Eating ass could be entirely taboo or a completely normal sexual act. Depending on where you are from, your age, and the number of sexual experiences you have.

I am too lazy to look up statistics, but from my experience, I can safely say that nearly all Americans in their twenties at least know a friend or two who regularly participates in eating ass or getting their ass eaten.

Now, let’s travel to somewhere like Eastern Europe and take a different age group – men and women in their forties. It is safe to say that ass eating will be a much more taboo subject in this category.

Whatever your sexual background may look like, I strongly advise anyone to eat ass and get their ass eaten at least once in their lives. 

I have to admit, I am all for male anal stimulation, but getting a rim job is not my cup of tea. No judgment! I fully understand why some men love it, but it has never really been my thing.

Eating female ass though…heaven. Simply awesome. I do not eat the booty of my wife regularly, but when I do…I love it. And she does too!

Today, I will be giving you a quick how-to on how to munch ass successfully. Yes, the guide is written by a heterosexual man, but I also ran it through our gay writer Noah, who said that this guide is helpful for LGBT couples as well.

So, ready to eat some ass? Let’s get started, here is our guide on how to eat ass:

Ass Eating Hygiene

Ass Eating Foreplay

Best Techniques for Eating Ass

Best Positions for Eating Ass

How to Introduce the Idea of Ass Eating to Your Partner

Ass Eating Hygiene

As obvious as it might seem, I still think this deserves a mention – you only want to eat the ass of someone with immaculate hygiene. The sad part is, this little fact will break the heart of everyone who plans to eat the ass of a one-night-stand. Not a good idea!

Look, I am not saying that your one-night-stands have a case of swamp ass, but when it comes to eating ass, it is better to be safe than sorry. You do not want to run the risk of getting gut bacteria in your mouth!

Sure, you might run some “diagnostics” and ask about the hygiene of the one-night-stand or even…do a sniff test. But, in real life, something like this will break the passion fast. Very, very fast. 

In all likelihood, you will not be eating ass (or having any kind of sexual contact for that matter) after asking someone about their hygiene.

Communication is key when it comes to eating ass. You will want to let your partner know that you might be venturing into that area with your tongue. Otherwise, he or she might be surprised…and, again, it will not always be a pleasant surprise.

There is a misconception out there that the person having his or her ass eaten must go through a lengthy preparation with an enema or an anal douche. Not true! Ass eating is not about venturing into the hole, it is all about teasing the outer area of the anus with your tongue. I will be talking about my 

Basic hygiene will do just fine. If your partner has carefully showered, you are good to go. Still, if you two are particularly timid about hygiene, a quick wash with an antibacterial soap can be more sufficient for eliminating final doubts about the cleanliness of this area.

Oh, one more thing – if your partner has recently had trouble with an upset stomach, it is best to wait for a few days before munching down on that ass. Again, even if the hygiene of your partner is splendid, you do not want to risk playing around with gut bacteria. After the health of your partner is fine, wait for a few days just to be on the safe side of things.

Ass Eating Foreplay

Look, if you think that you can start eating ass by telling your partner to lay down and put up his or her ass, you are in for a rough surprise. When it comes to eating ass well, you will want to pay even more attention to foreplay than usual.

Now, foreplay is a subject deserving of hundreds of articles, so we will not be discussing too many general foreplay tips here. Still, I want to get to the specifics of what has worked for me the best. 

Keep in mind that I usually discuss eating ass with my partner, so she already has an idea where things might eventually lead. The foreplay starts as usual. Every couple has their own preferences here. I am fairly vanilla when it comes to foreplay – lots of passionate kissing, slow sensual touches, and lots of time. How long until I can get to that sweet ass? Be patient! You will want your partner to be completely crazy for some cunnilingus or penetration. Take her to the brink of orgasm.

I mentioned cunnilingus because it is something that has worked the best for me. I usually go down on my wife for at least 15-20 minutes before I even approach the forbidden hole. Sometimes, my wife comes before I even get to the ass – this is not a bad thing.

After doing my very best tongue acrobatics on the vulva, I very carefully start to approach the external parts of the anus. I usually make circles around the hole before going in direct. I also give the buttocks some action with my hands and tongue. And, I always go slow. 

In a nutshell – the more you tease the better. Now, assuming the both of you are more than warmed up, let’s look at some of the best techniques for eating ass.

Best Techniques for Eating Ass

Allow me to share the 3 simple ass eating techniques that have worked the best for me and my wife. Here goes:

  • Tongue the crinkles – You know those cute folds around the hole? They are filled to the brim with nerve endings. Feel free to circle those folds with your tongue. I guarantee that your partner will love it.
  • The flat tongue – Here, you will flatten the tongue against the anus. A simple trick, but the warm sensation of your tongue will be awesome for the receiver.
  • Double up – This one is a bit more difficult. But, it is by far also my wife’s favorite. Here, you can also mix things up a bit – all according to the tastes of you and your partner. What you want to do is tongue the anus while also taking care of that sweet vagina. Feel free to penetrate her with a dildo, use a clitoral stimulator, or just use your hands. This one will acquire some multitasking, but for a female partner, it is a truly awesome ride. Also, this “multitasking” technique can quickly turn an anti-rimming person into a true fan.

So, now that you have the techniques, let’s also look at the best positions for eating ass.

Best Positions for Eating Ass

Taste is subjective. An ass eating position that someone simply adores can be a complete dud to someone else. So, how can I help you here? By giving you my 3 personal favorites, of course.

  • Doggy style – A legendary position that works very well in ass eating context. Here, you can reach all the necessary areas very well and also use sex toys or your hands as an addition to the analingus.
  • Face sitting – This one is not my go-to. We only save this position for when we are REALLY in the mood for some ass-eating action. Why? Because it is very hard to use a sex toy or your hands when someone is sitting on your face. So, this one is purely for eating ass and p*ssy. Just stick your tongue to one hole only, it is not a good idea to mess around with ass and p*ssy at the same time.
  • Spread eagle – This one is as straightforward as the doggy style. Allow your partner to spread all his or her glory and start dining. Oh, and a pro tip – put a pillow under that ass. It will make it that much easier and pleasurable for both you and your partner.

Ass eating techniques and positions are all fine and dandy, but how do you even talk about eating ass with your partner? Introducing something new in the bedroom is a sensitive subject for many couples. So, allow me to give you some tips on how to introduce the idea of ass eating to your partner.

How to Introduce the Idea of Ass Eating to Your Partner

From my experience, the idea of eating ass comes with a bit of a paradox – many women and men do not even want to hear about their ass getting eaten, but once they try it once…they are instant fans.

When it comes to introducing something new in the bedroom, there is one single rule that everyone needs to remember – no pressure! You will want to approach talking about eating ass with an open-ended discussion. Make comments on how good your sex life already is. Talk about the fact that since you love your chemistry so much, you would like to try new things to make things even better.

Every couple has a different communication style, so it is impossible to give you concrete sentences to use. As long as you do not pressure your partner, you will do just fine.

Even if he or she declines at first, the idea is now out there. Your partner will probably secretly read about analingus and discover what this stuff is all about. So, stay positive! In the future, your partner just might surprise YOU with a request to eat their ass.

I sincerely hope you found our article useful and that you will join the ranks of ass munchers soon. See you soon with another article!

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