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Love them or hate them, we all need condoms once in a while. Sure, there are alternatives, but condoms are still the best contraceptive method as far as I’m concerned.

As you might guess, I have gone through a fair share of condoms in my lifetime. I have also tested an uncountable amount of different condom brands. What I have found is that, ultimately, price does not matter. There are great condoms available for a few dollars, and there are awful condoms that cost much, much more than something you could get at any drugstore.

As anyone even vaguely familiar with sex toys knows, LELO is one of the biggest innovators in the game. They have some amazing toys both for men and women, and they fully deserve their status as one of the most reputable sex toy companies out there.

However, I have to admit that it never even crossed my mind to try their signature condoms – LELO Hex. These condoms are supposedly revolutionary in almost every aspect. Why did I never order a pack before? No idea.

Well, I am glad to say that I am now more than familiar with the LELO Hex and I will gladly tell you all about these luxury condoms and whether they are worth the cost.

What makes the LELO Hex condoms special?

The packaging – a revolution in itself

The female verdict

How much does a LELO HEX pack cost and is it worth it?

What makes the LELO Hex condoms special?

LELO HEX Condoms

These condoms by LELO were in the development stage for an entire decade. Yep, you heard that right…a decade. With one product, LELO wanted to solve 3 main condom problems at once – namely slippage, unnatural feel, and breakage. The latter being the worst offender of them all. I mean, nobody loves a pregnancy or an STD scare.

So, let’s see how the good folks at LELO have addressed these 3 common issues with condoms:

  • Slippage – This condom has hexagonal patterns on the inside (hence the name “HEX”, which eliminates the slipping issue so common to many condoms. Know that feeling when you are in action and discover that the condom is barely on by the time you finish? Annoying, I know. Solving this issue with a unique pattern is a simple, yet genius idea. And, well, it works. Oh, by the way, you even slightly feel these inner patterns and cells when you use this condom…and not in a bad way.
  • Pleasure – I will be talking about how this condom was in bed later in this article. For now, just know that this is the thinnest and lightest-feeling condom I have ever tried. And, it is far from being the most expensive condom I have bought. Not only does the HEX feel super light, but it looks light too. In low lighting, it was impossible to even recognize that I had a condom on.
  • Breakage – I have had sex with the HEX (see what I did there?) exactly 27 times so far. Yes, I counted. And, what can I say…this condom is just so snug. Whatever positions you try, however hard you go…the HEX just moves along with what your penis is doing. I have not given the material a concrete durability test…but the HEX has not broken thus far. And, to be fair, I find it hard to see how it could happen. This thing is more like a second skin than a condom.

The packaging – a revolution in itself

LELO HEX Condoms

This is the one major advantage of the HEX that I just did not see coming – the packaging. Yes, the packaging.

Sure, at a first glance, you have your regular pack of high-end condoms. All-white box with minimalist elements, cool font…you know the drill. Nothing groundbreaking for high-end sex products.

The breakthrough of the HEX packaging comes when you take these bad boys out of the box and actually need to put them to use. 

Tinfoil or plastic is the standard when it comes to packaging condoms. Ever been in a situation where you are slightly nervous and the pack is just so damn difficult to open smoothly? A minute passes, you get more nervous by the second…and you still can’t get the condom out of the pack. Finally, you get the condom out and try to crack a little joke about why it took you so long…but you have now lost your hard-on. And, along with the erection, the mood has also died.

This is NOT talked about enough, and I am 100% sure that every man has experienced something like this at least once.

Well, LELO HEX condoms have taken a different approach – the pack is made of strong paper that you will easily rip in seconds. Doesn’t matter how long your nails are. Also, once the HEX comes out of the pack, you will see that the condom is already slightly unrolled. Another time-saver…you do not have to mess around in the dark trying to figure out which way to put the condom on.

This might not seem like that much of a revolution, but in my life, it is a game-changer.

No more awkward minutes spent trying to get a damn condom out of a pack!

The female verdict

LELO HEX Condoms

My wife is not against condoms. We regularly use other ultra-thin options and have been just fine.

So, you could imagine my surprise when my wife said that this condom really does feel different. She told me that the HEX feels exactly as if I was wearing nothing on my penis. Literally no difference between wearing the HEX or wearing nothing at all. Plus, there are the aesthetics – my wife loves that my member looks like it has nothing on!

So, I guess that LELO really meant it when they said that they released the thinnest condom on the market. At least when it comes to the female perspective.

How much does a LELO HEX pack cost and is it worth it?

LELO HEX Condoms

All things considered, LELO HEX is the best condom I have ever tried. Yes, this is a massive claim, but it is true. Shooting my load inside my partner will always be my favorite option. There is just something primal and intense about nutting inside the woman you love.

That said, the fact that my load will not go into my wife is the ONLY downside of this condom (and all condoms). As far as the feel itself is concerned, you simply will not feel anything. 

Now, for an innovation like this, you would expect to pay a premium. Well, I’m glad to say that this is not the case. Yes, you will pay just a tad bit more than for an average condom, but not by much.

Currently, the HEX is offered in a 3-pack, 12-pack, and 36-pack. If you go for the largest pack available, the price for one condom will be less than $1. Not bad for a condom that truly stands out in the pack.

You can find the link for ordering the LELO HEX condoms here

It is the official site of LELO. I have looked around, and as of 2022, the official site seems to offer the best prices for these condoms.

So, there you have it. I deliberately kept this article short because I simply do not have that much to say about the LELO HEX. In fact, I could sum up the product with one sentence – it does what it promises. It truly is the thinnest condom I have ever tried and I strongly suggest you try this brand out. It might just turn you from a condom hater into a condom lover.

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