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In addition to sex toys, I am a fan of lingerie. Especially super racy, over-the-top erotic lingerie. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not an expert per se. If I like what I see and can afford it, then I go for it. Simple as. That said, over the years I have accumulated quite a collection and I am familiar with a lot of brands.

As such, I am planning on expanding Sex Toy Magazine a bit with some articles on lingerie. To start this series off, I will tackle a big one – Agent Provocateur. Arguably THE go-to brand for racy yet super high-end lingerie. Simply put, some of their pieces are straight-up gorgeous. Expensive, yes…but. So. Damn. Gorgeous.

So, is Agent Provocateur worth it or not? In this article, we will take a quick look at what Agent Provocateur is all about and whether you should splurge on this brand or steer clear and put your money elsewhere. 

Of course, I will also be looking at things from a male perspective. After all, most men are pretty clueless about lingerie yet want to spoil their darlings (excellent idea!) – hopefully, this article will also be helpful for these lovely gentlemen.

• Agent Provocateur – A Quick Glance at the Brand

• The Advantages of Agent Provocateur

• Any disadvantages?

• Examples of Key Pieces from Agent Provocateur

• Where to Start?

• Finishing Words – Is Agent Provocateur Worth it or Not?

Agent Provocateur – A Quick Glance at the Brand

Agent Provocateur logo

Founded in 1994 (one of the co-founders is the son of the legendary Vivienne Westwood), Agent Provocateur. Over the years, the lingerie brand has become synonymous with lavishness, luxury, playfulness, and yes…provocativeness. They have achieved this by going against the grain with bold colors, unique designs, and intense marketing campaigns. Now, the brand is often nametagged and represented by rappers, models, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

In addition to lingerie, Agent Provocateur also offers hosiery, swimwear, fragrances, and other accessories. And yes, some of these accessories even include BDSM-inspired wear. This is also one of the main reasons why I originally got so interested in trying out their products.

Now, you do not just build up this kind of brand without the quality to back it up. And the quality is there – French lace, Italian silk, Swarovski crystals, and super intricate embroidery. These are only some of the details you can associate with Agent Provocateur.

Luxury and raw provocation – these are the two words I would use to sum up Agent Provocateur.

The Advantages of Agent Provocateur

Flattering fit

Everything Agent Provocateur puts out is designed with the bodies of women in mind. Everything fits like a glove and enhances the beauty of the female curves. No matter the body type, you will find something from the Agent Provocateur lineup. Oh, and if you are a man shopping for a significant other then feel free to ask for assistance from the staff of AP – no matter whether you are shopping online or in person.

Unique designs

Remember when I mentioned that Agent Provocateur is all about boldness? Well, through the entire lifetime of the company, they have stayed true to their credo of provocation. Every piece they bring out is different from something you may find from other lingerie brands. And, considering that the company was founded way back in 1994, it is truly impressive that they still manage to swim against the current. And successfully so.

The durability

You know that feeling when you find a beautiful set of lingerie and fall in love with it…only to find it pretty much disintegrates after a few washes. Well, Agent Provocateur places utmost attention on only using super high-end materials and stunning craftsmanship. As such, you can expect the fit and look of the Agent Provocateur pieces to last, last, and then last some more.

Wide size range

This is a brand that is often associated with pencil-type, model bodies. Not true. As already mentioned, Agent Provocateur is about embracing the bodies of ALL women. Whatever size you are in, there will be something there for you.

Attention to detail

Yes, the designs are unique, but they are also detailed. Beautifully detailed. Think delicate embroidery and intricate lacework. In the end, each Agent Provocateur piece is a work of art. Quite literally. I often find myself dressing up in my favorite Agent Provocateur pieces before getting it on with myself. Yes, I pretty much watch myself in the mirror and flirt with myself in my head. This is how empowering this brand can be at its best.

The customer service

There have been a few whispers here and there about the salespeople of Agent Provocateur being rude and snobby. Not true. At all. Whether you are shopping online or at a boutique, the process of buying Agent Provocateur feels more like a friendly interaction instead of a transaction.


Maybe this is just me being a little extra over here, but there is nothing like walking around the city in super-expensive, high-end lingerie. No one knows except you and your special one, but damn does it feel awesome to wear Agent Provocateur. Sounds ridiculous, but something as simple as a pair of panties or a bra can make me more productive, sharp, and happy.

Beautiful erotic accessories

Speaking as someone who has seen and owned a fair share of whips, collars, harnesses, and other intense erotic accessories…Agent Provocateur offers the best of the bunch. There are not many, but they are by far the most beautiful of the bunch. End of story.

Easy online returns

As with pretty much any reputable online lingerie vendor, AP offers the possibility of online returns. Let’s be honest, Agent Provocateur is an investment. And if you go wrong with the size, you will want to have an insurance policy. Just in case.

Any disadvantages?

Boutiques are only found in major cities

I get it, there are a lot of AP boutiques worldwide. You can also always shop online. Plus, there are countless retailers who sell AP stuff. Still, there is something very specific about visiting an Agent Provocateur boutique, and there are limitations there. For example, I live in Eastern Europe at the moment (I will not be more specific), and I know that there would be a large customer base for AP here. At the moment, the nearest Agent Provocateur store to me is in St. Petersburg, Russia. Hopefully, they will plan on expanding.

Examples of Key Pieces from Agent Provocateur

This is my favorite part of compiling this article – sharing some eye candy with you, dear readers. In the following, we will look at some statement pieces from Agent Provocateur. Just to show you darlings what this brand is all about. All of these are from the AP Forever Collection, meaning that they are the staple of the brand. Tested and tried. And stunning.

The Mercy Catsuit

The Mercy Catsuit from Agent Provocateur

Check for current price at Agent Provocateur

The ultimate bedroom costume as far as I am concerned. I do not wear it often though. Just to have that novelty effect to lean on. This is the look of superb eroticism. Sizzling hot, but never dirty. Combine it with a Mercy Waspie and you will see The Divine Feminine staring at you in the mirror. And yes, it does work very well in a BDSM context as well.

The Mercy Corset

The Mercy Corset from Agent Provocateur

Check for current price at Agent Provocateur

This is the Agent Provocateur piece that you could theoretically use outside of the bedroom as well. I am not that brave yet, but it could be possible to get away with it. Again, we have something that gives you that perfect hourglass figure. Combine this with the classic/Renaissance vibe that the piece gives off and you have the queen of corsets. A piece that I hope will remain in the AP lineup for years to come.

Lorna Lace Plunge Underwired Bra

Lorna Lace Plunge Underwired Bra from Agent Provocateur

Check current price at Agent Provocateur

A true romantic classic with lace, floral details, and supreme comfort. Even though this is not a part of the AP bridal set, I would readily recommend it as wedding night lingerie. To be fair, there is not much to discuss here. Just look at it – classic feminine beauty. One of the rare instances where I would NOT use the word “provocative” to describe an AP piece.

Classic PJ Long Dressing Gown

Classic PJ Gown from Agent Provocateur

Check current price at Agent Provocateur

A true Agent Provocateur icon. Silky smooth. Wearing this feels like being wrapped up in clouds. And that ivory coloring…gorgeous stuff all around.

Where to Start?

This part is for gentlemen looking to buy their wives/partners something from Agent Provocateur. If you do not know the tastes of your sweet ones and if there haven’t been any hints thrown around then do not go in blind. Agent Provocateur Gift Cards look beautiful and allow your significant other to redeem them for anything they desire. 

Alternatively, you can look out for the curated Agent Provocateur Gift Guide or just go for any of the pieces I mentioned above. Speaking as a woman, it is pretty difficult to go wrong with these items if you go right with the sizing. And this is the part where you need to do some snooping in the laundry basket or just use the help of employees of Agent Provocateur.

Finishing Words – Is Agent Provocateur Worth it or Not?

Ultimately, the decision is still up to you. But, if you are worried about whether you get what you pay for or not…then the answer is yes, you do get what you pay for. These are true statement pieces. As I mentioned, Agent Provocateur is not just lingerie – it is art. 

Now, are there other beautiful lingerie brands available at about ¼ of the price? Sure. Will they stay as well-fitting for as long as Agent Provocateur? No. Freaking. Way.

If you are an owner of a vagina and want to splurge and have the cash…then you will not regret the purchase. If you are a gent looking to treat their partner, then the story is the same – I struggle to think of a woman who would be unhappy to receive Agent Provocateur.

The bottom line is – if you do have disposable cash and love luxury lingerie, then Agent Provocateur still reigns supreme.

And with that, I will finish tonight. Stay tuned for more content on Agent Provocateur and other lingerie in the coming months.


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