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Sex dolls are not cheap. This is just how it is. So, a beginner to sex dolls is likely to have lots of questions about making the investment. How to choose? Where to buy it? Are they worth a purchase at all?

These are all legitimate questions that a virgin to sex dolls must ponder. Sex Toy Magazine has decided to chip in. We put together an article for people looking to invest in their very first sex doll. All the most commonly asked questions about sex dolls will be answered here. And, hopefully, this article will also inspire first-time buyers to find the ideal doll that will serve them for years to come. And, if some readers decided to not invest in a sex doll after reading, this is fine too. As you will soon see, sex dolls are not for everyone.

Oh, and allow for a slightly controversial opening to our article. Go have sex or have a wank! Whatever is available. Yes, you heard that right. When I was getting into the sex toy game, I made my fair share of horny purchases without doing my research first. Not a good idea if you want to avoid mindless spending.

If you are still here after getting your rocks off, you are probably serious about getting a sex doll. Have fun reading our beginner’s guide to purchasing a sex doll! 

What kind of sex doll to buy?

Plastic looking bimbos..a common fetish well represented in the sex doll world.

Whatever your kink, there is a suitable high-quality sex doll available for you.

So, how to choose? Well, listen to your gut (and your penis). Are there any fantasies that will not be fulfilled in the near future (or ever)? I, for example, love hentai. Will I ever get to have real sex with an anime girl? Nope. Thus, I feel confident investing in a great hentai sex doll.

You probably have similar fantasies. Some video game character? An extremely tall woman? A thick and dark beauty? If you have a recurring fantasy, just go from there and choose the doll accordingly.

Sex doll materials – TPE or Silicone?

Silky skin of a TPE sex doll

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sex dolls? A blow-up doll with a comical face? You know, like the ones shown in ridiculous R-rated comedy movies of the 00s. Well, I’ve got good news for you. Sex dolls have gone through an evolution of sorts.

The best sex dolls are very close to the feel and look of a real human. I’m talking eerily similar. And, they come in all shapes, sizes, and looks. So, whatever your kink, you will find something that you will like. The first thing you will want to determine is whether you will be buying a TPE or a silicone sex doll. Blow-up is also still an option. But, to be honest, there are not many blow-up dolls still worth a purchase, so let’s keep rubber out of the convo for now.

TPE sex dolls are, in general, cheaper to manufacture than their silicone counterparts. And, this reflects in the final price as well. That being said, TPE is an alternative of supreme quality. In many ways, TPE sex dolls can even be considered better than their more expensive silicone counterparts. Let’s examine the main benefits of TPE sex dolls:

  • Hypoallergenic material
  • TPE is softer to the touch than silicone. So, if you want your doll to have that super silky skin of a beautiful woman, you will want to go for a TPE sex doll rather than a silicone one.
  • TPE is more flexible than silicone. You can take a wild guess as to why the flexibility of the doll is so important.
  • TPE is very resistant to wear and tear. Your TPE sex doll will look sharp for a long time, even with rigorous use.

With all that being said, TPE sex dolls have one significant downside – they are not very heat tolerant. Temperatures of over 100 degrees might start to damage your doll. So, if you live in hotter climates, never leave your TPE doll outside for an extended period of time. 

For the sake of an argument, let’s also list the main benefits of silicone sex dolls:

  • Silicone is super resistant to heat
  • Silicone allows for more detailed craftsmanship. If super fine details on the skin of your doll are important to you, silicone dolls are your go-to.

Generally speaking, I prefer TPE sex dolls. There are several magnificent silicone sex dolls available, no doubt. But the price-value ratio of TPE sex dolls is much, much better. Especially for a beginner.

Where should I order a sex doll from?

Interface of Sexy Real Sex Dolls, one of the most reliable online sex doll shops

Seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? Well, not really, especially if you are new to high-quality sex dolls. You see, when it comes to sex dolls, the simple solution of ordering from eBay or Amazon is not your best bet. Simply put, you will not have any guarantees of the legitimacy of the doll or the seller. And, you will want to be sure that you get quality. Sex dolls are not cheap, remember.

Ok, so you know what to avoid and you head over to do a quick Google search. And now…you are hit with options, a lot of them. Allow me to make things easier for you. The following are 3 of my current favorite resources for ordering high-quality sex dolls:

  • Sexy Real Sex Dolls – A large variety of different types of sex dolls. Free shipping possibilities. Great customer service.
  • Joy Love Dolls – Lots of budget-friendly choices. Great customer service. An easy-to-use catalog of sex dolls.
  • Silicon Wives – Flexible payment options available. Best-in-class variety of mini sex dolls.

I would also like to separately point out Real Doll. When it comes to sex dolls, Real Doll plays in a league of its own. They are the pioneers of AI-driven sex dolls. The AI capabilities alone make these dolls stand out from the pack…but, they are also very expensive. If you are interested in the capabilities and the experience of Real Doll, read our review of Solana X, one of the most famous models of Real Doll.

How much do sex dolls cost?

A high-quality sex doll will be a considerable investment, so think everything through before buying

Roughly speaking, the price of high-quality sex dolls ranges from $500 to $2500. Cheaper dolls are also available. But, the price point of under $500 is where the quality starts to suffer. You can also shell out $10k if you want to venture to the very high end. At this point, we are talking about customized AI sex dolls from Real Dolls. The very pinnacle of the sex doll experience.

For most sex dolls worth buying, $1800-$2500 seems to be the sweet spot. For this price, you can get a doll that will give you years of use and look stunning as well.

Is ordering a sex doll discreet?

An example of a box shipped by Silicon Wives

These days, most sex doll sellers are very well aware of the fact that their customers want to ensure their privacy. Thus, dolls arrive in plain packaging without any hints of the insides. No one likes a package labeled “Sex doll with giant breasts” to arrive at their front door on a Sunday.

Intimacy with a sex doll

A doll like that will be down for whatever, wherever

High-quality sex dolls provide both mental and physical intimacy. It is quite common for sex doll aficionados to dress up, play games, and even marry their favorites. In fact, sex dolls can be a very effective cure for both sexual dissatisfaction and general long-term loneliness.

Whatever you choose, you will want to get intimate with your doll. Most of the high-quality sex dolls come with 3 different orifices.

  • Vaginal – The good old P to V. In good dolls, the vaginas are detailed to perfection. And, some dolls even come with internal heating. Just to make the experience even more lifelike.
  • Anal – Look for dolls that offer a tight yet highly detailed experience. WM Dolls are generally the masters of anal sex dolls.
  • Oral – Even if you are not a big fan of blowjobs, seeing how beautiful the lips of high-quality sex dolls look, you will want to slide in.

My suggestion? Choose dolls that offer all these 3 choices. The variety of positions and orifices will keep the experience fresh for a long, long time.

Positions, baby – can I go wild with my doll?

Always prefer a doll that offers lifelike movement

Yes! To be honest, sex dolls wouldn’t have much of a purpose if one couldn’t go crazy with them. One of the key advantages of having a full-size sex doll is that you can test out some demanding and intense positions. When you get to have sex with a real woman, you can blow her mind with your expertise in unique positions. You have legitimate practice under your belt, after all! 

High-quality sex dolls not only look good, but they are also flexible enough for some seriously kinky action. Usually, a sex doll comes with a flexible skeleton that can stand a bend well enough.

That being said, sex dolls are quite heavy. So, try not to drop your doll from high grounds. Other than that, feel free to go crazy!

Sex doll maintenance – time to clean up!

She can stay as fit and silky as presented here, but you will have to care for her on a regular basis

If you are going to spend big bucks on a sex doll, you will also want to take care of your new partner. Most sex doll sellers offer additional cleaning kits as add-ons. In that case, I highly suggest investing in a kit. These kits are specifically developed considering the material and structure of the sex doll you ordered.

Still, some sex doll companies do not offer specifically designed cleaning kits. So, here’s a quick how-to on cleaning your sex doll using stuff bought from a random department store:

  • A soft cloth with a gentle cleanser (a light shower gel will do just fine) for cleaning the skin of your doll weekly. Just remember to keep the water and the cleanser away from the eye area!
  • An enema or a douce for cleaning the orifices of your doll. Anything that offers solid water pressure will do. This cleansing should be done after every intimate encounter with the doll. Get lazy and your doll might eventually start to get moldy in all the wrong places.
  • A soft microfibre cloth should be your go-to choice for drying the orifices of your doll.

Think of this guide as your SOS cleaning kit when you just have to put together a cleaning kit with department store items. Still, I highly suggest investing in cleaning kits made specifically for sex dolls if at all possible.

Where to keep the doll?

As an office companion? Why not. As long as the temperatures are not too intense

Room temperatures will be just fine. And, slightly colder temperatures will do fine as well. A basement will be totally ok, as long as it is not too damp. 

In all honesty, when I got my very high-quality sex doll, I was NOT prepared for how much room she took. Obviously, you know the measurements before ordering. But, legitimately having the doll in your living space is something else entirely. I was also living in a small studio apartment at the time, so I was not at all prepared to accommodate my first doll. So, be smarter than me and prepare. 

Also, be ready to have a hiding space for your doll. Even if you are rolling solo at the moment, this might change. And, your hot one-night stand (or even worse, your parents!!) might not appreciate being greeted by a life-sized sex doll. Just something to consider.


Looks like it is time to start wrapping things up. I tried to answer all the questions I had before buying my first doll. Hopefully, this article inspired some of you to get out there and start looking. If at least one of our readers is inspired to buy a doll and improve their sexual life after reading this article, we have done our job.

Good luck with purchasing your first sex doll, people!

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