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If you have any experience with porn, it is safe to say that you have heard of the Sybian. After all, it is one of the few niche sex toys that penetrated (heh!) pop culture before “Fifty Shades of Grey” hit the shelves. I first heard of the Sybian back in 2008, thanks to the one and only Mr. Howard Stern.

For those not in the know, Stern had a segment on his show where female celebs rode the Sybian. Jenna Jameson, Carmen Electra, and Tila Tequila are some examples of women who have braved the Sybian experience. I have always been intrigued by this legendary sex machine. But, I was young and green. Plus, this is a device of considerable cost, so I didn’t have the money anyway.

Well, 13 years later I finally splurged and became a proud owner of the Sybian. I held back from writing this review because I wanted to do the Sybian justice. First impressions often lie. And, as I found out, this was the case with the Sybian as well, but more on that later.

For now, have a look at the breakdown of my review of the Sybian sex machine:

What is the Sybian?

Claimed by many to be the most intense sex toy in the world, the Sybian is a 22-pound sex machine for women. The idea for the Sybian was formed in the early seventies. It took Dave Lampert, the inventor, more than a decade of experimenting, designing, and pitching this sex machine. But, in 1987, the first units were shipped. And, as they say, the rest is history. Oh, and while we are talking about the inventor, it would be worth pointing out that Sybian is still owned and ran by the Lampert family. 

The Sybian itself consists of a curved saddle-like seat that holds an attachable dildo (4 different included in the package) of your choice. While you ride the dildo, the Sybian provides intense vibrating stimulations to all your erogenous zones. The vibration and rotation are controlled via a remote that you can use solo or with a partner.

If you are new to sex toys, let me paint a better picture of what you can expect here. As you may know, the cowgirl is one of the most reliable positions for reaching orgasm through intercourse. Especially if you also stimulate your clitoris while riding your man. Well, the Sybian was designed to replicate and improve on this experience.

Who is the Sybian for?

To get an idea of who the Sybian was developed for, let’s take a look at the name of the device. A sybarite is someone who enjoys luxury and pleasure. Hence, the Sybian.

So, the marketing is good, we can all agree on that. But, let’s get a bit more specific. Judging from the testimonials on the official site of the Sybian, the machine seems to be a life-saver for many. Saved marriages, first-ever orgasms, reduced stress levels.

To summarize, the Sybian is intended for women and couples ready to explore their sexualities in-depth. It takes time and experimentation to get right. But, if you learn to ride her, you will understand your body and sexuality better than ever before. With all this being said, I wouldn’t recommend the Sybian for women who have zero prior experience with masturbation and vibrators. It will just be too intense of an experience for women who have never touched themselves before.

What’s in the box?

Considering the hefty price tag and a massive reputation, you probably expect this baby to come with loads of wires, remotes, and other similar gadgets. Luckily not. You will not have to become a part-time programmer to take a ride on the Sybian, whew!

The classic Sybian package I ordered includes the following:

  • The Sybian sex machine
  • A black leather stool to support the Sybian
  • 3 dildo attachments (small, medium, large, and a smooth flat-top for fully-clothed stimulation). Sybian is constantly producing new attachments that can be ordered via the official site. For example, they have options specifically designed for stimulating the g-spot).
  • A lube
  • 5-year warranty
  • Power cord
  • Manual of use and booklets on female anatomy and sexual pleasure. The guide on female sexual pleasure, by the way, was surprisingly well-written and informative. 
The Sybian sex machine package

Two weeks’ experience with the Sybian – pros and cons

Time to get to the meaty part. What does riding the Sybian feel like? Is it really the most intense sex toy in the world? Is a $1245 sex machine worth the purchase? Read on as I will gladly shower you with all the dirty details from my experience with this legendary sex toy.

The first ride

Can a 22-pound sex machine look chic? Much to my surprise, it can. The device looks like a fancy massage device of some sort (well, technically it is just that). So, should your in-laws hop in for a surprise visit, you’ll be good!

Getting started with the Sybian is super easy. You literally just attach the dildo of your choice, plug the Sybian in, and start the ride. Now, this is where things get really interesting. My expectations for the Sybian were sky high, so perhaps I set myself up for disappointment from the start. And, disappointment was what I got. I chose a safe, medium-sized dildo and started out at a low frequency of vibration. Yes, it felt nice, sure. But, almost all vibrators feel nice as long as you are not totally turned off. I don’t want a sex machine that costs more than $1k to make me feel nice. I want to blackout from waves of ecstasy going through my body!

I slightly cranked up the device..a bit better, but still, nothing to write home about. All things considered, my first impressions of the Sybian were lukewarm. 

Plus, this thing is loud. Like, really loud. So, right off the bat, the Sybian is a no-go for people looking for a delicate sex toy. Hmph, I now have a massive sex machine that is not as effective as a $55 clitoral vibrator. Really? Luckily, things got better, much better.

Ride number two

Fast forward 3 days. I’m all alone and slightly horny…ideal conditions for giving the Sybian another chance. This time, I sat on it fully clothed. I am a sucker for some through the panties action, so.

And, bullseye! I started to understand what all the fuss is about. The medium vibration frequency got me going almost immediately. Despite having my panties on, the Sybian stimulated exactly the right spots. The difference between the Sybian and a hand-held female toy? Well, the Sybian gives you more of an internal experience. It stimulates your clit while simultaneously also giving you a full-body massage. This is as close as I can get to describing this sensation.

I loved it. Naturally, I got carried away and turned up the gear. This is when it hit home. The Sybian forced me to orgasm in two minutes. And, I use the word “force” deliberately. This thing made me lose control over my body in a way I never thought possible. Do you know the feeling of drowsiness and confusion right after a good orgasm? Well, this feeling is even heavier when you get the O so fast and so unexpectedly. The full-body orgasm from the Sybian was something entirely new to me. I loved it, but the intensity was almost scary. No wonder the French call an orgasm “the little death.”

Further adventures of pleasure – the Sybian for two

Tinkering with different rotations and vibrations was fun. By now, I know how to ride the Sybian. I can choose to, quite literally, shock myself to orgasm. And, I can choose to take my time and ride myself to O slowly.

The best way to use the Sybian, though, is with a significant other. Yes, you heard it right. Having my man caress my body while I slowly ride the machine is a heavenly experience. I can get the joy of bonding with my partner while also receiving supremely intense orgasms. Yes, you can use other sex toys with your ma as well. But, trust me on this one, it’s not the same. There is something insanely erotic about sitting on this thing while your partner watches and touches you.

How much does the Sybian cost?

As of the time of writing, the full Sybian package costs $1245 on the official site of the Sybian.

Oh, and if you are interested in ordering this machine, make sure to order the package of your selection through this link. Since we are partners with the good folks at Sybian, using our link will get you one free extra attachment to go along with your order if you use our link.

Is the Sybian worth it?

There is still an elephant in the room. The ginormous price tag.

Is the Sybian really worth the big bucks? 

For me, it is. But, the final decision is obviously up to you. If you are on the fence about the purchase, know that the good folks at Sybian also offer a trial that will give you the chance to test the product out. Choose your attachments, fill in the order, and ride the Sybian. If you don’t love it, ship it back and receive a no-questions-asked refund minus the $125 return fee and shipping costs. Without this refund option, I wouldn’t have ordered the machine. But, I did, and I don’t regret it one single bit.


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