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These days, we have loads of different sex toys available for men. For all sorts of tastes as well – from blowjob machines to Fleshlights to something super high-tech such as the AI-driven male masturbators from LELO.

Whatever budget or tastes you have, you are bound to find something that your penis likes. That said, there is one category of sex toys that still stands above anything else to many sex toy enthusiasts – sex dolls. 

I mean, when it comes to immersion, there is nothing better. Modern sex dolls can look and feel pretty damn amazing. Just enter the rabbit hole of sex doll photography to see what I am talking about – you wouldn’t even realize some of these shots are taken of an inanimate object!

So, why doesn’t everyone get sex dolls? Heh. Just a quick glance at some of the best budget-friendly sex dolls to see what I am talking about – even if we are talking budget-friendly dolls, we are talking big money. 

This leads us to today’s topic – Tantaly sex doll torsos

In short, Tantaly is the developer of the most advanced sex doll torsos currently available. And lo and behold – some of their stuff is also quite affordable. At least in the context of sex dolls.

I decided to take it upon myself to review the best dolls in their line-up. This post will serve as a sort of guide to those looking to enter the wonderful world of Tantaly. Keep in mind that everything about sex toys is always subjective though – just because I think the ass of a certain torso is the best thing I have ever seen does not mean that it is the same for you.

Ok, enough with the yapping – let’s get right to our topic at hand. Before we proceed to our list of best Tantaly dolls, allow me to give you a quick introduction of the company.

What is Tantaly?

Two Tantaly sex doll torso examples

Tantaly is an American company that has slowly but steadily managed to become the market leader in doll torsos. Simply put – their torsos look and feel better than the alternatives.

Now, if you are completely new to this, allow me to explain what the hell are sex doll torsos all about. I mean, why get a limbless doll? Just, why? 

In short – the answer is simple. They offer the same delights that a full-sized sex doll, but without the disadvantages associated with big models.

To be more specific, Tantaly allows you to have a doll that feels similar to a full model, yet can be easily transported and stored. 

The raptures offered by Tantaly dolls are also a talking point and we will talk about the orifices of the specific model in detail later in this article.

What matters now is that the vaginas and anuses of the Tantaly torsos are just as textured and detailed as what you will find in a full-sized doll. If you have already experienced male masturbation devices then a super intense Fleshlight like the Kumzumi and Bumzumi sleeves will give you an idea of how the textures of Tantaly feel.

How about the skin? Highly realistic, silky, and soft.

It looks like I am blowing out big words out of my ass, but it is true. 

The material used in building Tantaly sex dolls is TPE – the exact same material generally used when making full-sized, high-end sex dolls. When it comes to touch, you are not missing out on anything.

Ready to start and see the best Tantaly dolls? Thought so. Let’s continue with the reviews.

• Best overall – “Britney

• A Sex Doll Torso with a Stripper Body – “Aurora 2.0

• Best BBW Torso – “Monroe

• A Sex Doll Torso With a Removable Vagina – “Daisy

• Best Budget BBW Doll Torso – “Rosie

• The Most Realistic Sex Doll Torso – “Candice

• The Smallest Sex Doll Torso – “Miki

• The Tightest Sex Doll Torso – “Morgpie

Best overall – “Britney

Britney sex doll torso

Read our full review of Britney sex doll torso

Key talking points: great value-for-money, a universally appealing female figure

Check best price at Tantaly

For those of you who have already researched sex doll torsos a bit, you have probably come across Britney.

The reasons here are quite simple – Britney is, simply put, the epitome of what Tantaly is all about.

The doll is sized just right – it is neither too big or too small at about 27 lbs. You can check the exact measurements on the official Tantaly resources, but what I can tell you is this – when it comes to sizing then she sits right in that zone where she warms up a bed very well yet is never too uncomfortable and clunky for fast transportation.

And, I mean, something tells me that there will be people in your life who you will want to hide this doll from.

If I had to choose which Tantaly sex doll torso to recommend at gunpoint then it would be Britney. Simple as. She is just everything the Tantaly experience is about.

Now, I will not stop on the specifics like how the anal and vagina textures feel. I have already published a full review of Britney so feel free to check that one out. And, since we are now at Britney 2.0 and I reviewed the first model then know that everything about this body is even better now.

A Sex Doll Torso with a Stripper Body – “Aurora 2.0

Aurora sex doll torso from Tantaly

Check best price at Tantaly

Key features: great for a variety of positions, great for a variety of different positions, the over-the-top body

Look, Aurora has been one of the best Tantaly dolls in the line-up for a while now. And, with the 2.0 version, things went even better. 

So, what exactly do I love about Aurora so much? You see, I have a bit of a stripper fetish and Aurora does look exactly like a stripper.

That body is slightly over-the-top and reminds me of perfect plastic surgery. Those breasts and ass look fake, but you love everything anyway. So sculpted yet so soft. So damn silky. I mean, I’m getting slightly horny just talking about this stuff so…yeah, this should tell you all about how much I love this girl.

Now, when it comes to the textures then we are dealing with stuff that is on the more intense side of things. Dare I say that the vagina texture of Aurora 2.0 feels just as exciting and stimulating as the Kumzumi Fleshlight, one of the most hyped Fleshlight sleeves of recent years. 

For those of you who have not experienced any kind of male sex toy stimulation before then be prepared for a wild ride. You will be surprised just how intense and even WEIRD it can feel to first get inside an artificial, well-designed vag. Especially if it comes with a body like Aurora’s. Some folks may even get a sensory overload out of this stuff.

The anal orifice is perhaps slightly less interesting. Not in a bad way though. Not at all. What you get here is a carbon copy of the real anal experience. The tightness, the sucked-in feeling…yeah, some of you surely know the drill.

What does add to the allure of the anal Aurora experience is how flexible she is. Finding someone outside of porn who is game for intense anal positions is next to impossible. As such, this doll is a splendid way of making some of these anal fantasies a reality. 

All in all, Aurora has a very, very special place in my heart and this will probably always be the case.

Best BBW Torso – “Monroe

Monroe sex doll torso

Check best price at Tantaly

Key features: a realistic depiction of a Rubenesque woman, great pair of breasts for motorboating, textures are very close to the real thing

If you are into BBW sex dolls then look no further than Monroe. The concept here is simple – a slightly more mature model who is packing some serious, squishy ass and breasts. When you consider just how good the TPE material feels to touch then you can imagine what kind of fun you can have with slapping and having fun with this body. Just great stuff.

Oh, and then there are those hips. They are full, beautiful, and simply great to hold while taking Monroe from behind.

When compared to the slightly otherworldly bodies of Aurora or Britney, then the body of Monroe sex doll torso feels way more realistic with how “bouncy” her body feels. This is not a bad thing. At all. In fact, if you have ever dreamed of a Latina woman then…yeah, you get the point. Just take Autumn Falls as a reference to see what I am talking about.

How about the tunnels though? Well, they have continued with the theme of realism here. 

Both the anus and the vagina tunnels feel relatively straightforward. Not to say that it is a bad thing, but when compared to Aurora and/or Britney, the textures are much more “linear” in that they feel like good sex.

So how do we sum this all up? Monroe is your pick if you have an unfulfilled BBW fantasy.

A Sex Doll Torso With a Removable Vagina – “Daisy

Daisy sex doll torso

Check best price at Tantaly

Key features: superb butt, removable vagina to streamline the cleaning process. the possibility of switching between different textures.

With Daisy, we continue on the topic of BBW Tantaly dolls. This time though, we are focused specifically on one part of the body – that glorious, juicy ass. 

You see, for a butt enthusiast, things simply do not get any better than Daisy. 

It is damn huge. Some could even say that the proportions are slightly off, but this is precisely why I love this doll so much. That ass is damn protruding and so, so nice to hold as you hit it from behind with the force of a thousand suns.

Now, Daisy has another surprisingly huge advantage that I would like to talk about here – the Tantaremoval vagina. 

What the hell is a Tantaremoval vagina? Well, the name says it all really – it is a vagina with the regular bells and whistles offered by Tantaly (the stimulating, soft inner textures), but it can be removed!

No big deal, you say? Well, think again. As much as I adore having sex with my Tantaly dolls, cleaning them can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have the time.

With Tantaremoval design, you can pop that p*ssy off and give it a much quicker wash. Now, keep in mind that you will still have to care for it very carefully, but the overall process will be much, much more streamlined when compared to unremovable Tantaly dolls.

And yes, there are different vagina designs too. You can interchange depending on your current tastes and desires. So, yeah, this is also something to think about.

Best Budget BBW Doll Torso – “Rosie

Rosie sex doll torso

Check best price at Tantaly

Key features: affordability, a BBW build, the textures offer a BJ-type of stimulation

So, let’s say that you are a BBW sex doll fan. Let’s say that such dolls are pretty much the only reason You are browsing the best Tantaly sex dolls in the first place. 

All seems fine and dandy…but these damn prices though!

Luckily, Tantaly has a BBW doll somewhat similar to Britney in that it offers great value for money.

For about $350, you get a doll that stands at 31,9lbs and will give you that full, beautiful bubble butt that you like from Daisy and Monroe. Except, yeah, Rosie is much cheaper.

In a nutshell – love a thick girl yet do not want to go broke. Get Rosie.

As always, we need to give a special type of shout-out to the tunnel textures of Rosie. So, what do they feel like? In a word – blowjob-like. Both the anal and vagina tunnels feel like an awesome suck. The anal feels slightly tighter when compared to an average BJ, which is obvious. 

For the vagina texture of Rosie though – yeah, warm mouth galore!

The Most Realistic Sex Doll Torso – “Candice

Candice sex doll torso

Check best price at Tantaly

Key features: a very realistic build, an athletic body-type, great value-for-money

As far as I know, Candice is the most popular Tantaly doll in the mid-range price range of their line-up.

And, I understand why.

To me, Candice has always been a bit different from all the other Tantaly dolls. 

Namely due to how her body looks and feels. She is marketed as the 1:1 scale reproduction of the perfect female figure, but she has still always given me some kind of an athletic vibe which I adore.

If you look at the content related to Candice then you will pretty quickly notice a few interesting details – take that stomach for example! There is a lovely ab-type of thing going on. 

Just a hint that Candice takes care of her body and knows her way around the gym, but nothing too much. It’s just ideal if you are into that kind of body type. Oh, and best believe that this slight stiffness of her waist is wonderful for holding her in place while you are penetrating her!

Before we take a look at the next Tantaly doll, allow me to give a shout-out to the tunnels of Candice as well! Bumps, bumps, bumps! Both the anal and vagina tunnels are filled with tiny bumps that brush against the penis as you penetrate it. Kind of like a super fast paintbrush painting all over your penis.

Yes, this analogy is ridiculous, but it’s the best I can do!

Want an athletic girl? Candice is the go-to here.

The Smallest Sex Doll Torso – “Miki

Miki sex doll torso

Check best price at Tantaly

Key features: budget-friendly, very small and portable, textures comparable to premium male masturbation toys

So, what if you just want to start as cheap and small as possible with Tantaly dolls? No problem, just go for Miki.

At about 13 lbs or 5kg, Miki is one of the smallest Tantaly dolls out there. When it comes to length, she is not that different from Britney, but when Britney hits you with that thickness then Miki is long and easily portable. 

Just to keep this as transparent as possible – I still think Britney offers the best value for money when it comes to Tantaly. 

Sure, Miki is great and her tunnels offer the exact same masturbation experience as the other Tantaly dolls, but when it comes to realism…yeah, this is where the price slightly shows.

The TPE skin still feels awesome and the orifices are hella stimulating, but the overall look of Miki is not quite as realistic as the other best Tantaly dolls.

To sum it up – if you want a male masturbation device a la Fleshlight but with something extra to grab (the small, beautiful body of the doll) then go for Miki.

However, if you want the overall Tantaly experience at the cheapest possible price then Britney still takes the crown.

The Tightest Sex Doll Torso – “Morgpie

Morgpie sex doll torso

Check best price at Tantaly

Key features: inspired by a popular adult performer, the tightest anus and vagina tunnels

One of the select few Tantaly sex doll torsos that is in the same price range as some full-sized dolls of legitimate quality.

This of course automatically leads us to a good question – why get a Tantaly if I can get a full-sized doll at a similar price?

This is the sort of question that only folks with lots of expertise in sex dolls and sex toys can answer.

Long story short – she is simply worth it.

Yes, she may not have any limbs, but just look at that build. Like a beautiful, fat pillar! And when I am talking fat, I am not referencing a BBW/Latina vibe.

Morgpie is a completely different type of girl. Instead of that smooth, plump vibe, you get a body type that is almost muscular.

Labels like “muscular mommy” are put in the marketing for a reason – she IS a muscular mommy.

If you have been paying attention then you know that Tantaly usually puts the focus on stuff like softness and shape. Well, with Morgpie, the breasts, butt, and the stomach feel very, very toned.

Pro-tip time! For those of you who have a fetish of getting smothered between the cheeks of another person…Morgpie is a pretty damn fine way to live out that fantasy. 

Funnily enough, the textures of her vagina and anus tell a pretty similar story. Out of all the Tantaly dolls I have tried, Morgpie is easily the tightest. 

When you hit it fast and hard then you almost feel a sort of suctioning effect. This goes for the anus in particular.

In all seriousness though – should you buy an almost $1k sex doll that has no limbs? 

Yes, but only if you already know that you love sex doll torsos. If you are still at the beginning of your journey, start with Britney or Miki.

My mission is complete if this article inspired at least one of you folks to get more acquainted with the world of sex doll torsos. Let’s be honest – even if you are not planning on getting one, these are unique toys for sure. This would be exactly the type of rabbit hole I would like to get into.

Now, if you are seriously planning on getting a Tantaly sex doll then…even better. These dolls are pretty damn awesome.

With that, I will leave you for now. See you for the next one!

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