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I am new to powerful sex machines. In fact, the only device I have tested (so far) is the one and only Sybian. I still love it. From the splendid customer service to the cult-like status of the machine to…well, how it vibrates me to a steaming orgasm every time.

Admittedly, the Sybian is the OG, the forefather of all similar sex machines. But, the conception for the Sybian was formed way back in the seventies. Naturally, I wondered whether there are even better sex machines out there by now.

My research led me to The Tremor, a new generation take on the legendary Sybian machine. Is it an improvement? Is it nothing but a poor imitation of the original? Well, I have been a proud owner of The Tremor for a full month now. Thus, I will be more than glad to share my thoughts on this sex machine. Oh, by the way, my husband tested this one too. Yeah, you heard that right, a male perspective will be included in this review.

Without further ado, here is my review of the Tremor sex machine:

What is The Tremor?

The Tremor sex machine

The Tremor is a ride-on sex machine in the vein of Sybian, Motorbunny, and The Cowgirl. It is marketed as a “rock and roll sex machine”, a concept that we will get to in a later paragraph. Elite-level sex machines for women generally work on similar principles. Interchangeable attachments, a single-hand remote control, and of course, a vibrating sex saddle. These are the features you will get in all these machines. So, what makes The Tremor unique?

Right out of the box, The Tremor surprises me with how light it is. It weighs “only” 13,5 pounds, making it the lightest of elite-level sex machines available. Still a somewhat clunky machine, but much better than the Sybian. 

The next thing you will notice is the design. The saddle came with a stark red-on-white palette and a guitar-inspired remote control. The whole thing has a decadent, edgy feel to it. An immediate contrast to other popular sex saddles on the market. Light, retro, and daring. These are the 3 keywords that first come to mind when looking at The Tremor. A sex machine for the hipster crowd? Seems so.

Let’s investigate what’s included in The Tremor package in greater detail.

What’s in the box?

The Tremor sex machine

There are currently two Tremor packages available – The Classic Tremor Package and The Tremor Rockabilly Package. I ordered the red and white Classic. The Rockabilly Package is the same with the notable exception of the saddle being black and white.

Here’s what’s included in The Tremor Package:

  • The Tremor Sex Machine with the power cord and remote control.
  • Removable silicone pad (100% body-safe silicone) – Emphasis on removable. The silicone pad of The Tremor can be removed and washed. Even in a dishwasher. Trust me, I tried.
  • 2 Silicone attachments – The Whammy and The Bridge. The Whammy attachment is the insertable, more intense attachment. The Bridge is a more beginner-friendly attachment. This one is all about giving your clitoris this oh-so-good buzzing with the “Rock” vibration. Oh, one more thing. Attachments for the Sybian and Motorbunny are also compatible with The Tremor. Plus, there is always the option of getting additional attachments from the official site of The Tremor.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee – If a customer is not happy with the Tremor experience, she is eligible for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Sex machines don’t come cheap, so this kind of guarantee is more than welcome.
  • 2 Plastic stems and 1 spring.
  • A Quick Start Guide – Good to have. Even though The Tremor is pretty much a straightforward plug-in-and-hit-the-switch type of sex machine.

If you are worried about privacy, then know that the packaging for my Tremor was 100% discreet. The sex machine arrived in a boring, unsuspicious box.

Key features of The Tremor sex machine

The Tremor sex machine

Time to take a look at some of the key features of this bad boy. The Tremor is quite the name for a sex machine. Let’s see whether the technical features back up the bold name:

Vibration motor (handled via the “rock” knob) – Maximum of 160 RPM (Revolutions per minute). A slightly more intense maximum vibration than the 150 RPM The Sybian offers.

Rotation motor (handled via the “roll” knob) – Maximum of 7000 RPM. Yet again, a slight power upgrade on The Sybian (maximum 6000 RPM).

Material – ABS Plastic (the same material is commonly used in computer keyboard keys and LEGO toys) with silicone attachments.

Digital Single Hand remote – It is also worth noting that (I am too lazy to measure the concrete digits) that the cord is a bit longer than that of The Sybian.

Warranty – 10-year warranty. A sweet feature for anyone planning on using The Tremor a lot. Especially compared to The Sybian that comes with a 1-year warranty.

My experiences with The Tremor sex machine

Time to crank this baby up and take a ride.

The first glimpse

The Sybian came with a stool, The Tremor did not. This, however, is luckily not an issue, as Tremor wins in the lightness department. Oh, and it is also designed a bit better. Simply put, it feels a bit more comfortable to sit on The Tremor. In the looks department, I prefer The Sybian. Although this is purely down to taste. I just find the retro theme to be a bit tacky. I’m sure it is absolutely awesome to some of you, though. Plus, The Tremor is lighter and feels more comfortable. We are off to a good start.

Plug in, grab the remote, and I’m ready to ride. As always, I test my new toys solo. So, I’ll be the one having fun and also operating the machinery. The remote has only two knobs – rock and roll. The rock knob for the vibration, and the roll knob for the rotation. The interface looks super simple, which is very promising. Ready to rock myself? Sure am, sir.

Even on the lowest setting, it is not the most discreet of sex machines. Side by side, I still feel it is a bit quieter than the Sybian. The Tremor does not roar, but it sure purrs like a mean old cat. Sorry, this is the best comparison I managed to muster up.

Ride on, baby – impressions from the saddle

Having already lost my sex machine virginity to The Sybian, I already knew what to expect. I was also ovulating at the time The Tremor arrived. Confident, all alone, and horny. Best believe I am going to go full-on with The Tremor. I chose the Whammy attachment (the penetrative one), lubed it up. Off we go!

Right off the bat, this thing rocks. Surprisingly, the stimulation (even with lower settings) is different from what The Sybian offers. The Sybian goes for the clitoris and the g-spot very (and I mean VERY) intensely. The Tremor feels more like someone is eating you out (the clitoral stimulation nubs are, simply put, a better fit for my body than those of The Sybian) while also penetrating you. Of these two machines, The Tremor is way more intuitive. Changing the frequencies comes more naturally and the transitions between vibrations and rotations feel better. In my opinion, The Tremor is a machine best suited for a slower, drawn-out ride to orgasm. With that being said, if you want the quick, sloppy, and even shocking orgasm, you can get that from The Tremor as well.

The higher frequencies on The Tremor are even more powerful than that of The Sybian. So, if you are a sucker for some seriously intense stimulation, feel free to go crazy with the top frequencies of The Tremor. For me, personally, super intense settings are borderline uncomfortable. This goes both for The Tremor and The Sybian. At first, I loved shocking myself to orgasm. Now, prefer enjoying all the small nuances and possibilities that come with my two sex machines. The slower the ride, the bigger the O!

The Tremor for male anal stimulation?

The Tremor is clearly marketed for women. But, seeing as both of our male writers are also fans of prostate action, I decided to coax Adrien into riding The Tremor.

Here are his quick thoughts on The Tremor experience:

I found a good deal of online reviews describing men riding The Tremor. I got interested and…much to my surprise, it does the job.

For someone new to male anal stimulation, The Tremor can be an eye-opener. Use a generous amount of lube, go super slow, and only go halfway at first. I am no stranger to prostate stimulation, but The Tremor somehow hits different. This adjustable rolling motion is intense in the best way possible.

Oh, you are new to prostate stimulation? Welcome to the club. How about a bro tip? Try to keep the pace of the masturbation in sync with the rotation speed. As you increase the rotation intensity, also go faster with your free hand. You can thank me later.

All things considered, I am a fan. The Tremor is not an ideal device for men just starting to discover anal stimulation. It is quite an intense machine. But, if your female partner already has one, I still highly suggest giving it a go.”

The Tremor summarized – the pros and cons

For those in need of a quick summarization, here is a TLDR version of the pros and cons of The Tremor sex machine:

The pros:

  • Removable comfort pad – A game-changer for the neat-freaks out there. You can pop the fun parts of the machine off and go for a quick wash in-between uses. Here’s to hoping other sex machines take note of this feature.
  • The price – As of 2021, The Tremor is the cheapest elite-level sex machine out there. Make no mistake, this is still a considerable investment. But, considering the price of the main competitors (Motorbunny and The Sybian), The Tremor is a much cheaper alternative. And, no sacrifices in quality either.
  • Compatibility with Motorbunny and Sybian attachments – Keeping things varied is always important when it comes to sex toys. Here, I have the option of choosing between a constantly updated selection from 3 of the most well-known sex machines. Looks like I won’t be bored anytime soon.
  • Best-in-class warranty – The Tremor comes with a 10-year warranty. I will be riding this machine a lot. Father Time will tell whether I will get a full 10 years out of it. If not, be prepared to open your wallets, dear manufacturers!
  • Power!!! – The vibration motor will give you 160RPM, the rotation motor will give you 7000 RPM. I am not one for raw power, but if this is your thing, then…well.

The cons:

  • The design – It is comfortable. It is light. But its…not that beautiful of a machine. I just can’t get into the rock and roll vibe they were going for.
  • The bridge attachment – This is not a problem per se, as I am already using one of my Sybian attachments for a non-penetrative ride. But, if you are a fan of non-penetrative, the OG Bridge attachment included with The Tremor package is not the best choice out there.
  • The noise – Yeah, being an owner of The Sybian, I kind of knew what I was getting into. Indeed, The Tremor is quieter than The Sybian. Still, if you are sharing a living space with in-laws, roommates, or other pesky folks…they will know you are riding The Tremor.

How much does The Tremor cost?

The Tremor sex machine

The base Tremor Package currently goes for $849 if ordered directly from the official site of The Tremor.

Conclusion – is The Tremor worth it or not?

Looks like it’s time to start wrapping up this The Tremor review. Would I recommend investing in The Tremor sex machine? Well, if you have been thinking about trying The Sybian experience, then the answer is a whopping yes! You pretty much get the slightly improved version of The Sybian at a much better price point. Plus, the warranty and the 30-day money-back guarantee offer a solid way out for people still on the fence about the purchase. Why not give it a go if you have almost nothing to lose?

Yes, the design might not be as sleek as The Sybian. But, who cares about the looks! This thing can provide me a solid orgasm on the regular. And, if I want some variety, I can always switch things up by playing with the different frequencies. These features are way more important than the somewhat clunky-looking design.

Feel free to check out the price offers for the Classic package on the official site of The Tremor. Also, if you already received the sex machine, do not hesitate to share your experiences. We would be more than happy to hear how your first ride went.


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