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Seeing as how online shopping is not showing any signs of slowing down, new online sex toy shops are popping up on the regular. I’m gonna be completely honest with you – this market is oversaturated to hell and back right now.

Finding genuinely good online sex toy shops is not as easy as it may seem with all of these strange new toy sellers appearing on the market constantly.

To help our readers out, I decided to put together a little guide on some of the best online sex shops on the market. 

Here, you will find the current key players in the market. These resources are genuinely worth keeping an eye on.

Oh, and if you are completely new to this world – don’t worry, all of the online shops listed here offer beginner-friendly toys too.

Before we head over to our list, allow me to give you three notes on how to choose the store precisely suited to what you are looking for:

  • Your budget – Look, whether this is fair or not, sex toys can get expensive. This is just how it is. And you don’t want to spend half your monthly budget on a sex toy.
  • Your relationship situation – Yes, this matters! You see, these days, lots of sex toys are designed as a shared experience. Before getting something, figure out whether you will be buying the toy only for yourself or will you be using it with someone special.
  • Your experience level – Look, if you are looking for a sex toy suitable for a virgin then it simply does not make sense to get something like anal beads. You will want to make sure that the selection of toys in the store is aligned with what you are looking for.

There are tens and tens of other factors to consider when choosing where to buy sex toys online, but the three aforementioned are a very good starting point.

With that, let’s get started with our reviews. Here are 8 online sex toy stores worth checking out:

• Best Overall Online Sex Toy Shop – “LELO

• Best for Long-Distance Sex Toys – “Lovense

• Best for VR Sex Toys – “KIIROO

• Best Budget-Friendly – “Lovehoney

• Best for Sensitive Bodies – “Dame

• Best for Sex Toy Collectors – “ZALO

• A Celebrity-Endorsed Sex Toy Shop – “Bellesa

• An Online Sex Toy Shop With The Biggest Selection – “PinkCherry

Best Overall Online Sex Toy Shop – “LELO

LELO logo

Shop LELO here

LELO has been one of the elite players in the sex toy world for a good while now. Originally based in Sweden, they have now become a genuine lifestyle brand with several boutiques available worldwide.

They are one of our personal favorites as well. Both me and my husband simply adore LELO products and we are always very excited for every new release from the brand.

So, what makes them special? Here are some of the key aspects that have made LEL one of the prime sex toy companies in the world:

  • The design – If I was to create a slogan for LELO right off the bat, it would be something like this – making sex toys cool again! Seriously though, every toy in their line-up looks…beautiful. Simple as. The glamour overload is a contant with LELO and I absolutely adore it!. I mean, they are selling a golden vibrator for god’s sake! Love, love, love the indulgence!
  • Body-friendly – The design is beautiful, but it is body-friendly as well. All the small contours of the toy follow the female/male body ideally and everything about the masturbation experience just “makes sense”. Goes without saying that every LELO toy is made of body-safe materials too.
  • Innovation – The technology behind the LELO toys is truly impressive. Most of their vibrators use sonic waves to deliver the action. Instead of something direct and rough, you get something that can feel almost featherlike on your vulva. Even at the most intense speeds and patterns, the toys will not feel intrusive. Same goes for their male toys. They STIMULATE the male body to orgasm instead of mechanically sucking you off.
  • A good range of toys for beginners and experienced users alike – Whether you are completely new to sex toys or have been a collector for decades, you will something surprising and new from LELO.
  • The durability – The warranty terms of LELO toys are some of the best I have ever seen. And the toys are also very durable. I have used some of my LELO vibrators for a good 3-4 years now and they still work like a charm. This is why they are so confident about the quality of their toys and are more than willing to provide guarantees on their stuff as well.

Look, LELO is not a perfect online sex toy store, but they come pretty damn close. For example, I used to have some issues with their app, but even these have been dealt with by now. And, considering just how impressed my husband was with the new F1SV3, it is truly looking very good for LELO right now.

Best for Long-Distance Sex Toys – “Lovense

Lovense logo

Shop Lovense here

A list of best online sex toy stores could not be complete with Lovense, one of my personal favorite brands and arguably the most distinguished company operating in the field of teledildonics.

Teledildonics are sex toys that can be controlled remotely. From however far your partner (or a random found on the internet!) happens to be. This creates a plethora of interesting options for people in long-distance relationships.

The core of Lovense’s product lineup includes a variety of sex toys both for men and women – such as vibrators, prostate massagers, thrusting dildos, and masturbators.

Nearly everything from Lovense is equipped with software that allows its users to sync their toys with content like erotic audiobooks or interactive videos, further enhancing the masturbation experience.

In addition, most newer Lovense toys come with VR compatibility. And, since the field of VR porn is only growing and there are some pretty damn amazing VR porn scenes out there…then, yeah. Cool stuff.

With all of this talk of advanced technologies and stuff, you would think that these toys cost an arm and a leg. Not true – sure, Lovense is not the cheapest sex toy store out there, but the value-for-money in their toys is pretty great. You can expect to spend about $100 to $150 for the key players of their line-up.As for their key products then know that the Lovense Domi 2 happens to be one of the best wand vibrators out there and a firm personal favorite as well. In addition, check out the Lovense Ferri – the comfiest wearable vibe out there.

Best for VR Sex Toys – “KIIROO

Kiiroo logo

Shop Kiiroo here

Kiiroo is a company created in the Netherlands. This automatically creates all sorts of connections with red light districts and the general freedom and kink level of Amsterdam.

Well, in this case, the associations are kind of fitting because the toys from this online sex toy store are pretty damn sizzling.

Similarly to Lovense, Kiiroo has specialized in creating high-tech sex toys.

The key difference between Lovense and Kiiroo is that with Kiiroo the emphasis is on VR. 

The male masturbators of Kiiroo are tailor-made for consuming VR porn. The toys connect to VR seamlessly and follow everything happening on screen.

In layman terms – when someone is sucking the performer on the screen, YOU will be the one to feel the sensations of the suck. And then there are the endless options for customizing the patterns and the entire experience.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology!

With all of this innovation, you can expect these toys to be in the upper range of the pricing tier. True that, but nothing too ridiculous.

Kiiroo Keon, their current flagship and arguably my favorite VR sex toy, goes for more than $200. 

Pretty steep, but absolutely worth it if you like a combo of technology and self-pleasure.

Where Kiiroo suffers a bit is the selection for vagina owners. They only have a few toys available for women, and while they are fine, they are not nearly as well-established as the female selection of other popular online sex toy stores.

Best Budget-Friendly – “Lovehoney

Lovehoney logo

Shop Lovehoney here

Lovehoney is a UK-based online sex toy site/retailer that has established itself as one of the go-to resources for all kinds of sex toys worldwide. 

The selection of their toys, by the way, is one of the main advantages of Lovehoney. They have pretty much everything available – from advanced stuff like tentacle dildos all the way to lingerie. If it has a place in the bedroom, chances are that Lovehoney will have it.

It is also worth noting that it is one of the best sex toy stores for folks who want their shopping to be budget-efficient.

Lovehoney has some very tempting sales on a regular basis so if you are a fan or collector of toys then it is worth it to regularly keep an eye on the site. The Lovehoney in-store brand in particular offers some very good toys at awesome prices.

If there is a flaw to Lovehoney, it is this – some of the toys found on the site can contain materials like soft plastic or PVC. While these materials will be safe for most, there is a decent number of people who are allergic to these substances. Best to avoid them completely!

Luckily, Lovehoney lists all the ingredients of the toys on the site so make sure that you do your research before ordering anything.

All in all, though, Lovehoney is kind of like the Target of sex toy sites. They have a ridiculous selection of stuff while somehow keeping things well-organized and maintaining the quality of product selection. 

The reputation of the prime toy retailer is well deserved for Lovehoney!

Best for Sensitive Bodies – “Dame

Dame logo

Shop Dame here

Yet again, we have an online sex toy store that is very fittingly named. You see, the word “dame” is usually associated with elegance, femininity, and grace. And this is exactly the sort of vibe their toys carry.

What the hell am I even talking about?

Well, you would not believe the number of women who find most modern sex toys too intense for their vulvas and other erogenous zones. 

In this case, Dame is worth a try. All of their toys are super “soft” on the lower settings and suit even the most sensitive of women.

Due to this, they have carved out a very special and necessary niche for themselves. If you find every vibrator you have tried to be “annoying” or “shocking” then the Dame will have something for you.

Does this mean that these toys are also hyper, super-duper quiet? You bet. If you want your toys to be discreet above all then check this store out.

Best for Sex Toy Collectors – “ZALO

Zalo logo

Shop ZALO here

ZALO is a dream for a sex toy collector. Every toy in their line-up looks like something that Baroque royalty would use. No, I am not kidding – just check out their site and see for yourself what ZALO toys look like.

Gold plating, Swarovski crystals, super silky silicone. These are some of the keywords that you can associate with ZALO sex toys. Someone with an eye for the aesthetic will have a genuinely hard time keeping themselves off from buying everything on display. Yes, this stuff looks THAT beautiful.

Now, with all of this talk of beauty and style, we can’t forget that sex toys are ultimately about pleasure.

So, how does ZALO measure up? Very well. They have covered all the major bases. They have rabbit vibrators, toys for couples, long-distance toys, and clit toys. Even some more niche stuff like thrusting dildos and sex machines are covered by ZALO.

Oh, and before we proceed to the next toy store on our list, allow me to give a special shout-out to the BDSM accessories available in that store. Their BDSM bondage play kit has to be the most beautiful-looking BDSM starter kit I have ever seen.

A Celebrity-Endorsed Sex Toy Shop – “Bellesa

Bellesa Boutique logo

Shop Bellesa here

With Bellesa, we continue on a wave of aesthetically pleasing, cool sex toys. 

Bellesa is all about empowerment. Female empowerment in particular. All of their toys are designed by women and with the female body in mind. This means that you will get a selection of toys that are all about softness, intuitiveness, and going with the flow. I love a sex toy that you can start using “out of the box”…the type of stuff that can drive you to an orgasm even if you have never held a single toy before. 

With Bellesa, there is also the celebrity clout that comes with using these toys. Just take a look at the marketing of their stuff and you will see some known names sooner or later.

Also, if you are at all into watching porn then Bellesa also produces ethical porn. This company has turned many of my girlfriends into occasional porn enthusiasts. Why? Because Bellesa stuff is ethical. The performers choose who they work with and are in charge of the scene. You will also get some unique angles, female directors, etc. Good stuff.

An Online Sex Toy Shop With The Biggest Selection – “PinkCherry

PinkCherry logo

Shop PinkCherry here

There is just something so AMERICAN about PinkCherry. I mean, the layout of this sex toy site looks messy at times. Everything is colorful and tempting. The prices are low. The number of different sales going on at any time is truly staggering at times. I could go on and on, but the gist of it is this – if you want to shop for your toys in an American way then PinkCherry is as close to Walmart of sex toys as I have seen.

Does this mean that the quality of the stuff available is bad? Not at all. It merely means that you are going to have to do your own research regarding the materials, sizes, and the feel of the toys.

You can genuinely find a good vibrator or a male toy from PinkCherry for under $30. Similarly, you could also stumble upon stuff that is completely useless and goes into the bin immediately.

If you are at all into searching for various sales, using clearances, using vouchers, reward programs etc. then there is no better resource for sex toys than PinkCherry. A dream for someone like me who has an unhealthy relationship with shopping and is also a sex item collector.

Hope you fine people have plenty to chew on for now. Just don’t end up like me and become addicted to buying sex toys.

Would this even be a bad thing? Lord knows.

What I do know is that for me, it is bedtime for now. Good night and see you for the next one!


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