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I love sex toys. I love them all. I love high-quality sex dolls, I love male masturbators of all sorts, and I love an occasional venture into BDSM gadgets of all sorts. If you are reading this, you are probably at least interested in sex toys yourself. But, what if this is entirely new territory to you? You have never purchased a male sex toy before and have no idea where to start. Maybe you have never had sex at all. If you fall into the latter category, this article is for you.

Female virgins and sex toys is a topic pretty well covered (Elizabeth will write an article for females on the same topic soon), but when it comes to men/boys, there is not much of a debate going on online. Why? True, biologically speaking, male sexuality is a much more straightforward affair than female sexuality. 

Still, I believe that experimenting with sex toys has tremendous benefits for virgin males. These benefits will be covered in this article. Obviously, we will also give a few pointers on which toys to choose.

I am a sex toy fanatic. Can I stay neutral on this topic? Absolutely. There are some downsides to using sex toys as a virgin. These downsides will also be covered in this article.

Oh, and before we start. Know that there is no right or wrong time to lose your virginity. “Chad culture” says that being a male virgin in your twenties/thirties is wrong and means you are either a loser or a religious nut. Or both. You know what, f*ck Chad!

Which sex toys should I avoid as a male virgin?

All high-quality, body-safe sex toys are safe to use for sexually functioning males of all ages. Still, if you are planning on using sex toys before ever having sex, there are a few toys I would recommend avoiding. The final choice is up to you, but you need to be aware of some risks before purchasing the following toys as a virgin:

VR-compatible sex toys – Yes, VR porn is awesome. VR-compatible toys? Even more awesome. For a virgin, a bit too awesome. Hear me out. Virtual reality porn and the toys that go with it are a dopamine hit of massive proportions. Compulsion is easy to set in. And, as you develop a habit, you might find it increasingly difficult to get hot and bothered with a real woman. Losing your virginity is often confusing, messy, and uncomfortable. VR porn is the opposite of all that. It is tremendously easy, which makes losing your virginity seem “pointless.” But, it never is. Once you get comfortable at it, real sex is better than anything VR porn will ever bring you. I promise.

Sex dolls – For one, good sex dolls tend to be very expensive. The best sex dolls will cost you even more than a VR headset and a compatible toy. If you are a virgin, that money would be better invested in club nights, dates, or even communication courses. The other issue with sex dolls is that they can be just as immersive as VR experiences, which is awful for your sexual motivation. Not a big deal if you are experienced, a huge deal if you are yet to have sexual experiences in real life.

Which sex toys to use as a male virgin?

Pretty much all male masturbators are a great pick for men looking to start experimenting with a bit more than a dash of lube and a hand. For this article to be as helpful as humanly possible, I’m gonna be even more specific. Use Fleshlights! Fleshlights are super popular for a reason. They are easy to use, easy to clean, compatible, and quite discreet. Oh, and most importantly, f*cking a quality Fleshlight feels hella good.

There are a lot of Fleshlights and Fleshlight alternatives out there. How to choose? Let’s make it easy for you. If this is your first ever purchase, buy the Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid Compact Male Masturbator. It is cheap, yet gives you a solid experience of what a good male masturbator can do. If you have only been on the “hand diet” before, prepare for a whole new buffet of orgasms. Experiencing a male masturbator before having sex for the first time comes with several key benefits, let’s examine these benefits in detail.

Benefits of using sex toys before losing your virginity

Understanding your body – As a man, what kind of penetration do you enjoy the most? Quick strokes? Slow? Are you an anal fan? You can’t possibly answer these questions by only relying on hand service. Get a good fleshlight and find out exactly what feels the best. 

You will last longer – I still remember losing my virginity. I blew my load in about 30 seconds…yeah. If it happens, it happens. No big deal. Still, training with sex toys will do wonders for your stamina. And, knowing you have stamina will do wonders for your sexual self-esteem, even if you have never actually had sex.

Pleasure – This one is relatively straightforward. Male masturbators feel much, much better than just beating off. And, if you masturbate anyway, why not make the most out of your experiences.

Conclusion – should you use sex toys before losing your virginity?

Absolutely. As long as you steer clear of low-quality products, sex toys will only help you gain confidence. Plus, they feel good.

Just make sure not to get too into your favorite toys. Why? As much as it pains me to say it, no male masturbator is as good as a vagina of someone compatible with you. This is also why I would avoid using products that offer too much immersion, sex dolls, and VR-compatible toys.

Hopefully, this article offered a conclusive answer to the question I get asked surprisingly often. Should virgins use sex toys? I will say it the third time. The answer is yes!

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