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Look, it may seem ridiculous to be a fan of a brand, particularly when it comes to sex toy brands.

However, I am a bit of a fangirl for LELO.

You see, they always bring something exciting to the table.

The designs are eye-catching and simply gorgeous. The sensations also tend to bring something new to the table every time. Simply put – a new LELO release is always exciting.

As my dear partner recently received his LELO F1SV3 (which we love!)I figured it would be a good time to visit some of my favorites from LELO.

I decided I would revisit both my old favorites and also give you my thoughts on some of the LELO stuff I have not reviewed on Sex Toy Magazine yet.

If you are reading this, you probably already know what LELO is and what it represents.

With this article, I aim to take the next step and give you a practical guide on which LELO vibrators would be the best fit for your particular tastes and your dear vagina.

If this is your first toy ever, don’t worry. LELO is a beginner-friendly brand and I feel confident that everyone will find something great from the roster of LELO.

Before we dive deeper into our reviews, allow me to give you a quick introduction to LELO via a short Q&A.

What is LELO?

A woman holding a LELO vibrator

LELO is a sex toy brand established in Sweden back in 2003. The brand was established with a bold idea of combining beautiful design, luxury, and intimate products into one winner of a package.

By 2024, LELO has garnered a truly global presence and is currently one of the leading innovators in sexual wellness products . Pretty much every new toy they release offers some kind of new twist for a sex toy enthusiast. Exciting stuff.

Are LELO toys suitable for beginners?

Yes. LELO is all about inclusion. Regardless of your gender, orientation, or prior experience with toys, there will be something in this line-up that will suit you. Also, keep in mind that all LELO toys are designed for intuitive use.

Yes, all of them look beautiful, but the design is never only about looking stylish. Everything is tailored so you can get the toy out of the box and just start experimenting with it. All you have to do is listen to your body and see where the ride takes you.

How to choose a LELO vibrator?

Choosing which LELO vibrator to get is not an easy task. There are simply a lot of great toys in their roster. You have to consider which type of stimulation are you looking to explore – is it external or internal? Anal or vaginal? Maybe you want something that could also work as a massager for other erogenous zones on your body? Here, our guide will come to your aid. Our short reviews will give you an idea of what to expect from each individual toy.

With that, let’s get started with the list. Here are the 7 best LELO vibrators in 2024:

• Best for Dual Stimulation – “LELO Enigma

• Best Pinpoint Vibrator – “LELO DOT

• Best Anal Beads – “LELO Soraya Beads

• Best Clit Vibrator – “LELO SONA 2 CRUISE 

• Best for Couples – “LELO TIANI 3

• Best for G-Spot Stimulation – “LELO GIGI 2

• Most Luxurious – “LELO INEZ

Best for Dual Stimulation – “LELO Enigma

LELO Enigma dual stimulator

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Get this if: You are looking to explore a versatile, orgasm-friendly dual stimulator that also looks like something designed by Elon Musk.

LELO is all about doing self-exploration in a slightly different way. And the Enigma is arguably the best example of this.

I’m gonna be honest with you. When I first unboxed this thing, my immediate reaction was somewhere in the realm of “What even is this thing?” It looks erotic and super futuristic at the same time. The kind of vibe where you see a random item and secretly think that this would make for a damn good sex toy. Except the Enigma actually IS a sex toy.

Let’s examine further.

The Enigma is a dual stimulator and the intensity levels can get quite high. Great news for those of you who prefer powerful stimulation.

The intensity levels are also turned up a notch due to how this toy works. You see, a dual stimulator means that two erogenous zones get the action at the same time. The bulkier “leg” of the toy goes inside you while the smaller part rests firmly on the clit. Add the trademark sonic waves of LELO to the mix…and va-voom! You may just find yourself in heaven much quicker than you ever thought possible.

Now, does all this talk of hyperintensity mean that the Enigma is off the table for a newbie? 

Nope. All the best LELO vibrators have a solid variety of different intensity levels. If you want to go steady and slow then just mess around with the settings a bit and you will find a level suited to your tastes.

Bottom line? One of the best-sellers of LELO still, and for good reason – it just works.

Best Pinpoint Vibrator – “LELO DOT

LELO Dot vibrator

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Get this if: You need to target very specific pleasure-spots on your body.

At first glance, the LELO DOT may seem like a run-of-the-mill clit vibe. Beautifully designed, sure, but nothing particularly unique. 

Well, this is not true. The Dot has filled a very unique niche in sex toys. It is a pinpoint clit toy.


Well, this means that this toy is tailored to hit those very specific spots on your body. As all vulva owners know, pleasure can be a very complex issue.

My vagina is generally super receptive to all kinds of stimulation, but I know plenty of folks who can’t get any pleasure from sex toys because their bodies have an ultra tiny, specific pleasure spot.

Yes, there are examples where people only feel pleasure when the vibes hit the upper left corner of the clit. 

Ok, I am exaggerating a bit, but you get the gist of it – this toy is designed for targeted, precise pleasure.

As always, the thrills are delivered via sonic waves. With this sort of precision, the sensations give a sensation that sits somewhere between tickly and airy. I know I am not good at describing sex toy sensations, but this is the best I could do.

Stay with that targeted airy and tickly sensation for a while and see what happens. Spoiler alert: it will feel quite nice and relaxing.

Best Anal Beads – “LELO Soraya Beads

LELO Soraya beads

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Get this if: You want to explore anal play, but in a completely non-intrusive and beginner-friendly way.

This is a relatively new release from LELO, but at the time of my writing, it is listed as “low stock” on the official site of LELO. This fact alone should tell you that the Soraya beads have taken the sex toy world by storm.

So, what are we dealing with here? In simple terms – anal beads. A toy category that is commonly used as an entry point to various anal play.

Since this is LELO we are talking about here, things have an air of innovation and luxury to them. Soraya beads are not an exception.

The beads gradually grow bigger as you go deeper. Again – nothing particularly new. But, the design here is a game-changer. You see, the beads use a cascading design. The movement from one bead to the next one feels completely seamless. This makes exploring the anal experience much more pleasurable when compared to most of the alternatives.

This is the type of toy where you casually go from “Oh, having things up there actually feels nice” to a whopping anal orgasm. Without even noticing just how deep and big you went with the beads.

Now, is it a solid pick for prostate stimulation as well? Yes. I obviously can’t speak about personal experiences seeing as I have no prostate, but Soraya beads have been very well received by prostate play enthusiasts thus far. I am a bit of a greedy one when it comes to sharing my toys so my husband will have to figure out whether he wants to try this by himself.

So, how do I summarize the Soraya beads? Well, if you are interested in the anal experience then this is as smooth as it gets.

Best Clit Vibrator – “LELO SONA 2 CRUISE 

LELO SONA 2 CRUISE clit vibrator

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Get this if: You want an orgasmic introduction to the wonderful world of clit stimulation toys.

With the LELO SONA 2 CRUISE, we are dealing with one of the most popular vibrators for beginners. Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many folks I know that have this as their first sex toy ever.

Why? Well, reasons are plentiful. The sleek packaging makes it gift-friendly, clit toys are very approachable as we have already established, and yes…the toy simply feels good.

When compared to something like LELO DOT, the SONA covers a much wider area. The sensations are delivered all over the clit area in an even manner. The sensation feels akin to a very deep and rumbly massage. 

Oh, and the SONA 2 CRUISE is also yet another example of where LELO has designed a toy that is completely intuitive.

Seriously, I have managed to find ways of use for it that are probably not officially approved.

An example? Sure. Generally, this toy is meant to “hover” around the clit area for the best experience.

Well, there was a time when I got lost in the heat of the action and stuck the tip of the toy inside me. Still felt awesome. In fact, this directly caused an orgasm. I am not suggesting you try something similar. I wrote this down only so you could see exactly what the LELO experience can be like. You start exploring your body and you never quite know where you end up. The end result is good – this is the only thing we know.

Best for Couples – “LELO TIANI 3

LELO TIANI 3 couples vibrator

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Get this if: If you are planning on using the vibrator with a significant other.

I am going to be completely transparent here – I am not the biggest fan of using sex toys while having intercourse. I know, I know. Does not make sense as a sex toy blogger, but this is just how my body is.

Now, where am I getting with this? Well, there are exceptions and the TIANI 3 is one of the most notable examples.

I adore the classic PIV while this toy sits inside me. Sure, the stimulation is relatively intense. 

You get the three-peat here. Penetration, clit stimulation, and G-spot stimulation. A type of sensation that can feel super intense and even intimidating at times, yet never ventures into super niche territory like BDSM or Shibari.

What makes it tick so well is how body-friendly it feels. Everything from the silky material to the body-hugging design…it just works WITH you. Using it does not feel like using an intrusive, inanimate object. Instead, it feels like a natural companion to your vulva, you, and your partner.

How about the remote aspect? What is this all about? Well, your partner operates the toy via a remote control.

And yes, since this is a LELO, even the remote looks like a god-damn art piece.

Best for G-Spot Stimulation – “LELO GIGI 2

LELO GIGI 2 G-spot vibrator

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Get this if: If you want to experiment with G-spot stimulation, but find rabbit vibrators too intense.

Next up on our list of best LELO vibrators, we have the GIGI 2. This one is LELO’s latest venture into the world of pleasure products designed for direct G-spot stimulation.

To get an idea of what I am talking about, take a quick look at the design of GIGI 2. It is unusual for sure, especially for a sex toy. 

As you probably already guessed, the design serves a concrete and somewhat obvious purpose – to reach and stimulate that precious G-spot of yours in the most heavenly way possible. It comes with a smooth yet pretty flat design that hits the G-spot in a gentle yet very fulfilling way.

Those of you with some experience with rabbits and G-spot vibes probably know toys that hit the spot well but feel intrusive. Borderline uncomfortable. 

This flat tip and the traditional deep vibrations of LELO take care of this issue completely. The GIGI 2 will not shock your G-spot even if you are completely new to this game.

Oh, and if this was not enough of a treat already then know this – the GIGI 2 can also be effectively used as a clit vibe with a quick flip.

Most Luxurious – “LELO INEZ

LELO INEZ G-spot vibrator

Find best price at LELO

Get this if: You are a complete lunatic and/or are married to a Russian oligarch.

Yes, this is indulgence. Yes, this is too much. But this is what LELO is all about at its core – connecting luxury and sexuality. The LELO INEZ is the ultimate showcase of this trademark LELO indulgence and even the very act of writing about this toy fills me with awe.

Yes, I am being extra again, but I am talking about the one and only LELO INEZ here. A G-spot vibrator that is tailored in a 24-karat gold plate. Yup, you heard that right – there is a damn G-spot vibe out there that is made of gold.

There is something undeniably powerful about a statement sex toy like this. Fantasy material if you ask me.

The order comes in a beautiful case that reminds you of the most luxurious cigar humidors you have ever seen. Think of a mix between Victorian luxury and some kind of Scarface-like indulgence and you get the gist of what the INEZ is all about.

I must admit, I do not own this toy, but I just had to include it in here anyway. Goals and all, you know.

I hope you had fun reading about the best LELO vibrators. In complete honesty – this is one of those sex toy brands that you pretty much can’t go wring with. Sure, some of their toys can be on the expensive side of things, but my god are they also worth it!

With that, I will call it quits for tonight. See you for the next one!


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