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Competitors come and go, but Kiiroo still dominates the market of VR sex toys. It is easy to see what makes the company so successful in the sex toy market. They have found the sweet spot between accessibility, affordability, and well-done design.

For a while, I have had a slight issue with Kiiroo products though. They are yet to develop something truly beginner-friendly. You see, for someone completely new to VR sex toys, the Kiiroo strokers can be a bit intimidating. Especially for the more tech-illiterate crowd. 

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but Kiiroo has finally seemingly fixed this issue with The Onyx+ Realm Edition Bundle. In this review, we will be taking this bundle to bits (not literally, it is not that cheap!) and see whether this male masturbator bundle is truly worth a purchase.

First, let’s see what’s included in the Onyx+ Realm Edition Bundle.

Whats in the box?

Kiiroo Onyx+ package

Most sex toy companies know that their customers value discreet shipping above all. Kiiroo is not an exception. Not a single soul will know that your package contains a VR male masturbation set. Alright, time to get to the good part, let’s see what this baby is packing.

  • Kiiroo Onyx+ Realm Edition – A slightly updated version of the legendary Onyx+ male masturbator.
  • Mobile VR headset – Finally a VR sex toy with a decent headset already included in the package!
  • A small bottle (4oz/120ml) of Kiiroo Pure Premium Toy Cleaner.
  • A small bottle (2oz/60ml) of water-based Kiiroo Aqua Premium lube.

As you see, the Onyx+ Realm Edition Bundle comes with everything you need for a sweet VR session. Whether you are going solo or having some long-distance fun with a significant other, this package has got you covered.

The star of the show – the Kiiroo Onyx+ Realm Edition

Kiiroo Onyx+

Time to take a look at the main player of this bundle, the Onyx+ Realm Edition male masturbator. Lets start with some (boring, but still important) specs.

  •  Design – As always, the design department of Kiiroo has hit it out of the park. Forget about slurpy-looking, awkward plastic male strokers. The glossy finish, the sleek design, the easy-to-use interface. Make no mistake, this is a beautiful machine.
  •  Materials – ABS, POM.
  •  Key measurements – The Onyx+ Realm Edition male stroker has a size of 3.5 x 3.1 x 10.4 inches. The opening hole is measured at 1.9 x 1.8 inches, and the hole has a height of 6.5 inches. To sum it up, the stroker offers plenty of room for well-endowed men as well. A major plus. Oh, and for such a powerful stroker, the Realm is also surprisingly light at only 2.86lbs of weight.
  •  Charging time/device duration – The Realm comes with a lithium-ion polymer 1000 mAh battery. It will take approximately 4 hours of charging to get this male masturbator up and running. Once the masturbator and your member are ready for action, expect to get at least an hour of action out of it.

How does the Kiiroo Onyx+ Realm Edition perform?

Specs are important and all, but as men, technicalities fly out of the window when discussing male masturbators. How was the orgasm? How immersive is the VR experience? These are the all-important questions here! Hold on to your hats, folks. Time to switch on!

I am not new to Kiiroo Onyx+. This is why the device immediately surprised me with how quiet it is. Onyx+ was not a loud stroker anyway, but they somehow managed to make it even more discreet this time around. Off to a good start!

This was not the last pleasant surprise. I put on the headset not expecting much. You see, male masturbators do not usually come with an included headset. I thought that Kiiroo threw something together and rolled with it. Wrong! While it is no Oculus Quest 2, the headset is still good enough for giving you a great VR porn experience. Wide views, minimal distortion, quality materials. It is all there.

The key question for people entirely new to the VR porn experience – just how immersive is it? Very! Pick a good VR-compatible video (Liya Silver is my personal go-to VR star at the moment) and enjoy.

Now, let’s talk sensations. I have the device fully charged, I’m all alone, I have the headset on, and I have my Liya Silver clip. I have a steady tradition developed for testing male masturbators. I start with lighter settings and casually work my way up with more intensity.

The different modes of Kiiroo Onyx+ Realm Edition

This would probably be a good time to list the 5 different adjustable modes of the Realm Edition:

Kiiroo Onyx+
  • Manual – Adjust the stroker intensity manually while enjoying the VR experience
  • Full Stroke – Classical up-and-down motion that imitates intercourse. This is for the old-school P to V fan.
  • Power Up option – Automatical intensity variations. This one took some getting used to.
  • Handjob setting – My personal favorite. Sloppy and messy! Although it must be said that the sensation feels more like getting a good blowjob.
  • Storm – Manually adjust the intensity of a pulsing sensation. Not my personal go-to, but never say never, maybe I will grow to love this sensation eventually.

Plenty of action. Plenty of sensations to discover. 

Speaking of sensations, the Kiiroo Onyx+ Real Edition uses the SuperSkin sleeve that is filled with various bumps and ridges that imitate the insides of a vagina. Coat the sleeve with a generous amount of lube and you have something very, I mean VERY close to the real thing. 

At max speed, the Onyx+ Realm Edition can give you 140 strokes per minute. Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of action that intense. Still, the fact that the toy manages to be so intense while also staying silent…cool!

How much does it cost?

Kiiroo Onyx+

As of the time of writing (April 2021), Kiiroo sells the Onyx+ Realm Edition Bundle for $229. Feel free to check out the current price of the Onyx+ Realm Edition on the official site of Kiiroo. 

Oh, and as a heads up before the purchase, the customer service of Kiiroo is one of the best in the industry. If you have any questions regarding the product or your order, shoot the company an e-mail or a phone call. You are guaranteed to get a quick and professional answer.

Final verdict – Is the Onyx+ Realm Edition worth it?

For someone entirely new to VR sex, the Onyx+ Realm Edition offers the best value-for-money entry to this wonderful world. This alone makes it a worthy purchase in my book. Obviously, at this price point, you will not get something ideal. Seasoned fans of VR sex might indeed turn their noses up at the included headset. 

But, the main player is the male masturbator itself. And, devices from Kiiroo are, put simply, some of the best on the market. If you go for pleasure above all else, Kiiroo is one of the best options anyway. And, the addition of lube, headset, and a toy cleaner only amplify the worth of the bundle.

To sum it up, the Onyx+ Realm Edition is one of the best value-for-money sex toy deals currently going. We will see how it does on the market. If the numbers are good, I expect to see similar bundle deals popping up on the market soon. And, I for one can’t wait to see what VR sex toys have in store for us in 2021.

Bonus – alright, I got the set, what now?

In my opinion, the Onyx+ Realm Bundle is aimed at a total newbie to VR sex. With that in mind, I decided to include a resource or two for beginners to get started with this wonderful world. I referenced one of my favorite VR stars, Liya Silver, several times in this video. So, why not start with her? My favorite clip from her? “Eastern Promises” is the winner here, a hall-of-fap-worthy scene for sure.

The scene is from VRBangers, the most acclaimed VR porn resource currently operating. It is one of the few porn sites where the hype is truly justified. So, if you plan on getting c*ck-deep into this world, a subscription to VRBangers is kind of mandatory. On that note, let’s call it quits for today, have fun with the VR experience!

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