About Us

Established in 2020, Sex Toy Magazine is a blog created by Adrien Conte. The blog has a mission of becoming the prime online resource for sex toys. It is an ambitious mission, sure. But, we are confident that our dedicated team is up to this task.

Yes, there are thousands of blogs (both for men and for women) on the subjects of sex. After all, sex is one of the most universal parts of the human experience. Still, it is hard to find resources one can TRUST. 

What Makes Us Special?

The cliche that “sex sells” is more true than ever. So, when it comes to adult toys and sexuality in general, the messy parts are usually “swiped under the rug”. We will never do that. Sex Toy Magazine is about teaching the art of pleasure to everyone. And, sometimes this requires going into dirty and ugly details, something that most online sex toy resources shy away from. We test each and every product we review personally. So, best believe that our experiences are written down in vivid detail. 

Above all, we are always honest. And, we never judge. So, whether you are single or in a relationship. Whether you are gay, straight, a virgin, or a closeted BDSM enthusiast, there is a suitable sex toy for you. And, we will help you in selecting the right ones. After all, intense sexual pleasure is a birthright for all of us.

In addition to reviewing various sex toys, we will occasionally be publishing how-to guides, opinion pieces, and even real-life stories.

Our Team

Our dedicated team consists of people with an intense passion for sex toys and sex in general. None of them have a degree in sexology. However, that has never stopped them from exploring their sexuality in-depth.

Allow me to introduce you to the current members of Sex Toy Magazine:

Adrien Conte

Adrien is the creator of Sex Toy Magazine. In 2009, Adrien got a job at a local sex shop. Back then, Adrien didn’t have a deep interest in the adult business. He only took the job to support his college studies. But, things changed quickly. Adrien had two things going for him. His skills in finance and people. Naturally, Adrien moved up the career ladder fast. Soon enough, he was tasked with managing both the finances and the personnel of the shop.

These days, Adrien is a dedicated husband, a wine distributor, a customer service specialist, and an audiophile. But, the experience of working at a sex store stayed with him. Adrien is a self-described sex connoisseur that has experiences with virtually all categories of sex toys. He has kept himself up-to-date with all the latest advancements and trends in the industry, and he is passionate about sharing this world with other like-minded people.

How is it possible that someone can freely test things like blowjob machines, fleshlights, and sex dolls WHILE being happily married? Simple, the wife is as big of a sex enthusiast as Adrien. Truly a match made in kinky heaven.

Elizabeth-Janssen Conte

Elizabeth is the wife of Adrien, our founder. Originally, Elizabeth was not a planned inclusion in the team. However, Adrien quickly found out that there are few women as experienced with sex toys as his own wife. Plus, we will publish many articles and reviews aimed at couples. Obviously, having a married couple in the team helps in that department.

Luckily, Elizabeth agreed to join the team straight away. She will be sharing her know-how on sex toys for women of all ages and orientations. Together with Adrien, she will also share her secrets (and the right toys) for a sexually supercharged long-term relationship.

Noah Rubin

We wanted to create an LGBT-friendly blog. So, from the very first day of Sex Toy Magazine, we knew that we wanted at least one LGBT writer on our team. Luckily, everything came together and we found the ideal person for the job.

Noah is an openly gay man with loads of experiences with LGBT nightlife and LGBT culture in general. He is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism, which makes his writing and expertise an invaluable part of Sex Toy Magazine. Like all our members, Noah writes about topics dear to him. These topics include but are not limited to LGBT-friendly sex toys, gay fetishes, and opinion pieces on homosexuality.

Noah has a unique, sharp style of writing. You will see that he often coats his reviews and articles with pitch-black humor and harsh intimate details. So, if you are into sex and adult toys, you WILL love Noah’s writing. Whether you are gay or straight.

Finishing words

All of our members have had a lot of sex, have masturbated a lot, and have put themselves in situations considered kinky or even perverse to a degree. All this to reach levels of sexual pleasure surprising even to themselves.

As you saw, none of our members have an academic degree in human sexuality. We are just regular people who furiously pursue bigger and better orgasms. But, we dare to write about it. In great detail. 

So, have fun reading, experimenting, and above all, climaxing.