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All men have their fair share of fictional characters they dream about. When I was a teenager, I fantasized about f*cking Lara Croft for years. Something about those tight shorts and that braided ponytail just did dirty things to my mind.

Nowadays, my tastes have slightly changed. Obviously, I love real women…but I would be lying if I said I didn’t still have intense fantasies about some fictional characters. 

Some of my favorite fantasies involve characters from DC Comics. This leads us to today’s topic – a Harley Quinn sex doll review.

I have enjoyed many sex dolls during my lifetime, but ordering this one filled me with unusually intense anticipation. After all, this is Harley Quinn, one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. 

I suspect that I am not the only one who has fantasized about having sex with Harley Quinn. I am pretty sure that there are countless other men who would love to shoot a warm load into a doll that looks exactly like her. 

This is why I decided to give you my honest thoughts on this doll. In my Harley Quinn sex doll review, we will see whether Qita Doll (the company who created the Harley Quinn sex doll) has succeeded in bringing the fantasy to life or not.

Without further ado, here is our full review of the Harley Quinn sex doll:

Measurements of the Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Material of the Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Skeleton of the Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Vaginal, Oral, Anal – 3 Possibilities of Enjoying the Doll

Cleaning and Maintaining the Doll

Storage – Where Should I Keep My Harley Quinn Doll?

The Pricing – Is She Worth The Cost?

Finishing Thoughts

Measurements of the Harley Quinn Sex Doll

If you are planning on investing in a Harley Quinn sex doll, you will undoubtedly want to know her measurements. Especially if this is your first life-size sex doll.

Let’s start with her weight – the Harley Quinn sex doll weighs exactly 88lbs (or 40kg for our European readers). When it comes to high-quality sex dolls, this is about average. She will give you the feel of a real woman, yet she is light enough for when you have to move her around. And you probably will, because a big part of the fun is that you can have sex with her anywhere you desire.

Her height is exactly 5ft6in (or 170cm), which makes her a bit taller than most of the dolls in my collection. In my opinion, the height of the Harley Quinn sex doll is one of her most attractive features. Her tallness compliments that slender figure and those beautiful t*ts…and those legs. 

This girl has legs for miles, and I’m all for it! One Harley Quinn sex doll reviewer specifically recommended this doll for people with a foot fetish. And, I fully agree – her legs are gorgeous.

Material of the Harley Quinn Sex Doll

The Harley Quinn sex doll is made of TPE. For those already familiar with high-end sex dolls, TPE is probably an already familiar term. For those new to the game…let me give you a quick overview of what makes this material special.

High-end sex dolls are usually made of either TPE or silicone. Both materials have their pros and cons, but I usually prefer TPE dolls. In a second, I will tell you why.

For one, TPE dolls are cheaper. As you may know, high-end sex dolls are not cheap, so the opportunity to save a little is always welcome.

The second major plus of TPE is that it feels more realistic than silicone. The skin of TPE dolls is softer and more flexible than the skin of silicone dolls. 

If you slap that beautiful ass, it will wobble just like the real thing. The t*ts are exactly the same…the movements are that of real breasts. And, for that, you can thank TPE.

It is hard to describe what makes TPE such a great material, but once you receive your Harley Quinn sex doll, you will see what I am talking about. I remember spending a good few hours just caressing my Harley Quinn sex doll…yes, she feels that soft.

Skeleton of the Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Honestly, it feels weird and even slightly creepy talking about the skeleton of a sex doll. But, hey…I want this Harley Quinn sex doll review to be as informative and useful as possible. And, a well-made sex doll skeleton can be the difference between wasted money or a solid long-term investment in sexual pleasure.

Harley has a steel skeleton that is designed to mimic all the movements of a real human. And, the joint mobility is done to perfection here – you can enjoy the Harley Quinn sex doll in all the positions you are interested in. The skeleton is very durable and can go through some quite heavy pounding without any wear and tear. So, yeah…if you are into rough sex, then this is your babe right here.

That said, I do have one issue with the skeleton of this doll – you will have to pay extra (about $75 as of 2022) if you want to enjoy any kind of standing sex positions with the Harley Quinn sex doll. 

When ordering, you have the option of either going for the standard feet or standing feet. If you go for the standing feet, the doll will have better balance and you can go for standing sex positions. If you go for the average feet, you will save a little, but you will not be able to enjoy standing positions smoothly.

Ordering my Harley Quinn with standing feet was a no-brainer for me. Simply because “the ballet dancer” is one of my all-time favorite sex positions. However, this is entirely individual. If you feel as if you are not going to use her while she stands, I suggest skipping the standing feet and saving these precious dollars.

Since we are already on the topic of positions, let’s examine which forms of sex can you have with this sex doll.

Vaginal, Oral, Anal – 3 Possibilities of Enjoying the Doll

Companies that create high-end sex dolls know that their customers need variation. This is why a good sex doll will give you the opportunity between choosing between anal, oral, and vaginal sex. After all, you are spending a considerable amount of money and you want the excitement factor to last as long as possible.

As you already guessed, the Harley Quinn sex doll offers all of these 3 possibilities. So, let’s examine her lovely crevices in greater detail.

  • Vagina – 6.7in (or 17cm) in depth. The vagina of Harley is amazing – soft, welcoming, and with just the right amount of tightness. When customizing your doll, make sure not to forget to choose whether you want pubic hair or not. I think a bald p*ssy fits the character of Harley Quinn better, so I ordered mine without pubic hair. That said, if you prefer your women hairy, more power to you! That option is available too.
  • Mouth – 5.1in (or about 13cm) in depth. The lips of Harley are her biggest selling point – they are slightly pouty, extremely soft, and ever-so-kissable. Harley also has no problems deep throating me since I am quite average in the D department. However, if you are on the bigger size, I suggest you order your doll with an enhanced mouth. It will cost a little extra, but you will want to make sure that you can slide your member into her lovely mouth. It would be a shame to let that heavenly mouth go to waste!
  • Anus – 6.7in (or 17cm) in depth. Yes, yes, yes! With a wild woman like Harley, it is only a matter of time before you want to explore the hidden land of anal with her. And, I am glad to say that this doll does a great job of giving a genuine anal experience. The hole feels almost too tight at first, but as you slide in and get more comfortable…let me tell you, it will rock your world.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Doll

TPE is a material that is very long-lasting, yet easy to clean. That said, there are some things to keep in mind if you want to keep your Harley Quinn sex doll in great shape for years to come.

In the following, I will be talking about how to efficiently clean and maintain your Harley Quinn sex doll:

  • Lube – You should choose a water-based lube for TPE sex dolls. I know that some men also use vaseline, but I have yet to see a doll manufacturer actually recommend using vaseline as a lube. So, if you care about keeping your doll in good shape, avoid experimentation and go for a good water-based lube. Whatever you do, don’t use silicone lubricants with a TPE doll!
  • Clothing – The shorts, the jacket, the shirt…Harley Quinn has style! That said, if you are not currently “using” her, I would suggest letting her stay entirely naked. The thing is, tight clothes with intense colors are known to stain TPE sex dolls. So, I suggest limiting the time your Harley wears something. Shouldn’t be a problem, though – she looks best in her birthday suit anyway.
  • Cleaning – My suggestion here is to go for either a mild antibacterial soap or plain water (avoid boiling water at all costs!). You can also go for specific sex toy cleaners. Whatever you use, make sure that there is no alcohol in it. Alcohol just does not play well with TPE sex dolls, and we will want to keep your Harley Quinn sex doll in good shape for as long as possible.
  • Drying – I know, I know. There will be times when you have an insane orgasm and you just want to fall asleep immediately. As tempting as it is, try to avoid this at all costs! After cleaning your doll, also fully dry all the orifices of your doll with a microfiber cloth or a towel. Try not to skip this part, otherwise, you will risk a nasty build-up of mold…not a good idea if you want your doll to last.
  • Stain removal – If your doll gets stained, you will want to act as fast as possible. Most doll manufacturers offer specific doll stain removal creams. Your best bet would be to use these. However, homemade solutions are also available – use mineral oil massages for minor stains and Vaseline for removing deeper stains.

Storage – Where Should I Keep My Harley Quinn Doll?

If you are ordering a life-size Harley Quinn sex doll, then I presume that you have thought about the logistics of keeping her. 

There are lots of different places you could store your doll – under the bed, a closet, or a special doll case are the most common choices. Some men do not have a specific place for their dolls. Instead, they treat their sex dolls as living and breathing companions that share their living space with their owners.

Wherever you store your sex doll, make sure that the doll stays in a neutral position when not in use. You do not want to strain her skeleton by keeping her in weird, folded positions. Even if the damage is not immediate, you will shave some years off of your doll if you just toss her off after using her. The key here is simple – if the storage position would be uncomfortable for a real human, it will also damage the doll.

Oh, and be sure that your doll is stored in a place with no pests! A friend of mine is a doll collector who stored some of his dolls in a basement. 

Guess what happened to the sex doll of my friend? One night, rats ate a massive chunk of the leg of the sex doll…you can just imagine how my friend felt after seeing the damage done to his beloved (and expensive!) companion.

The Pricing – Is She Worth The Cost?

Right off the bat, I can tell you that the Harley Quinn sex doll is absolutely worth the investment for men who are fans of this legendary DC Comics character.

With good care, this is a doll that can give you years of sexual pleasure. Plus, they have done the character justice – she really does look like a life-sized Harley Quinn. They have captured the psychotic yet super sexy vibe extremely well. 

That said, a high-end sex doll is an investment. This model will cost just about $2000. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less – depends on how much you will want to customize your Harley Quinn. 

My final order was $1974. This was without any additional customization besides the standing feet. 

If you have decided that you want the doll, yet do not have the hard cash on hand, then I suggest you look at the payment plans offered by Silicon Wives. For example, you can safely slice the price into monthly payments. And, since your Harley will last for years, she will still be good to go once your monthly payments end.

If you have made your mind up about the purchase, feel free to check out the final price of the doll on this link.

Finishing Thoughts

All things considered, I am very impressed with what Qita Doll has done here. It is one thing to create a doll inspired by a real-life actress, but it is something else entirely to bring a fictional character to life.

Harley Quinn is a walking paradox. She looks beautiful, yet it is so obvious that she has a dark, almost manic side to her. I am sure that you have wondered how a woman like that would be in bed…I know I have. And, well, this is as close you will get to having sex with Harley Quinn.

Some of you are probably bored by technical details…but as I said, I want to keep this review as informative as possible. Technically, this doll is as good as they come. You have a highly detailed face, silky smooth skin, and three awesome orifices to satisfy all tastes.

Would I recommend it as a first sex doll? Not sure. Harley Quinn is quite a specific character, so this doll is not for everyone. That said, if you want your sex doll to come with that mysterious and dark edge, then the Harley Quinn sex doll is a fantastic choice.

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