products, but I simply have not needed something like this for a while. Until now. You see, I have been on a crazy schedule the last few months and it has affected my sex life and not in a good way. When I get it on with my wife, I usually feel a strange combination of extreme lust and extreme tiredness. As a result, I often come in a minute or two. My wife does not mind. There are ways other than penetration to get her across the finish line. However, I do mind.

There was a silver lining to my PE issues though. I finally got to test something new – delay sprays. What even are they? Do they work? How do they work? Which ones to buy and which ones to avoid? Stay tuned as I will give you an overview of all my personal experiences with desensitizing sprays.

What is a delay spray?

How to use a delay spray?

Who should use a delay spray?

Will I still enjoy sex if I use a delay spray?

• 3 Delay Spray Recommendations

What is a delay spray?

A delay spray is a liquid you spritz on the head of your penis in order to make you last longer in bed. The name delay spray can be a bit misleading because these products also often come in other forms such as creams.

How does it work though? Well, delay sprays usually contain either lidocaine or benzocaine. These two substances are topical anesthetics that act as desensitizers of the skin. As a result, your member will be less sensitive and you will last longer. Sometimes, delay sprays also make use of various natural desensitizers. So, if you want to avoid anything chemical, don’t worry – there are delay sprays for you too.

Hearing that lidocaine is used in these products got me a bit scared at first. I have used tattoo numbing creams that contained lidocaine and I literally did not feel the needle on my skin. At all. If this substance has a similar effect on my penis, will I even feel pleasure from sex? But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet.

How about allergies? Very uncommon, but you will want to do a little test just to be on the safe side. Just spritz or rub a very small amount on your hand and see what happens. If things get itchy and red, you might want to skip on delay sprays and find something else to combat your PE.

How to use a delay spray?

Different products have slightly different instructions. Generally speaking, though, you will rub or spritz yourself with the product about 5-10 minutes before penetration. Now, let your member air dry a bit.

From my experience, 5 minutes is a bit too fast. I found that most of these products take about 10 minutes before starting to show any effect.

If you feel any intense itches, cut everything off immediately and wash the delay spray off. Don’t worry, your penis will not fall off and everything will be fine. However, you probably have an allergy to some substance inside the product.

Who should use a delay spray?

Delay sprays work, this one is for sure. However, these products are not a substitute for genuine medical help. What do I mean? Well, if you are struggling with serious long-term premature ejaculation, you should seek help from a qualified medical professional. 

This leads us to the question – who exactly are delay sprays for? Well, in my opinion, they are great for men who struggle with occasional, short-term PE.

Use a delay spray if you generally last long enough, but there are occasional periods where you tend to come too early. Do NOT use a delay spray if you have been struggling with premature ejaculation for years. Yes, a delay spray can help and will not do any further harm, but you will still be putting a bandaid on a shotgun wound. Seek medical advice! A delay spray is NOT medicine and a qualified doctor can help you with finding a real, long-term solution.

Will I still enjoy sex if I use a delay spray?

Yes, Generally speaking, products with natural ingredients tend to be slightly weaker than products that include topical anesthetics like lidocaine. You will feel desensitized, but not to the point of feeling completely numb. Let’s say you usually last a minute or two at max. If so, a delay spray based on natural ingredients will probably make you last ten minutes.

Now, products that include pharmacy-level anesthetics are stronger. With these products, some men report feeling completely desensitized for longer durations of time. For men who come right after the first penetration, a product like this can be a life-saver. 

Now, will you be able to enjoy sex if your penis is desensitized? Yes, but you will have to change up your routine a bit. My suggestion for getting the most out of delay spray is this – focus on your partner for the first part of penetrative sex. Penetrate him or her exactly how they like it. You will not have to worry about coming too early, so this is your chance to adjust the intensity, rhythms, and the angles according to the desires of your partner.

Once your partner is in happy land, the delay spray should start to lose its effect. This is your time to shoot your shot. And, this time you can do so without any worries of disappointing anyone.

To sum it all up – the quality of your sex life will be different with a delay spray, but not in a bad way.

Now that we have learned what delay sprays are and whether a delay spray really works, let’s look at the 3 products that we would recommend.

3 Delay Spray Recommendations

Sliquid Ride BodyWorx Rock Delay Spray

Check price at Lovehoney

This is the first delay spray I ever tried. And, as it stands, it is also still my favorite of the bunch. Firstly, the key natural ingredients seem to play very, very well with my c*ck. What do I mean? Well, this bad boy has aloe vera in it.

The numbing effect caused by the aloe vera comes with an added extra – an icy cold feeling on the tip of your penis. Sounds like a bad thing? Not at all. In fact, it makes sex more pleasurable. You have the natural effect of the aloe vera combined with the desensitizing effect of the benzocaine. This combination feels as if your penis is more numb and more sensitive at the same time. Yes, I know that this doesn’t make any sense, but this is genuinely how it feels. It is impossible to describe the sensation, so you will just have to try this one out yourself.

How much of this do you need? For me, 4 spritzes usually does the trick. When it comes to extra lasting power, you can expect just around half an hour of extra stroking with this one. Oh, and as a small added bonus, the bottle looks hella cool.

There is only one single downside to this one – it is not completely odorless and tasteless. I get a very, very slight hint of the ingredients. For me and my wife, no biggie. The flavor is barely there and it is not bad by any means. But, for some, it might be a complete dealbreaker. Just letting you know that if you want something with zero flavor, choose the next delay spray on this list.

Doc Johnson Prolonging Delay Spray

Check price at Lovehoney

Now, if you need something that is completely free of any odor and taste, then this is your delay spray right here. Doc Johnson is generally a very reliable company when it comes to sex toys, so I had no reason to doubt the effectiveness of their delay spray. And, they did deliver.

Here, the key ingredient is lidocaine, the same numbing agent used in various tattoo numbing creams. So, best believe that this thing works if the ingredient used is that intense. Now, when you look at the ingredient list, it may seem like there are a lot of chemicals used. Don’t worry – the ingredient list is long, but everything is completely body-safe because there are no parabens, glycerin, and sugars in this thing. Feel free to go crazy with it!

Now, depending on how much numbness you want, give this thing 3-10 spritzes. Wait for about 15 minutes and voila! You now have 20 to 30 minutes of extra lasting power.

This one comes in a 2fl. oz bottle so you will also get plenty of value from the product.

Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Cream

Check price at Lovehoney

Is it cheating if I include a cream in here as well? This is another one from Doc Johnson, this time in cream form.

Now, what are the benefits of using a delay cream instead of a delay spray? For one, I find the effect to be faster. For delay sprays, I usually wait about 15 minutes or more. For this cream to start working its magic, I have to wait 10 minutes at the most. Let’s say you bring a partner home for a one night stand. Things are spontaneous and fast…for such times, you need something that works fast. And, this is where the cream is a better option than a delay spray.

Now, most men ask whether a delay cream is sticky and annoying. Nope! It dries out very quickly, so your partner will not notice a thing.

The name of this product seems to suggest that it also has a positive effect on the erection strength. This is not true! It is a great numbing agent, but it has no effect on erection whatsoever. This is not a flaw, but I decided to write it down just so you will avoid getting disappointed.

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