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I am a fan of sexy lingerie. I am a fan of Lana Rhoades. And, I also love to order my steamy lingerie from Yandy. So, when I heard that Mrs. Rhoades is launching her first lingerie collection in collaboration with Yandy, I was sold before even getting a look at the collection.

Admittedly, this is new territory to me and our site in general. I have never published a review of a lingerie collection before. But, the sheer beauty of this line was a stunning surprise, so writing about it came naturally. And, the collection also happens to be very affordable. For women looking to buy their first bedroom-action-oriented lingerie, this might be one of the best collections for 2021.

Before we get started with taking an in-depth look at my favorite pieces from the collection, let me introduce you to Mrs. Lana Rhoades and Yandy:

Who is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades is a podcaster, social media star, a self-development enthusiast, and also a lingerie designer. Yup, she is also a former top-ranking adult star, but since she has moved on from the industry, this part of her life is irrelevant. Of all former adult stars, Rhoades has had by far the most stylish and smoothest transitions to other endeavors. Her podcast “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” is a mandatory watch for all women. The channel is kinky, self-aware, and empowered as f*ck. So, after you are done shopping lingerie, go check out some of her podcasts.

All in all, Lana Rhoades is awesome. A shining example of a woman who defies her past and boldly conquers new territories with ease.

What is Yandy?

Yandy is an American online retailer focused on lingerie, swimwear, Halloween costumes, and dancewear. They offer some seriously sexy, high-quality stuff for a very affordable price. Plus, their customer service is supreme. All in all, one of my favorite resources for all things sexy.

Ok, time to get right into it, these are my favorite 8 pieces from the Lana Rhoades X Yandy collection:

Pleasing Primrose Teddy

Price: $24.95 on

Let’s start with the most talked-about piece from the Lana Rhoades X Yandy collection, the Pleasing Primrose Teddy. Right off the bat, I can say that it is indeed worth the hype. 

When it comes to Lana Rhoades X Yandy collection, the devil is in the details. Just take a look at these satin bow accents, that tasteful floral motif, and the way that the gorgeous V-shaped front just seems to celebrate every inch of a woman’s body. To be honest, just looking at the pictures of how the collection fits Lana was enough to get me in the mood. 

Needless to say, this piece is every bit as great as I hoped for. But, I’m gonna warn you though, as tasteful as the piece is, this one is steaming. This teddy leaves very little to the imagination, so you need to let your inner devil loose to pull this one off. How about a pro tip? Try wearing a piece like this even if you are flying solo at the moment. F it, ESPECIALLY if you are flying solo. A few candles, some wine, your favorite fantasies, you know the drill. Getting yourself off can be more than just using a vibrator under the blanket. Why not have an entire sex date with yourself? A sex date complete with lingerie such as this.

Caged Confession Bodysuit

Price: $29.95 on

Diversity is one of the reasons I love this set so much. You have your super feminine white lingerie sets with floral motifs, and you also have some edgier and darker stuff. The Caged Confession Bodysuit stands firmly in the former category. The high neckline, the perfectly placed straps, the O-ring accents, the fishnet. This combination makes for a perfect blend of chic, sexy, and a little dark.

The strap placement here is done to perfection. They accentuate my curves and also have an ever-so-slight push-up effect. I have always loved my body, but dressing myself up in something like this takes my self-love (and my libido!) to a whole new level. 

In what context would I wear this? Before a night of some raunchier-than-usual sex. Getting S&M right is not easy in real life. Every little detail matters. This goes for clothing as well. And, with the Caged Confession Bodysuit, Mrs. Rhoades and Yandy have delivered an ideal piece for getting yourself in the mood for some (consensual) power play.

Au Naturel Bodysuit

Price: $29.95 on

Those straps again. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Once again, the straps give my curves just the right amount of attention. Yup, the Lana Rhoades x Yandy collection makes me look f*cking sculpted! This time around, though, things take a lighter turn. You see, the bodysuit comes in a lovely sheer nude tone. See-through, but only just. More alluring than steamy. More elegant than hot.

In addition to the straps, the high neckline also makes another appearance. It might seem strange to put that much attention to one detail, but who cares. I just love it so much, it gives the piece that little extra high-class touch that is so hard to get right. Most erotic bodysuits venture a bit too far into tacky territory. Not this one. 

Lack of tackiness (that rhymed!), is also why I would recommend Lana Rhoades x Yandy collection for women looking to purchase their very first piece of erotic lingerie. You see, the Au Naturel Bodysuit somehow manages to look both innocent and hot as hell. Just try it on and you’ll know what I mean.

Mad About Marigold Bra Set

Price: $39.95 on

Compared to the previous two pieces from the Yandy X Lana Rhoades collection, this bra set leans a little on the romantic side. Lana and Yandy have clearly paid a tribute to bridal lingerie here. And, it works. The sheer white tone and the floral motifs are ideal for getting a little spring and some romance in your heart. Of course, as all the pieces from the Yandy X Lana Rhoades, eroticism and female sexual empowerment reign supreme here. 

The piece is designed to enhance the female silhouette. And, it does so with ease. Fits me like a glove, and also feels heavenly. 

All things considered, this is the sweetest piece of the whole Yandy X Lana Rhoades line-up. So, if you are a sucker for something classically romantic with a little extra edge, this would be a solid pick. Oh, and the fact that the piece is clearly inspired by bridal lingerie somehow gives it that little extra kink factor that I love.

Bare All Bellflower Teddy

Price: $29.95 on

Once again, the diversity of the Lana Rhoades X Yandy collection gets a shoutout! This time, we are dealing with some luxurious sleepwear vibes. The teddy comes in vibrant light blue and white tones, accentuated by the usual tasteful floral motifs. The coloring is great on this one, as the piece does seem to have a visually slimming effect. 

In my book, this piece does have a single flaw. Where do I wear it?! The look screams summer, and I would wear the sh*t out of it once the weather starts to heat up. A Long Island Iced Tea while wearing this piece by the pool…dream level stuff. The problem? Although the design screams of days spent lounging by the pool, this is not swimwear. If Lana would bring out something just a touch more modest but with the same design motif, this would be a summer hit in my book.

Craving Clover Bra Set

Price: $49.95 on

Along with the Primrose Teddy, this is probably the other most talked-about piece in the Lana Rhoades X Yandy collection. It is a super seductive bra set that comes with all the features that make this collection shines.

You get the perfectly placed staps that enhance exactly the right bits. You get the super feminine design that makes you feel sexually empowered, yet soft and romantic. Sorry for getting carried away, but this is the first piece from the Yandy X Lana Rhoades collection that I actually tested in the bedroom.

The results? Let’s just say that it’s been a while since I last saw my man that crazed with lust. Sorry for the noise, dear neighbors.

Arousing Acacia Bra Set

Price: $36.95 on

Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of crotchless panties. I always found them tacky for some reason. But, since I am a fan of the Lana Rhoades X Yandy collection, I had to give this piece a go. Glad to say that this bra set is not tacky at all.

The set follows the same luxurious line that all the other pieces from the collection. The exposed look gives it a significant kink factor, while the ultra-feminine floral motifs add that oh-so-innocent sweetness to the piece.

To be honest, the piece still didn’t make me a believer in all-things-crotchless. Still, if this is your thing, this bra set will be a fabulous addition to your collection.

Orange Blossom Teddy

Price: $29.95 on

Somewhat similar piece to the Pleasing Primrose Teddy, only in lighter tones. This one is among my favorites for the collection for one clear reason. It has that innocent yet secretly naughty vibe that is heavenly. This one is not too racy, so you can easily wear it without feeling too straightforward.

The Orange Blossom Teddy also feels the most (for a lack of a better word) classical of all the pieces from the Lana Rhoades x Yandy collection. There is just something about the sheer white and the laces that always work. And, most likely, will always work. At least in my book.

In a nutshell, this is the most classically sexy of all the Lana Rhoades X Yandy pieces. Not strikingly original, not insanely racy. Just feminine and beautiful.

The 8 pieces listed are my absolute favorites from the collection. However, there are some more gems to be found in there. So, feel free to check out the whole collection here.


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