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Love them or hate them, Fleshlights are the most popular male sex toys on the planet. If you are new to this world, you have probably never heard of male masturbators like the LELO F1S V2 or other premium blowjob machines. Yet, it is fair to say that you have at least heard the term “Fleshlight.” This only goes to show just how popular these toys are.

With so many great male sex toys around, are Fleshlights still worth it though? They absolutely are. Yes, the design is simple, but it works exceptionally well. It is no wonder that many men (me included) have full-blown collections of Fleshlights in their homes. And as much as I would like to say that I own so many for “research purposes” only, it is just not true…I love using Fleshlights..a lot.

But how much do Fleshlights cost? In this article, we will quickly go through the pricing of various different Fleshlight models. From the cheapest options to advanced Fleshlight bundles, we will look at exactly what sort of Fleshlights your hard-earned money can get.

What’s The Cheapest Fleshlight?

Mid-priced Fleshlight – The Stamina Training Unit

Higher price bracket – Fleshlight Girls

Highest price range – Quickshot Launch

What’s The Cheapest Fleshlight?

“Quickshot: Vantage” is the cheapest Fleshlight toy. This little pleasure trinket will cost right around $35 for US customers or €35 for European customers.

Here, you have a rather unique, open-ended and entirely see-through masturbation device. This means that it is intended for the voyeurs of the bunch! You (or your partner) can watch as you penetrate the Fleshlight.

Now, when it comes to the inner texture, things are relatively straightforward – it is a screw-like texture that “twirls” your c*ck as you penetrate it. If you are new to male masturbation devices, then this will be a very good entry point for seeing how various sleeves can work on you. It feels awesome, just be warned that this rabbit hole goes deep! When you get a feel of how Fleshlights work, there is no turning back!

To conclude, is the cheapest Fleshlight worth it or not? Yes, but only if this is your Fleshlight product.

Find the best offers for Quickshot: Vantage here!

Mid-priced Fleshlight – The Stamina Training Unit

Double the cost of the previous Fleshlight we featured and you get a Stamina Training Unit. The name of this product gives you all of the info you need on this product. It is Fleshlight designed to improve the sexual stamina of the user. Both vagina and anal units are available, so feel free to pick whichever seems more appealing to you.

A Stamina Training Unit from Fleshlight costs $58.95 for American buyers and €59.95 for European buyers.

There are no super interesting textures inside these sleeves. Instead, you get a tight little vagina/ass that feels exactly like the real thing. As such, you can freely experiment with various stroking rhythms and depths without feeling the pressure of needing to perform. As many men know, sexual stamina is mostly a mental thing. And, practicing with this toy can help with this.

Find the best offers for the Stamina Training Unit here!

As I was looking around various offers that are available, I also came across a very interesting bundle – a Fleshpump Performance Pack. With this one, you get a penis pump and the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight with a combo price.

The effectiveness of penis pumps is controversial – the best penis pumps can be effective, but only if you work with them regularly and for a long time. That said, a combination of the Stamina Training Unit and a Fleshpump can boost your sexual confidence a lot. 

So, if you feel insecure in that department, the bundle is worth looking into. As of the time of writing, the bundle costs €154.95 for the European market and $154.95 for the American market. Keep in mind that the prices for bundles like this change often, so snatch one up quickly if you feel this is something you would need.

Find the best offers for the Fleshpump Performance Pack here!

Higher price bracket – Fleshlight Girls

As much as I want to say that the cheapest Fleshlights are the best, I just can’t. Fleshlight Girls are by far my favorite products from Fleshlight. And, unfortunately they are not as cheap as the models we mentioned before. 

So, what exactly are Fleshlight Girls?

These Fleshlight models are masturbation devices that imitate the vagina or anus of some of the most famous adult stars in the world. In the selection, you will find stars such as Autumn Falls, Emily Willis, Eliza Ibarra, etc. Each of these sleeves is unique – the inner textures are all different and offer unique masturbation sensations.

That said, not all of these products are good. For some insider tips on which ones are worth it and which ones are not worth it, feel free to check out our tier list of Fleshlight Girls.

How much do Fleshlight Girls cost though? $79.95 for Americans and €79.95 for European buyers. Not bad at all considering the quality you get..the only problem is that collecting these toys can become addicting very fast.

Find the best offers for all Fleshlight Girls models here!

Highest price range – Quickshot Launch

If you want a full-on masturbation experience, you also have the chance of going for the Quickshot Launch. Here, you have a device that does the stroking for you – just combine the Quickshot Launch with your favorite Quickshot toy, and the Quickshot Launch “blows” you.

Oh, and while you enjoy the ride, you can also watch a video of your liking – this thing includes a built-in mount for your smartphone. 

This male masturbation device will cost $194.95 in the US or €194.05 in the EU.

Find the best offers for the Quickshot Launch here!

And this is basically it! Obviously, you will find a lot more different products from the official Fleshlight site. You can find stuff like storage cases, replacement sleeves, and even lubes. 

However, the ones we mentioned are the toys that generally get the most attention. These are also the products that most people new to Fleshlight want to buy. As such, we focused our attention on these few key product lines.

Now, one last thing before I wrap this up – if you have chosen a specific Fleshlight toy you want to buy then also look up various bundle deals a la the Fleshpump Performance Pack that we previously mentioned. These packs and bundles will give you a better bang for your buck if you are also buying extras such as lubes or sleeve warmers.

Hopefully, our article was helpful to you and you now have an idea of how much you have to put aside to become a proud owner of a Fleshlight. 

If you do end up ordering a Fleshlight or two, I sincerely hope that you will have a lot of fun with these toys.

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