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In the ever-evolving world of adult toys, innovation has finally truly caught up with the world of male sex toys. Sure, we have had interactive toy devices for a while now, but they have been mostly limited to the true kinkster who only knows about very niche sex toys and sexual experiences.

LELO has been leading the attempt to bring ambitious sex toys into the mainstream for a while now. This goes both for toys oriented towards penis-owners and vagina-owners. 

Everything from their vibrators to their prostate stimulators contains innovative, high-tech solutions, yet everything is always designed with a first-time user of sex toys in mind.

LELO F1SV3 is their latest male-oriented release and the subject of today’s post. It is the most recent pleasure console in the well-established line-up of innovative LELO male toys.

As always, the ambitions are huge – LELO wanted to deliver a toy that feels better than the competitors while also giving the seasoned toy enthusiast a slew of new and interesting features for experimentation.

How did LELO do?

Well, this is where I come in. In this LELO F1SV3 review, I will be giving you all of my thoughts on this new toy. By the end, you will know whether this pleasure console is worth it or not.

Seeing as we have a lot to unpack, let’s get started. In this LELO F1SV3 review, you will find:

What’s in the Box?

What is the LELO F1SV3? – The 8 Key Features Explored

My Personal Experience with the LELO F1SV3

The Pros of LELO F1SV3

The Cons of LELO F1SV3

Where to Find the Best Price & Is the LELO F1SV3 Worth it?

What’s in the Box?

A picture of what's included in the LELO F1SV3 order

For those who care, know that all LELO products come in sleek, beautiful packaging. Discreet, minimal, and in sleek matte black. They want to make the experience luxurious from the moment you receive the box. And they succeed too. Also note that the USB charging cord is missing from the picture. Don’t worry, it was still included. I was just in a hurry and did not have the time to get it when taking the photos.

Here’s what you’ll find in your LELO F1SV3 order:

  • THE LELO F1SV3 pleasure console – The main player. Sturdy, beautiful, and even imposing. We will have plenty of time to talk about the features and the overall feel of the console in the latter part of this review.
  • USB charging cord – Nothing interesting to write about here, but you will need it to get your toy up and running.
  • Warranty registration card – I’m gonna be honest with you here. I have never registered a single LELO toy. I have a lot of trust in the company I guess. Still, I advise you not to be a lazy bum like me and just register your toy.
  • User manual – A useful addition to have, but again – I have never used manuals for LELO toys before. This stuff is intuitive and part of the fun is just exploring the toy by yourself.
  • Samples of the LELO personal moisturizer – You will want to use lube when you are using the LELO F1SV3. It adds to the overall smoothness and feel of the experience.

Ok, now that we have gotten the beast out of the box, let’s examine it in greater detail.

What is the LELO F1SV3? – The 8 Key Features Explored

The LELO F1SV3 male masturbation toy from an upwards angle

In simple terms, the LELO F1SV3 is a male masturbation device. Male masturbation devices are sex toys that mimic the motions of intercourse and/or oral sex.

Now, since this is the LELO we are talking about, things get a bit extra. The F1S series has added new innovations to each version of the toy.

We are now at the third version. This time around, LELO has openly stated that they do not want the F1SV3 to imitate a BJ or intercourse. Instead, the toy uses sonic waves to stimulate you from pretty much all possible angles. All to deliver a sensation that is incomparable to anything else out there.

And, when we consider that even the much-celebrated F1SV2 was quite the revelation…then yeah, we are in for a wild ride.

Now, I have a bit of a habit of talking in circles when it comes to sex toys.

New innovations? Revelations? Cool, but let’s get a bit more specific now and quickly examine the key features of the new F1SV3:

  • The sonic wave stimulation – Yes, the aforementioned sonic waves again. It is pretty much impossible to describe what this stuff feels like, but “smooth electric shocks that stimulate your penis from the inside and outside” comes pretty close. It feels as if the Phallus is getting treated by some kind of divine presence. Yes, talking in circles again, but they really have delivered a type of stimulation that I have not felt before in any male toy.
  • AI interactive mode – If you are anything like me, you are pretty much tired of hearing about how AI is slowly but surely integrating itself into pretty much every possible industry. Well, the sex toy industry is not an exception – AI is here to stay. LELO has arguably done the best job at using AI in toys and the F1SV3 is not an exception. Here, the AI is used to gather feedback on your masturbation experience and then tailor unique patterns specifically for you. 
  • Simple, beginner-friendly interface All this talk of AI and high-tech could understandably scare away some first-time sex toy users. Well, as I already mentioned – this should be a non-issue. LELO F1SV3 is a “plug-and-play” type of affair if you want it to be. You can flick through the pre-set modes with a simple touch of a button and go from there. Everything is intuitive. Get in the mood and stick your penis in without any info or manuals and you will still have a good time. Trust me.
  • Dual motors – Again with the tech! The dual motors of F1SV3 work in harmony to deliver a sensation I described earlier – almost featherlike, but still intense. And, as I said, it stimulates the entire length of the penis. Whether you enjoy a quick flick of the tongue on your tip or some super intense penetration action, the F1SV3 should still have a pattern to suit your tastes. And if there isn’t one in the preset patterns then best believe that the toy will figure out something for you by itself.
  • Completely waterproof – An underrated feature. As a sex toy blogger, I know the ins and outs of the most popular male masturbation toys. And, trust me when I say this – it is rare for a toy this high-tech to be completely waterproof. One other thing – you have not lived if you have not had a pre-work session in the shower. Energizes better than anything else out there. Speaking from experience.
  • Durability – Treat your F1SV3 well and you will enjoy this toy for years. As I have already emphasized enough – LELO takes its tech seriously. I mean, there is a 10-year warranty on this thing. Enough said.
  • 8 settings – In the end, F1SV3 is all about the customized experience. To get the best value for your money, you will want to mess around with the interactive aspects of the toy. That said, you will ALWAYS want to have a quick-fix solution as well. Here, you have 8 settings to play with out of the box – plenty of choice for everyone.
  • A sturdy, stylish build – LELO is aggressively trying to break the stigma around the use of male sex toys. Hell, they even launched a beer called Masturbitter to get men talking about sex toys! Even without the beer though – this company makes toys that are well-designed and beautiful to look at. F1SV3 is not an exception with its cylinder-like, dominant, and even Brutalist look. The point is – it does look cool on your shelf which is something you couldn’t say about 85% of male toys out there.

Now that we know the technical ins and outs, let’s get a bit more personal. I will give you some details on my own experiences with the F1SV3.

My Personal Experience with the LELO F1SV3

A hand of a man showcasing the LELO F1SV3 male masturbator

Seeing as this was one of my most anticipated male toys of 2024, I waited for a good moment to try this one out. What does this mean? Simply put, I wanted to be as horny as possible before first wrestling myself into this toy.

I deliberately kept myself dry for two weeks. No masturbation and zero contact with my dear wife Elizabeth as well.

Well, I finally found myself with plenty of time, the LELO F1SV3, and a very, very horny vibe. 

Off we go!

We already covered the fact that this is a beautiful-looking toy so let’s not stay on the looks of the toy for too long. We are all about the feeling, after all.

I already knew how to use the LELO app since I have loads of their toys. However, I approached this with a green penis. I imagined myself to be someone completely new to toys. A quick charge and in I go!

So, what does it feel like? Deep and rumbly is what I would describe the sensation as. Deep in the way that it feels as if the vibrations encompass your entire penis. Yes, it kind of feels like the insides of your member are being stimulated.

If it sounds nasty then my apologies. I didn’t mean it in a bad way. At all. I mean, the sonic waves feel pretty ethereal at times.

How about the different intensities and vibration patterns? Well, this is where you are going to have to find something suited to your specific tastes. This experience is all about the personal approach, remember!

I generally prefer to have the LELO F1SV3 take me to heaven with slow and steady patterns.  

The toy can be connected to VR as well, but for some reason, I do not use it for watching VR porn. Instead, I just hold the toy and let it do its thing with barely any movements from me

The steady and slow sonic waves deliver the action while I engage in some of my favorite fantasies. Usually, they involve some other dude roughly taking my wife in a public setting. 

Too personal? Sorry.

What matters here is this – my experiences with this toy have been great. And I suspect that the story will be similar to you – if you are into masturbation at all (and who isn’t?), this toy will enhance your experience.

The Pros of LELO F1SV3

Hand of a woman showcasing the LELO F1SV3

We all love our content near and summarized, don’t we. Here are my personal key takeaways on the key advantages of the LELO F1SV3:

  • The sensation itself – It feels like a blowjob, but has more “depth” to it. It feels like penetrating someone, but you will not have to do a thing. The entire physical sensation feels almost confusing at times. But in a very, very good way. How the toy feels is always the most important aspect in this world, and the LELO F1SV3 delivers in a massive way.
  • The quietness – While not whisper-quiet, the LELO F1SV3 is the type of toy that you could use discreetly. The rumbles are low and deep and will not be heard by…whomever you want to hide your masturbation from.
  • Inclusion of an XL size – Finally! You would not believe how hard it is for even slightly larger males to find a toy suited to their size. LELO fixes that by having an XL version of the F1SV3. Check your penis measurements and the measurements of the XL F1SV3 and the regular F1SV3 to see which version you should get.
  • Waterproof – Well, I already mentioned my love of waterproof male toys. This is a key feature of the LELO F1SV3 as well. Trust me when I say that this toy has seen plenty of water action already and will continue to do so.
  • The LELO app – Simple, intuitive, yet beautiful. The LELO app has had a few hiccups over the years, but the version we have in 2024 seems to have fixed all of them. The connection is seamless and the entire thing is super simple to use for exploring all of the robust features of the F1SV3.
  • A hands-free experience – Sure, you should hold the toy in place. Other than that, you are free to sit in place and let the toy do its thing. Watch something, fantasize…whatever. Your penis is taken care of. You do not need to do anything else.
  • Endless customization options – I am not much of a tech head so I often scoff at some of the stuff modern male masturbators offer. With the F1SV3, I have had loads of fun mixing the speeds and patterns and tracking my masturbation experience. Nothing about these advanced features feels bloated.

The Cons of LELO F1SV3

This is going to be a bit of a weird one because I genuinely have very little to complain about when it comes to this toy. I thought about making a point on the sturdy and heavy nature of it, but in reality, this is squeezing water out of a stone. This toy can still easily fit into a bag. 

I did manage to find one negative (slightly?) issue worth of note though:

  • The price – Look, the F1SV3 firmly sits in the elite range when it comes to pricing. This is just how it is. Now, I am not saying this toy is not worth it. But still, you will have to consider whether this is just a horny buy or will you be using it as it is meant to be used – a genuine investment in your personal pleasure and well-being.

And this is it. If you are set on buying this toy and have the spare cash then you have nothing to lose. No other negative aspects to talk about here.

Where to Find the Best Price & Is the LELO F1SV3 Worth it?

The LELO F1SV3 XL version

You will find the best price for LELO F1SV3 on the official site of LELO. 

In addition, you get to see the official guidelines for using the toy, efficient customer service, and fast worldwide shipping. So, yeah – as of right now, the official site is by far the best resource for ordering this toy.

If you have the cash to spare and enjoy getting a bit extra with your masturbation experience then you will enjoy the LELO F1SV3. Simple as.

Whether this toy is worth it or not is still ultimately up to you. What I can say as a toy blogger of some experience is that the F1SV3 brings something completely new to the table. 

I will finish this LELO F1SV3 review with a slice of sentimentality – I hope that LELO achieves one of their most ambitious goals with this one and slowly but surely normalizes the use of male sex toys.

I guess time will tell. The LELO F1SV3 is a rockstar of a toy either way and I can’t wait to see how the general public will react to it. Good night!

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