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If you are here, you probably already have heard a few bits and pieces about LELO. If not, then, well, long story short – it is a Swedish company that designs and manufactures luxury adult toys, for people of all ages, races, genders, and orientations. 

By luxury,  I mean elegant and sleek designs, high-quality materials, and innovative features not found in other sex toys. LELO products are sold worldwide and have also won numerous industry awards for their innovative designs and exceptional quality.

Their product line includes a range of vibrators, personal massagers, male masturbators, and other pleasure products, all of which are designed for a more sophisticated and luxurious solo sex experience. 

This is also the part where I want to speak from an angle of a male user. From my personal experience, women generally use their toys completely shame-free. Can I say the same for men? A lot of the time, no. Every man knows that cleaning up gunk from a toy is never the best part of the experience. And the clunky-looking designs of most male sex toys rarely add glamour to the experience. 

Well, every LELO toy looks more like a high-end gadget than something you would secretly use in a bedroom. And, yes, I literally mean EVERY toy. LELO does not have a single ugly toy in their lineup. This is a detail that helps with breaking the shame surrounding the use of male sex toys.

With that, let’s get to today’s article, shall we? Today, I will be taking a detailed look at the best LELO toys for men. Quick reviews included. So strap in and prepare for the ride because we have some awesome stuff coming up!

• Best Penis Ring – “LELO Tor 3”

• Best Prostate Massager – “LELO Hugo”

• Best Blowjob Machine – “LELO F1SV2”

• Best Wand Vibrator – “LELO Smart Wand 2”

Best Condoms – “LELO Hex”

Best Penis Ring – “LELO Tor 3”

LELO Tor 3 Penis Ring

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Key features: couple-friendly, fits any penis size, large number of pleasure settings

When it comes to penis rings, LELO knows their stuff. This is the third iteration of their legendary TOR c*ck ring and it is the best of the series yet. Now, including the TOR as one of the best LELO toys for men is kind of cheating. Why? Because the focus here is on couples. 

The LELO Tor 3 is a great entry point for couples looking to enhance their sex life. Not only does it provide a longer-lasting and harder erection for the man, but the toy vibrates in a way that allows both of the partners to reap the benefits. Women generally love having some extra, clit-focused stimulation while having intercourse. The TOR is of excellent help here – it is completely non-intrusive, but you better bet she will feel it working its magic.

Things are great for the wearer as well – the TOR is flexible, yet snug enough to stay in place regardless of the positions you enjoy. And, of course, it is made of premium silicone that is completely body-safe.

Best Prostate Massager – “LELO Hugo”

LELO Hugo Prostate Massager

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Key features: fitting size for novices and advanced users alike, the shape of the toy is body-friendlier than the alternatives, SenseMotion feature for customized play

Anal stuff is not for everyone, I get it. But, I suggest you gentlemen at least open your minds to the idea of trying to play with the prostate once. Just to see what it is like. I suspect many of you may be pleasantly surprised by the sensation. Oh, and this type of stimulation is also the easiest road to the famous hands-free orgasm.

This offering from LELO is one of the best entryways to this type of stimulation. It is not too big, not too small, and offers 6 different vibration settings. Start slow if you are new and see whether it tickles your fancy. From there, feel free to move on to more intense settings if you feel like it. To cycle through these different settings, just use the touch-responsive controls located on the base of the massager. 

This is also the part where the usability aspect of the LELO Hugo comes through – everything from the shape of the toy (designed to target the prostate gland with pinpoint accuracy) to the ease of use of the controls is done so the user can do everything with maximum comfort.

As always, LELO toys are completely waterproof. A huge plus for anal newbies who are worried about hygiene issues and want to have fun in a bath or a shower.

Lastly, there is the SenseMotion system – you can customize your pleasure patterns via a tilt or a shake of a hand. Sounds like too much? It may well be, but if you love anal vibrators for men, then trust me when I say that SenseMotion can bring some novelty to your prostate play. Even if you have used lots and lots of similar toys before.

Best Blowjob Machine – “LELO F1SV2”

LELO F1SV2 Male Masturbator

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Key features: nearly endless customization options, fully interactive toy, unique sensations when compared to other male masturbators, performance tracking

Next up, we have an interactive male masturbator. And yes, since this is LELO we are talking about, it is high-end stuff in almost every aspect. Yes, ultimately everything is about pleasure, but let’s be fair – stuff like full VR compatibility, customized masturbation patterns, and heating systems are very, very nice perks. In addition, the thing can be easily concealed and is very discreet if needed. 

How is the sensation itself? Well, something like a cross between a blowjob and a superb penis massage. In a word – awesome.

Here, I will make things quick. Why? Because we have already written and published a full, detailed review of the LELO F1SV2. Feel free to check the piece out if you are interested in more details surrounding the machine.

Best Wand Vibrator – “LELO Smart Wand 2”

LELO Smart Wand 2

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Key features: works for non-erotic massages as well, suitable for men and women, best-in-class design

Wand vibrators are not commonly associated with men. Well, they should. The LELO Smart Wand 2 is on our list of best LELO toys for several reasons. For one, this is a truly all-over-the-body product. The comfortable grip of the toy allows you to let your partner or you explore all the erogenous zones on your body. 

Yes, you can let this wand vibrate on your earlobes if you want it to. And yes, it will feel awesome. And then there are the nipples, the head of the penis, the balls…the list is endless. Alternatively, it can relax your body even if we are talking about something completely non-erotic like a muscle massage. The versatility is out of this world with this one!

Oh, and if your partner is a proud owner of a vagina, then well…best believe that this thing can compete with the best female-oriented wand vibrators out there.

Let’s wrap this up with some more boring technical details – ten different patterns, a maximum of 4 hours of running time, and quite possibly the best design out of all LELO products are the key talking points here. Could this be the ultimate unisex toy out there? Well, it just may be.

Best Condoms – “LELO Hex”

LELO Hex Condoms

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Key features: stays in place no matter the position/intensity, easy to unwrap, thinnest-feeling condoms on the market

I told you, people, that LELO is innovative right? Well, the innovation goes beyond the boundaries of only sex toys. The good folks at LELO have also tried their hand at making the best condom in the world. And, well, as far as my penis is concerned, they have succeeded. 

So, what makes the Hex so special?

Most importantly, these are the thinnest-feeling condoms I have ever tried. Coming home while your penis is in the Hex can feel almost scary – pregnancy scares, STDs, and whatnot can come to mind. It just feels as if the condom is not there! Yet, these things never break, never!

Secondly, there is the fit. Most condoms tend to slip and slide on your d*ck like crazy. Annoying! The LELO Hex fits like a glove though. No matter how hard you go, the condom stays in place due to the hexagonal structure.

Lastly, there is the packaging – the no-slip wrapper helps you get the HEX out quickly. In seconds. I know that I am not the first or the last guy who has lost an erection due to how annoying unwrapping a condom can be. This is all solved here!

Again, I will not make this too long because we have already published a full review of LELO Hex condoms.

Every LELO toy for men that I have ever tried has been on the scale of good to pretty much perfect. This is pretty high praise, but this is just how it is. The pricing is not the cheapest, but we need to consider everything – the design, the feel, and the innovation. And LELO delivers in all of these aspects. In that light, some of the stuff on this list of best LELO toys for men feels like a bargain.

As always, I hope you found this list helpful in figuring out which LELO toys are worth the time of your beautiful penis. Have fun, gentlemen!

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