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I am finally old enough to admit that I adore Fleshlights. I collect, cherish, and love them. Every time a new model is announced, I get all giddy in excitement. This time was even worse – the Kazumi Fleshlight has been hyped A LOT in the FL community. Some were calling it the best Fleshlight Girl even before getting a single look at the sleeves.

Now, I have been in this long enough not to fall for the hype. I was excited, of course, but ultimately it is my penis that has to cast the vote on whether this thing rocks or not. And, what’s even more complicated – Fleshlights are pretty individual.

Some may truly think the Kazumi Fleshlights are a true epiphany after trying them while some will instantly call them overhyped trash. You would not believe the number of angry comments I got when I published my piece on the tightest Fleshlights. People took my toy selection almost personally. Some were calling my choices trash while some were offended that I did not include their favorites. This only goes to show how different we are in our preferences.

With this in mind, I am still very excited about this Kazumi Fleshlight review. And hopefully, you are as well. If you want to skip the talk completely and want to buy the toy immediately then head over here and check out the best offers for the Kazumi.

In this post, I will be sharing my detailed thoughts on how the anal and vagina Kazumi sleeves felt for me personally. And, as always, I will be sharing whether I think they are worth it or not.

So, let’s not waste more time and get right into action.

In my Kazumi Fleshlight review, you will find:

Who is Kazumi?

Kumzumi and Bumzumi – The First Impressions

The Kumzumi Sleeve – How Does It Feel?

The Kumzumi Sleeve – Orgasm Rating

The Bumzumi Sleeve – How Does It Feel?

The Bumzumi Sleeve – Orgasm Rating

Pros & Cons of The Kazumi Fleshlights

Where to Get The Best Prices for The Kazumi Fleshlights & Are They Worth It?

Who is Kazumi?

Kazumi or Kazumi Squirt as she eloquently calls herself, is one of the hottest names in the adult industry right now. She is mostly known for her fantastic curves and her distinct Asian-bimbo look. In fact, she does remind me of some of the most cherished hentai sex dolls at times.

The backstory of Kazumi is also quite unusual and cool. You see, this beauty worked in marketing for a long time despite her secret dream of working in the adult industry. Well, her background has obviously paid off as Kazumi is now a millionaire and has risen to become one of the most celebrated pornstars in the world. All this in a very short time as well.

Considering all of the aforementioned, it was only a matter of time before Fleshlight wanted to collaborate with her. And here we are – Kazumi was recently announced as the new Fleshlight Girl and fans around the world were hyper-excited.

As I already said, I was excited too. I was even more excited when the boxes finally made their way to me.

As they say – first impressions never lie. In the next part, I will be giving you just that – my thoughts on the first visual inspection of these two sleeves.

Kumzumi and Bumzumi – The First Impressions

This is slightly off-topic but still important – all Fleshlights are billed and shipped discreetly. No one will know what you are buying. So, if you have any worries in that department…these worries should be all squashed now.

The Kazumi Fleshlights are called Kumzumi and Bumzumi respectively. Kumzumi is the vagina sleeve and Bumzumi is the anal sleeve. No points for the originality department when it comes to naming the sleeves, but this is one aspect that I genuinely do not care about.

The real fun starts when you get the Kazumi sleeves out of their boxes and get a first look at these beauties.

I can’t lie, I was impressed right off the bat. For one, I simply love the tanned skin on both of these sleeves. I have a special kind of weakness for Fleshlights that look slightly darker and the Latina Autumn Falls Fleshlight sleeves are among the two of my all-time favorites when it comes to the look. The Kazumi reminds me of these sleeves so needless to say I was immediately hooked.

It is not only the coloring that works here though. The details on the vagina sleeve are damn splendid – the slightly open, inviting lips are enough to get me hot with a mere look. And things get even worse when one touches this beauty – the skin-like material of Fleshlights never fails to impress. Soft like satin, as always.

The Bumzumi is more simple- Just a cute, detailed butthole. By the way, this is something for newcomers to be aware of – the anal Fleshlights all mostly look similar on the outside. Beautiful, sure. But similar. It is what’s inside that separates the great anal Fleshlights from plain good ones.

With that, it is time to get things sizzling and go inside the Kazumi sleeves. I separated my sessions into two – one night is allocated for the Kumzumi, and the second for the Bumzumi. Sorry, one Fleshlight per night is more than enough considering that I also need to save some of my energy for the wife.

The Kumzumi Sleeve – How Does It Feel?

As I already said, this thing looks gorgeous from the outside. Before entering, I slid my c*ck back and forth over these lips. Just to hype me up even more. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a good one.

First chamber – The very first chamber is also the one that is received the best. At least judging from the first reviews of this toy. Here, your p*enis is met with two egg-shaped chambers that feature a honeycomb-like texture on the inside. There is a lot of stuff going on in here and the head of the penis feels everything too. Feels like a lot of swirling tongues going at it all at once. How about the tightness? Mid-level. Yes, it is tight, but not gripping. It is very, very stimulating right off the bat though.

Second chamber – A spiraling texture that gradually gets wider the deeper you go. This part is relatively simple with a small suctioning-type of effect going on. What makes this relatively simple chamber work is the variation – you slide from the super intense waffle texture to the more “calming” spirals and this transition just works very, very well.

Third chamber – Beads from all angles. Solid stuff and the placement of this chamber is perfect. If you stroke with the entirety of your length, it feels almost like the last part is a special gift given to you for reaching the last part. The sensation is slightly massage-like here when you take your time to stroke slowly and get a good feel of what this final chamber is all about.

The Kumzumi Sleeve – Orgasm Rating

A solid 9 at least. Arguably 9.5. This is a truly stimulating Fleshlight in the sense that it immediately hits your penis with a lot of different sensations. On slower strokes, you feel as if every area of your member is treated to a considerably rough massage. In a good way though.

This sort of intensity makes it a great toy for men who want to improve their sexual endurance. Why? Well, if you manage to last well in this one then you will not never have any issues with lasting long inside a legit p*ssy.

What makes this sleeve special is how well the chambers alternate with each other. It literally feels as if every next chamber is better than the last one.

The Bumzumi Sleeve – How Does It Feel?

At first glance, just as inviting as the Kumzumi. But, as I already told you – these anal Fleshlights generally look similar to each other so no surprises here. Bonus points for the tan color though!

The first chamber – Yup, as one would have guessed, the tightness is the first thing that your penis is greeted with. There is a twist though – there is a slight curve on the entrance which makes the sensation unique pretty much immediately. From there, you are greeted with ridges and two spirals that give off a sort of spinning vibe. Suction effect in combination with the extreme tightness…I love it.

The second chamber – This one is basically a small bump cluster. Nothing particularly new if you have experienced a lot of Fleshlights, but a vibe nonetheless. This one feels particularly nice on the head of the penis.

The third chamber – The tightest and the longest part of the sleeve. Direct and stimulating all the way to the end and a fitting place for letting go and shooting your load inside the toy.

In a nutshell, the Bumzumi is similar to the Kumzumi. The main treat is pretty much the same – intense stimulation combined with some excellently done chamber variation. Now, which one should you choose? For me, the Kumzumi was just a tad bit better so I would go for that one. Remember that this is purely personal opinion though. Bumzumi was great as well, but it was just a bit less “surprising.”

The Bumzumi Sleeve – Orgasm Rating

The orgasm from the Bumzumi feels more straightforward than that of the Kumzumi. What do I mean? Well, when the Kumzumi twists and massages your c*ck to a finish in a very intense manner then the Bumzumi has a more traditional suction type of a vibe. This is due to the long, tight, and relatively straight final chamber.

It did have one very unique aspect to it though – the first chamber. I will be experimenting with not going all the way in to see whether it changes the feel of the orgasm or not. I suspect that it will and that the Bumzumi has some more tricks to offer.

In the next part, let’s do a quick round-up of the advantages and disadvantages of the Kazumi Fleshlight sleeves.

Pros & Cons of The Kazumi Fleshlights

The Pros

Both of the sleeves look beautiful and inviting

The Fleshlight experience starts right when you open up the box and get your first touches of the sleeves. Here, the first impressions are great and I couldn’t wait to get my c*ck into these sleeves after getting a glance.

The Kumzumi immediately ranks as one of the most stimulating sleeves currently available

I already wrote about how the Kumzumi feels so no point in repeating myself here. Long story short – I fully expect this toy to shoot for the top spots in various FleshAssist lists

The star is awesome

Kazumi is already on her way to becoming one of the greats of the adult industry. It is great that Fleshlight decided to bring out a sleeve of a star that is super fresh and relevant.

Discreet billing & shipping

Worried about someone finding out about your Fleshlight enthusiasm? Don’t be. Every Fleshlight is shipped and billed very discreetly if you order from the official site of FL.

The cons

The cleaning process is not as simple as on some other Fleshlight Girls

Don’t get me wrong, cleaning these sleeves is not the hardest task in the world. Still, both of the sleeves have relatively complex textures and you are going to have to put some effort into getting all the “unnecessary stuff” out. And you will want to clean your Fleshlight properly if you want to keep it in good shape for a long time.

Where to Get The Best Prices for The Kazumi Fleshlights & Are They Worth It?

Find the best price for the sleeves of Kazumi at the official site of Fleshlight. 

The official resource of FL also comes with other perks such as great customer service and straight-from-the-source information on the sleeves.

Now, are the sleeves worth it? Yes they are. Whether you are a seasoned FL collector or a complete newcomer, the Kazumi toys are absolutely worth it. They are intense in all the right ways and this sort of stimulation is not common to sex toys. Especially at this price range.

When it comes to sex toys, it is all too often that the words of the legendary Public Enemy ring true – “don’t believe the hype!”

Well, as you saw in my Kazumi Fleshlight review, this is a rare exception where the hype is justified. 

Also, I can’t possibly imagine who the next FL girl will be. But, I sincerely hope that it will be as good as the Kazumi FL. And, judging by the recent track record of Fleshlight, I expect good things.

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