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The past 10-15 years have seen all kinds of kinky bedroom ventures become more mainstream. It wasn’t long ago that stuff like BDSM and public sex toys were completely out of the question for someone who is not deep into this stuff.

Things are different now. It is completely normal for someone to own and use adventurous sex toys on the regular.

And, what could be more adventurous than using a sex toy in public?

Don’t worry, you will not have to get naked. It is possible to enjoy the raptures of a good vibrator in public. With other people around. With someone else controlling the patterns and taking control.

What the hell am I talking about? The Lovense Ferri, one of the most well-known panty vibrators in the world and the topic of today’s article.

In this Lovense Ferri review, we will be taking a closer look at this splendid toy. We will see its features, how to use it, its pros and cons, whether it is worth the cost, and of course, how it feels. 

Oh, and you bet that I will be giving you my field report on how exactly it feels to wear this thing in public and how noticeable it really is.

So, it looks like we have a lot to unravel. Better get started!

In this Lovense Ferri review, you will find:

What is the Lovense Ferri?

What’s in the box?

My Personal Experience With the Lovense Ferri

The Pros of Lovense Ferri

The Cons of Lovense Ferri

Where to Find the Best Price & Is It Worth the Cost?

What is the Lovense Ferri?

A promotional drawing featuring the Lovense Ferri

In super plain terms, Lovense Ferri is a panty vibrator designed for clit stimulation. This is only part of the fun though. It’s part of Lovense’s line of teledildonic devices, which are known for their interactive features. This, by the way, also makes it one of the best cam girl toys currently available.

To get a quick overview of what this toy is about, here are the main features of the Lovense Ferri:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The Ferri connects to your phone via Bluetooth. In 2024, this is not a particularly innovative feature in itself. That said, where the Ferri shines is just how good the connectivity is. I mean, this thing can connect you and your partner even if you are thousands of miles apart. Good stuff for long-distance lovers!
  • App Compatibility: The Lovense app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, offers a variety of control options. You can create custom vibration patterns, sync this thing to music or voice, and of course use the long-distance capabilities of the Ferri. Oh, and the app is also super intuitive to use. A mark of good design. Sure, the user manuals and guides are all there, but I bet that you will learn to use this one from the first try.
  • Magnetic Charging: Lovense Ferri uses a magnetic charger, making the charging quick and efficient. You will get a full charge in 60 minutes. This will give you 195 minutes of fun. If your body plays well with this toy, you will get your orgasm MUCH faster though.
  • Water-Resistant: While not fully waterproof, the Ferri is water-resistant. It can resist some pretty heavy splashing and it can theoretically even handle some shower play. And we all know how hot playing under the shower is!
  • Adjustable Intensity:  The range of the Ferri is solid. This thing can go from a zero to a hundred very, very well. This means that you will find a setting suitable to you. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or not.
  • Wearable and Ergonomic Design: The tongue-like design of this toy hits the right spots very, very well. While I do not necessarily consider it one of the best sex toys for squirting, it can still produce this effect. A solid mark that this toy is designed by people who know the vulva. One other thing worthy of note – the Ferri feels comfortable to wear. Like in the level of “I barely notice it when it is not working.”
  • The Interactive Possibilities: As I already said, Ferri is highly valued in the camming community. That being said, the kinky aspect of Ferri does not only apply to cam girls. Just head over to a Lovense online community like r/lovense and find a complete stranger to control your Ferri for you. Of course, you can also chat to these people why they are handling the vibes. Sounds super hot? Well, that’s because it is.

Well, we have now gotten familiar with some of the main features of this little powerhouse. Let’s unwrap the bastard!

What’s in the box?

A box of Lovense Ferri

Here’s what you can expect to find in your Lovense Ferri order:

  • Lovense Ferri: The main attraction. A beautiful, little tongue-shaped device. Looks hot.
  • Magnetic Clip: This component is crucial for securing the Ferri in place on your underwear, ensuring it stays in place no matter what you do and what type of underwear you are rocking. Oh, and it is also responsible for delivering those mind-numbingly awesome pulses that I will talk about in the next paragraph.
  • USB Charging Cable: Boring, but necessary. A convenient cable for recharging your Ferri. It’s designed to connect easily with any USB port or adapter for a quick charge.
  • Storage Bag: A discreet and protective storage bag for keeping your Ferri safe and clean when not in use. Also important for maintaining the device’s privacy and hygiene.
  • User Manual: Contains all the essential information on how to use, charge, and care for your Ferri. Again, boring but important. That said, I myself have a weird quirk where I like to learn my toys intuitively. And Ferri is quite simple to use for a teledildonic device.

Before I give you a quick summary of the main pros and cons of Lovense Ferri, allow me to get a bit personal and write about some of my personal experiences associated with this toy.

My Personal Experience With the Lovense Ferri

A promotional image featuring a lady holding the Lovense Ferri

I am a seasoned user of Lovense Ferri by now, but I remember my first wear very, very well. Allow me to write about it below. This will give you a good taste of what to expect from it.

Due to marketing and stuff, I was already aware of the shape and other key details of this toy so I was not expecting anything particularly new here. 

However, I was slightly taken aback by how beautiful this toy is! The silicone is completely body-safe and boy does it feel smooth to the touch! And that lovely pink color! Just good stuff all around.

The interesting part started when I actually wore it. You see, Ferri is a small toy with a body-hugging design. It is obviously designed to seamlessly sit in the panties. Still, a foreign object down there and in public? Sounds weird.

I can gladly say that it is not weird at all. Yes, you feel it, but just barely. I am talking about standby here of course. When it is turned on, you will feel it. Trust me. Oh, and by the way, the thought of having this thing down there while I am out and about was enough to start turning me on.

I decided to play it relatively safe and head to a public park for my first wear. Plenty of children playing, people walking their dogs, strangers chatting, etc. Loads of noise, but nothing too intrusive and loud. An ideal scenario for seeing how discreet this thing is in real life.

I started on a slow, steady, yet strong vibration mode. Slow and throbbing, just how I like it. And yeah, I reacted pretty much immediately. The Ferri starts working its magic quite fast. Even though the toy sits against the vulva pretty tightly, the vibrations somehow do not feel intrusive.

It feels more like a pulsation instead of direct clit stimulation if that makes sense. Sure, it is a clit stimulator, but it is a type of toy where the entire vulva gets its due. Super neat stuff for something so small.

I decided to let the Ferri keep doing its thing on the exact same slow and steady rhythm. It was good right away, but things really went to another level when I started to walk while Ferri was against me.

Something about steady walking to the rhythm of the vibrations just does it for me. And then there is the fact that no one knows!

I somehow managed to make a literal stroll in the park into an erotic adventure.

I walked for about 15-20 minutes. Progressively getting more close to different groups of people. Just to see whether I get the side-eye somewhere along the way. 

No one noticed a thing. Even though I know for a fact that my face looks weird when I am having my fun.

The Pros of Lovense Ferri

A digital drawing featuring a lady masturbating

In the first part of this Lovense Ferri review, I already highlighted the specific positive features of this toy. In the following, allow me to get a bit more personal and write about what I like and do not like about this panty vibrator.

  • A truly discreet vibrator: I mean, I wore it in a park. Near a playground. Near numerous other random people. This is pretty much as public as it gets…and I got away with it. Even though I consider myself a shy person. That should say it all really. The Ferri is not whisper-quiet, but it CAN be worn in public without anyone noticing.
  • Versatile: How many vibrators do you know that could easily be used by couples, by streamers, by kink enthusiasts, and by complete newbies to sex toys? Well, the Lovense Ferri is one such toy. This alone makes it worth it in my book.
  • The vibration itself feels super unique: Kind of directly on the clit and yet all over the vulva at the same time. Kind of buzzing and tickly at times, yet somehow still super deep and rumbly. Such a unique type of stimulation. In a very good way.
  • Great Bluetooth connectivity: There are a lot of long-distance sex toys out there these days. Lots of them still have massive issues with connection loss and various other hiccups. Needless to say that this ruins the moment. Well, Lovense still stands above the rest when it comes to connection stability.
  • It simply feels good: I just love how the Ferri makes me feel. Simple as. My point here is this – I would use the Ferri even without the countless bells and whistles associated with the app and connectivity of the toy.

The Cons of Lovense Ferri

A promotional image featuring Lovense Ferri being worn in the panties

I am for transparency above all. This means that, no matter how good the Lovense Ferri is, I will still have to disclose my few qualms with it. All in order to help our followers make a legitimate decision on whether to get this toy or not.

  • Learning Curve: The wealth of features is one of the main advantages of Lovense Ferri. That said, there are a lot of folks out there who simply want to flick a switch and just enjoy the ride. The Lovense Ferri is not such a quick use-and-come type of toy. Not at all. The Ferri is the type of vibe where you will want to use the full range of everything it offers in order for it to justify its price. As such, you will have to do a bit of learning to get to fully know the Ferri.
  • Limited Waterproof Capability: Being water-resistant rather than fully waterproof means that you can’t use the Ferri in a bathtub. Bad news for someone who likes to enjoy their toys in a bathtub. Luckily, I have other stuff like the rose toy to help me out in the tub.
  • Price: Compared to some popular starter vibrators, the Ferri can be on the expensive side. The cost might be prohibitive for some, especially those who are new to sex toys and unsure on whether sex toys are for them or not. For seasoned sex toy enthusiasts and collectors, Ferri is surely worth it though.
  • It is not whisper-quiet: Ferri is a discreet toy meant for public wearing. And, it works too. The buzzing will not be hearable in places with plenty of background noise. Places like streets, clubs, restaurants…everything like this is fair game. However, if you go into this expecting NO noise whatsoever…you will be slightly disappointed. A small hum will still be there so if you are conscious about this kind of stuff then this is something to consider.

Where to Find the Best Price & Is It Worth the Cost?

The Lovense Ferri panty vibrator

You will find the best price for the Lovense Ferri on the official site of Lovense.

The link below is for those of you who have already made your mind up on the Ferri and want to get it immediately. Why the official site? Well, they have pretty efficient worldwide shipping and the customer service is also solid.

Now, is the Lovense Ferri worth it in my book?

Absolutely! The Lovense Ferri is a remarkable addition to the world of high-end vibrators. Its discreet, wearable design also makes it uniquely versatile and a superb addition for adding some kink into your life.

I mean, what could be hotter than having a stroll while getting stimulated with a vibrator?! Add a beautiful man you love to the mix and…damn, I am getting hot just thinking about it.

The technical features are a talking point too – the motors and the intensity of the toy are completely adjustable, making it a great fit for beginners and experienced users alike. You also have the app-enabled features that give you long-distance control and customizable patterns.

Look, in all honesty, I am a bit biased when it comes to Lovense. My husband has some of the Lovense toys for men as some of his hall-of-famers and I myself have the Lovense Domi 2 as my favorite wand of all time.

I am a self-admitted Lovense fangirl, but I am far from being the only one. Lovense Ferri is widely considered the best panty vibrator out there.

So, if you have any sort of fantasies regarding public play or love clit vibes in general, then yeah…this is pretty much as good as it gets.

Thumbs up from me!


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