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As a collector of Fleshlights, I always get excited about testing new sleeves. Now, if it happens that an adult performer I love collaborates with Fleshlight and becomes a Fleshlight girl…well, let’s just say that my excitement reaches new heights.

And, this is exactly what we are dealing with here – I will be reviewing the anal and vagina Fleshlight sleeves of one of my favorite pornstars – the one and only Mrs. Emily Willis.

In this Emily Willis Fleshlight review, we will look at how these sleeves feel and whether they warrant a purchase or not.

So without further ado, let’s dive in:

Who is Emily Willis?

Emily Willis Squirt Sleeve – How does it feel?

Emily Willis Smash Sleeve – How does it feel?

What I love about the Emily Willis Fleshlights

What I do not love about the Emily Willis Fleshlights

How much do the Emily Willis Fleshlights cost?

Final verdict – Are the Emily Willis Fleshlights worth it?

Who is Emily Willis?

Emily Willis is one of the most in-demand performers in the adult industry right now. She has captivated both male and female audiences with her innocent yet sultry vibe and the intensity of her scenes. In addition, she is one of the few adult stars who has truly embraced the VR platform. Her style of f*cking just looks amazing on VR and she truly deserves her reputation as one of the best VR pornstars on the planet.

During the few years she has been in the industry, she has also garnered a considerable amount of awards. Some of the key ones include:

  • XBIZ Award for Female Performer of the Year of 2022
  • XBIZ Award for Best Sex Scene of 2022
  • AVN Award for Best Girl/Girl Scene of 2021
  • AVN Award for Best All-Girl Group Scene of 2021

As the awards show, the industry has taken notice of the meteoric rise of Emily Willis. And, it looks like she is only just getting started – we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table in the coming years.

Judging by her reputation, it was only a matter of time before Fleshlight collaborated with her and gave the fans a feel of that sweet ass and vagina.

The sleeve is now here and Emily Willis has become an official Fleshlight girl. I have spent my fair share of time with both the vagina sleeve and anal sleeve. And, I can’t wait to share my thoughts on both of them. After all, Willis is one of my favorite adult stars. So, how are the sleeves? We will start by getting a feel of the vagina sleeve.

Emily Willis Squirt Sleeve – How does it feel?

Emily Willis Vagina Fleshlight Sleeve

The first thing you should know is that this Fleshlight is exactly what you may expect from a performer like Emily – tight and intense. The Squirt sleeve has four chambers. And, each of these chambers offers a slightly different feel. So, let’s dive right into this fit!

  • The entry point – In the entrance, you can feel the suction (suction that is so common for tighter Fleshlights) as it pulls your penis in. After entry, your member is pulled against the circular bumps of the sleeve. We are off to a good start!
  • Chamber two – This is the swirling chamber. Here, you will feel as if you are getting a blowjob. It is impressive how they have managed this seeing as this part of the Fleshlight is a little wider than the other parts of the toy.
  • Chamber three – For me, this is the main part of the Emily Willis Fleshlight. Here, you get the most variation. The curves, the rugged walls, and the tightness play in one big orchestra. Think of this part as the most intense scene in a movie. You know, the parts right before the dramatic finish.
  • The fourth chamber – As I came to the end of the sleeve, my penis got treated to a whole new level of awesome. The end of the toy features jagged edges that look like wild cliffs. The curves feel smooth, and the overall feeling is velvety, yet tight and intense.

Depending on how you…ermmm, feel it, you could also count a total of five different textures in this Fleshlight. However, I like to think of the third part of the sleeve as one big ensemble…or an orchestra, as I previously said.

All in all, yes, it is awesome. I mean, I did not expect anything less from one of my favorite performers. The keywords here are tightness and intensity. And, if you want something that is very, very snug, then this is one of the best Fleshlights currently on the market.

How about the anal sleeve of Emily Willis? Will it be even tighter? Let’s find out.

Emily Willis Smash Sleeve – How does it feel?

Emily Willis Anal Fleshlight Sleeve Texture

The smash is the anal Fleshlight sleeve of Emily Willis. As surprising as it may seem, I generally tend to gravitate towards vagina sleeves. More often than not, anal Fleshlights leave a little something to be desired.

However, seeing as Emily Willis is one of the modern queens of anal, I had high expectations for this sleeve. Let’s see!

  • A single spiraling passage – Right off the bat, I love it. This is simplicity at its finest. Instead of a lot of different textures and chambers, the anal sleeve of Emily features one single passage done to perfection. Here, you have a spiraling motion featured from the very start to the very end. And, yet again, the first impressions are tight! I am average in the D department, but this thing is snug even for me. However, this time the snugness is different – my penis feels as if it is going through a whirlpool of suck as I penetrate the sleeve. Also, this thing reacts to the speed very well – if I go fast, it somehow feels tighter. If I go slow, the fit feels slightly looser and my penis has time to feel every inch of this fit.

Did I love it? Yes, I did. They did capture the essence of Emily Willis with the Smash Sleeve – a beauty who looks deceivingly simple, yet takes you for an insane ride immediately after you enter her. 

What I love about the Emily Willis Fleshlights

The expectations were sky high for both the vagina and anal sleeve of Emily Willis. Luckily, I did not end up disappointed.

In the following, I will quickly jot down some of the highlights of this sex toy:

  • The tightness – Yeah, men who love a tight p*ssy/asshole…what a cliche. In this case, though, the tightness works in favor of the Fleshlight. The sleeves feel exactly like penetrating Emily Willis feels like in my mind. Tight, intense, and full of surprises. 
  • Unique textures – Not only are the Emily Willis sleeves super tight, but they are hella unique as well. I mean, I have a good collection of Fleshlights, yet I have nothing like these two sleeves. The anal sleeve with its spirals makes my penis feel as if it going through some sort of intense tantric ritual. And do not even get me started on the vagina sleeve! This one is in a league of its own with its texture variations.

What I do not love about the Emily Willis Fleshlights

Nothing is perfect, but the Emily Willis Fleshlight models do come pretty darn close. The only complaints I have for those sleeves are not related to the quality of the products. Confused? Allow me to explain:

  • The Emily Willis sleeves are not exact imitations of real intercourse – I mean, maybe being inside Emily Willis does feel like that?! I wouldn’t know. For me, however, these sleeves are simply too otherworldly to compare this feeling to regular sex. There are just too many chambers, nuances, and textures inside to compare the sleeves to a real anus/vagina. Whether this is a bad thing or not is up to you.
  • Not an ideal product for stamina training – This directly ties in with the previous point. The Emily Willis Fleshlight is an experience, not a direct stimulation of anal/vaginal intercourse. So, if you are buying a Fleshlight to train for lasting longer in bed, then there are better choices out there.

And this is it – there are only two disadvantages to this Fleshlight. And, even these two disadvantages are not something that could be considered a dealbreaker.

How much do the Emily Willis Fleshlights cost?

You will find the best offers for the Emily Willis sleeves on the official site of Fleshlight. The site also often hosts promotions such as free shipping and the customer service is also fast and efficient. 

Now, when it comes to the price, you are looking at a price range of $80. The site also ships to the UK and EU and the pricing tier will be the same.

Final verdict – Are the Emily Willis Fleshlights worth it?

Oh yes! Both the anal and vagina sleeve are some of the tightest Fleshlights available. And, knowing how many men have a thing for tightness, then I suspect that this will be one of the most popular Fleshlights for years.

Yes, it may not feel exactly like penetrating a real vagina or an ass, but who cares!? These sleeves feel genuinely awesome. 

I would not be surprised if these products will end up being the first Fleshlights that I will have to repurchase. I do use them often..maybe too often for my good. But, it is what it is! I can always hide behind the fact that I am using the sleeves for “doing research” for the blog.

Hats off to Fleshlight and Emily Willis for bringing these sleeves into this world!

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