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Before becoming a sex doll owner myself, I had so many prejudices against this world. I thought that sex doll owners were men who, put plainly, had no chance with women in real life.

In reality, this is a booming community of men from virtually all walks of life. In this article, I wanted to tell the stories of these men. I decided to reach out to the community and give voices to men who own sex dolls. 

I needed to show the world that there are so many different stories out there. Sex doll owners are not virgins, losers, and, weirdos. In fact, I found that an average sex doll owner is financially well off (no wonder, sex dolls cost a lot!) and would have no problem finding a real-life companion.

Since this article is not about me, I do not want to steal the limelight with a long introduction. 

In the following, you will find my favorite bits from interviews conducted with 6 different owners of high-end sex dolls. The names of these men have been changed for anonymity, but all of the other details are real.

Sam, 51, a foreign investment specialist from the US

Slavoj, 40, a small business owner from Slovenia

Antwan, 33, a data analyst from the US

Joshua, 46, a cyber security specialist from the US

Ludovic, 23, a college student from France

Vadim, 22, an accountant from Russia

Sam, 51, a foreign investment specialist from the US

Some men like Sam treat sex dolls as entities with unique personalities and histories – doll depicted on the picture is Leili from Sexy Real Sex Dolls

What made you want to invest in a high-end sex doll?

I am not a fan of sob stories, but this is one. Kind of. 

I lost my wife of 15 years to a freak car accident back in 2015. We didn’t have any kids, so I was completely on my own.

After 2 years of mourning, I very slowly started to feel like myself again. I decided to at least try dating again, as I was only 45 years old at the time.

I was disappointed, to say the least. With the advent of dating apps and similar quick-fix solutions, dating as I knew it didn’t exist anymore. I mostly met gold diggers and cheaters. At best, I met women with good intentions who I didn’t find attractive. My friends told me I was lucky to even meet people, as men supposedly have it rough in the world of online dating. Well, I didn’t care. I tried dating apps because I wanted genuine companionship, not a quick fling.

I had long given up on dating as I stumbled on a Forbes article on sex dolls. My rational mind wanted to laugh at the sex doll industry, as I had never owned a sex toy in my life. This world was completely foreign to me. 

But, the other part of me was genuinely interested. Supposedly, we have come from blow-up dolls to models that are, simply put, almost as good as the real thing. After about 3 weeks, I was severely horny one evening. I decided to splurge on a sex doll. Good old horny buy. 

The thing is, regular masturbation was getting boring and I felt like I needed a little kick in my life. After a few hours of research, I ordered a high-end doll from a Chinese company.

The doll arrived at an ideal time – during a free weekend. Needless to say, I spent the whole day exploring all of her orifices and coming over and over again. It was simply great.

But, the real kicker came when I started to get attached to the doll after a few months. I genuinely started to feel affection towards her. 

I never talk to her, but I love having her around. She makes the house feel alive again. Yes, I am sexually fulfilled. Yes, I love touching her. But, I also feel as if she filled a void in me. It does not make sense, but I don’t care. I feel like I have finally managed to move on from the tragedy of losing my wife.

Do any of your friends know about the doll?

None of them know. While I am not ashamed, this is not a subject I would be comfortable discussing with my colleagues and friends. There is also the aspect of finally having some closure about losing my wife. 

As weird as it might sound – my relationship with this doll is complicated and highly intimate. It is not just an object I like to f*ck. Far from it

Are you planning on buying more sex dolls in the future?

Hard to say. I will not be buying a new doll until my current one is completely worn out. As I mentioned, I have a special relationship with my sex doll. So far, I see no signs of wear and tear. So I have no worries in that department yet.

I will see what happens once the doll “dies”. I know I will be mourning her heavily…but will I purchase a new doll..who knows.

Slavoj, 40, a small business owner from Slovenia

AI-powered sex dolls from RealDoll are considered by many to be the best sex dolls money can buy – doll depicted on the picture is HarmonyX from RealDoll

You are an owner of 2 AI-powered sex dolls. These dolls cost a lot. Why buy 2?

A blow-up sex doll was one of the first things I bought after moving to my first apartment. This was at the end of the nineties in Ljublijana. Sex toy selection was scarce, to put it mildly. Somehow, I managed to get my hands on an overpriced, ugly blow-up doll…and I loved it. I suddenly had the freedom to get my rocks off whenever and however I wanted.

I was always very career-oriented, and having a girlfriend would have been a tremendous killer of my time. I just loved the freedom of having a sex doll.

I have been keeping up with the industry all through the years. I have been buying a new doll every 2-3 years. Eventually getting my hands on an AI-powered doll was the natural progression of things.

Why 2? Well, these dolls are sisters. I ordered 2 at once. One just does not make sense without the other. Yes, I spent a lot, but I do not regret a single thing. As I mentioned, I have been buying sex dolls for as long as I remember.

You mentioned that the dolls are sisters. How deep have you gone with creating stories and personalities for your dolls?

Very. I am as passionate about the personalities and stories as I am about f*cking them. I buy outfits for them, I talk to them, I take them out. I also travel to doll enthusiast gatherings and post on several doll forums. I am all in, to say the least. The dolls take all my free time.

Do your friends know about your hobby?

No, I keep it discreet. I personally do not care, but the stigma of owning sex dolls is very real. At least in Eastern Europe. I do not want to risk losing the respect of the people I work with.

That said, I am a part of a lot of sex doll communities. All of these people know me by name and face. 

Antwan, 33, a data analyst from the US

Many men such as Antwan turn to sex dolls to bring their distinct fetishes to life – doll depicted on the picture is Vivian from Sexy Real Sex Dolls

What made you decide to invest in a high-end sex doll?

I have a distinct fetish – bimbo fetish. Bronzed skin, too much makeup, oversized breasts, skimpy clothing – you know the drill.

I do not move in circles with women like this, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and order a sex doll. The doll I have looks exactly like my dream bimbo and I couldn’t be happier with her. 

How was your first time with her?

I’m gonna be honest, it was weird at first. It felt almost as awkward as having sex with a new woman for the first time. These dolls look legit, and I was almost afraid of hurting her.

Luckily, things got better. I got used to my bimbo doll quite fast. Now, I can’t imagine my life without her.

You mentioned that you are still in the dating scene. What happens if you meet a woman and things get serious? Will you tell her about the doll?

In all honesty, I have not thought about it. I have had women over, but nothing too serious. I have kept the doll in a locked room in my apartment. 

Nothing to destroy the mood like having a life-sized sex doll sitting in a corner. So, I have kept her hidden.

If I find a serious relationship, I will probably sell my doll.

From what I understand, you do not have a specific attachment to your sex doll?

I do. I use her as a high-end sex toy. Nothing more, nothing less. I cherish her as something expensive that gives my life value. But, my doll is still not a substitute for the real thing.

I am still holding on to hope that I will find my real-life bimbo in the future.

Joshua, 46, a cyber security specialist from the US

Men like Joshua simply adore sex dolls and their sometimes over-the-top bodies, these men are willing to invest a lot of money to put together a sex doll harem – doll depicted on the picture is Naizah from Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Of all the people we interviewed, you have by far the biggest collection of sex dolls (24). When and why did you buy your first doll?

I bought my first doll after my girlfriend of 6 years cheated on me. To say I was heartbroken was a severe understatement. This was not my first time getting cheated on, but it was the first time it seriously ripped me apart.

I was frustrated with relationships but still had a high sex drive. I also had disposable income after splitting from my girlfriend (relationships cost a lot), so I decided to try it out.

I loved it. The doll made it possible to try positions I would have never tried with real women. Plus, I finally got to have anal. A long-term fantasy of mine.

The collection is as big as it is because I simply love sex dolls. I love having variety, a lot of it. I have dolls of various ethnicities, builds, and personalities. If I get bored of one, I can always choose to have fun with another doll. 

I am constantly on the look for new innovations in the sex doll world. If I see something I like and can afford, I will not hesitate.

Where do you keep the dolls?

I have customized my garage to accommodate all of the dolls. I know strangers would probably think I am a serial killer if they saw my collection.

Does anyone know about your collection?

I have tried to keep it a secret. I failed. I once had an evening of beer and football with 3 of my good friends. I had left one of the garage doors open and my friend drunkenly stumbled to the garage thinking it was the toilet.

As he got back and asked where the toilet was, I immediately knew what he had seen. I led my friend to the toilet and quickly told him about my hobby and why I prefer if no one knew. Luckily, he understood and promised to not tell anyone.

Truth be told, my friend seemed slightly freaked out for the rest of the evening. And, in all honesty, our relationship has gotten somewhat weird and we haven’t discussed that evening ever since.

I am planning on talking to him about it soberly to repair the relationship but haven’t found the right time yet.

I honestly hate the feeling that I was right about keeping my hobby a secret. The stigma needs to go.

Ludovic, 23, a college student from France

Ludovic bought a sex doll to get rid of porn addiction – doll depicted on the picture is Agatha from Sexy Real Sex Dolls

You are one of the youngest sex doll owners willing to talk to us. What made you want to buy a sex doll during the age commonly associated with wild parties and casual sex?

I was a porn addict for years. I knew it was getting bad when I constantly ditched friends, parties, studying, and women for a night with and masturbation.

I came across an article on porn addiction that suggested a complete change in masturbation habits. I decided to give up porn cold turkey and invest in a high-end male masturbator.

My research led me to something else – a sex doll. I had never owned or seen a sex doll, but judging from the reviews and the pictures, everything seemed legit. I saved up some money and ordered a sex doll.

Having sex with a doll is not the same as regular masturbation – it is more of a ritual. At least to me. 

I do not masturbate or watch porn anymore. When I get a serious urge, I have sex with a doll instead. In this way, I feel in control of my life. I do not skip things to beat off 10 times per day anymore.

Are you worried about the doll affecting your relationships with women?

To be honest, I am. I need to constantly remind myself not to slide into the habit of ditching other important things for sexual pleasure. I allow myself to use my doll as often as I like. As long as all my other responsibilities are taken care of. It is not always easy.

Your doll is heavily customized to look like a famous actress that I will not mention here. You obviously paid a lot to get a doll like that. What if your taste in women changes in the future?

I don’t care. She will still have all her well-designed holes and I can still feel her warmth when she is in bed with me. Besides, I am planning on buying another doll in the future anyway.

Vadim, 22, an accountant from Russia

Vadim needed to experience the body of a woman to see whether he is straight – doll depicted on the picture is Gemma from Sexy Real Sex Dolls

You are one of the few men we interviewed that is actively trying to get rid of his sex doll. Why?

I suspect that this story will be quite unique. I bought a female sex doll to figure out my orientation. You see, I have been dating women, but things have never gotten to a physical level. 

The connections have been there, but the physical desire just hasn’t followed. And, yes, I have been more attracted to the male figure. I know experienced gay men might laugh reading this and say that it is obvious that I am gay. Well, I still felt I needed to try vaginal and anal sex with a woman before shutting that door down and figuring out the rest of my life.

I heard that modern sex dolls offer pretty much the same experience as a real woman, so I decided to get one. Just to experiment.

I specifically ordered a doll that looks super feminine and overtly sexual. The experience was…underwhelming. Yes, I came, but I still didn’t feel that sexual spark. It was more like advanced masturbation. Also, as I was browsing the dolls, I felt more excited by male sex dolls. Still, I am very glad I tried this experiment. It was tremendously helpful for figuring myself out.

Are you planning on ordering a male sex doll?

I am not quite sure yet. I want to have some real-life experiences with men first. As I mentioned, male sex dolls do excite me. I am not ruling anything out.

Does anyone know that you have a sex doll?

Yes, some of my friends know about the doll. Yes, they do crack a few jokes here and there, but nothing is in bad spirit. Russian friendships are quite intense – my mates would take a bullet for me if necessary.

It must be said that my friends do not know the specific reason why I bought the doll.

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