When it comes to sex toys, I am often amazed by just how little information you can find online about some specific toys. Butt plugs fall into this category too.

Yes, we all know what a butt plug is. Most of us have an idea of what they look like. We have probably also heard about old wives’ tales of people landing in ER with butt plugs stuck in their butt.

But, what is the actual purpose of a butt plug? No, this is not a stupid question. Most people (yes, even some seasoned users of sex toys) think that there is some special subgroup of kinksters who just enjoy wearing one, without any real point except direct pleasure from anal stimulation.

The other common opinion is that butt plugs are strictly meant for stretching that sweet orifice and preparing it for anal. Foreplay of sorts. Nothing more, nothing less.

Both of the aforementioned reasons for wearing a butt plug are true. But, there is more to the story, so much more.

My goal for this article is for it to become a sort of definitive guide to reasons why women (and men) should give butt plugs a try at least once. And yes, this includes people who are not into any kind of penetrative anal sex.

So, let’s get started. This will be a wild and eye-opening guide to a lot of you. And I sincerely hope that someone new to all-things-anal will get inspired to get a butt plug thanks to this article.

Reason #1 – Kink

Reason #2 – Prostate stimulation

Reason #3 – Anal training

Reason #4 – Wearing a butt plug does increase the pleasure of vaginal penetration

Reason #5 – A butt plug can look beautiful in a butt

Reason #6 – A butt plug can be great for experimenting with double penetration

My top 3 tips for first-time users of butt plugs

Reason #1 – Kink

Yes, these are the people that wear butt plugs just for the thrill of it. Wearing a butt plug makes some women and men feel as if they are doing something forbidden and dirty, Which, as everyone knows, is hot as hell!

People who have a kink for a good butt plug often wear them in public and for lengthier times. The butt plug is then kept by the man or the woman as a sort of “dirty secret”.

One warning, though – my husband often tells me that wearing a butt plug in public can result in unwanted and intense erections. Usually at the worst possible time.

Butt plugs are also commonly used sex toys in BDSM play. In these relationships, butt plugs are often worn by Submissives.

Notice that I said “most often”, as there are no strict rules to who can wear a butt plug in a BDSM relationship.

Reason #2 – Prostate stimulation

This one is strictly for the men out there.

You see, some men swear by the P-Spot orgasm. To the point that their wives and girlfriends are jealous of not owning a prostate. My husband Adrien is someone who does not engage in prostate stimulation on the regular, but he still says that he occasionally finds this oh-so-hot and oh-do-different type of male orgasm impossible to resist.

A butt plug is a solid choice for men who are interested in prostate stimulation, yet do not want to venture as far as a male anal vibrator.

Butt plugs do not look as intimidating, yet give you a solid idea whether prostate play is something you should engage in or not.

Reason #3 – Anal training

Anal is not something you will want to go into unprepared. Never! Beginners to anal sex often start out with a lot of lube and a small butt plug. 

A butt plug is far from being as intimidating as something like a penis or a massive dildo. You can start alone, slow, and small. Plus, if something knows wrong (although it is highly unlikely if you do everything correctly), you will know that anal just is not your thing. No biggie.

All things considered, butt plugs are considered the best possible icebreakers for anal for a reason. They are cheap, highly practical, and beginner-friendly.

Reason #4 – Wearing a butt plug does increase the pleasure of vaginal penetration

For me, this is the big one. The one “open secret” about butt plugs that all women should be aware of – wearing one makes penetration feel so much better.

The best butt plugs also stimulate both the legendary G-Spot and the internal parts of the clitoris. Add to this the significant kink factor and penetration from someone you trust and love…voila, you have the makings of an unforgettable orgasm.

Still, I would advise against randomly whipping out a butt plug right before sex. If you are new to all anal play, I highly suggest testing your butt plug by yourself first. Just to see how it feels.

Reason #5 – A butt plug can look beautiful in a butt

Another great reason for wearing a butt plug that rarely gets talked about. I mean, some butt plugs just make that ass look good. Of course, some butt plugs look…simply put, ridiculous..but we will not be talking about these kinds of toys for now.

There are butt plugs that look more like luxury items than sex toys. Ever heard of jewel butt plugs? Well, they are a thing. And some of them look beautiful.

Anyone besides me and my husband ever sees my ass filled with a butt plug, but who cares. I have to admit that I also have a whole folder of nudes with me wearing nothing but a cute butt plug…regrets? None!

Try wearing a cute butt plug just for the beauty of it. You will be surprised by how awesome it can look.

Reason #6 – A butt plug can be great for experimenting with double penetration

This is somewhat similar to reason #4, but I decided to write this out separately anyway. You see, many women are interested in what the sensation of double penetration would feel like, yet are not interested in threesomes or shoving two dildos inside them.

If so, a butt plug offers a great way of getting a glimpse of double penetration. Feel free to plug your ass and play with your favorite dildo. Alternatively, feel free to have intercourse with your man while wearing a butt plug.

You will get a pretty clear idea of whether double penetration would be up your alley or not.

My top 3 tips for first-time users of butt plugs

Use lots of lube, and then some more – You are probably already well aware of this, but I’ll put this in here anyway – your anus does not self-lubricate! Whether this is your first butt plug or your tenth, lube is absolutely essential. In fact, before you even begin to think about any butt play, make sure you have got a huge bottle of water-based lube at hand.

Start slow – Slow and steady wins the race! At least when it comes to first-ever anal penetration. Start by slightly teasing, and then gradually enter the plug very slowly. Feeling weird is ok, but feeling pain is definitely not ok.

If you do not feel any pain, feel free to slide the plug in. All the way to the end.

Go for quality – Yes, you can probably find a butt plug for a ridiculous price like $1. My suggestion would be to skip the ridiculously low-end toys. You never know which materials are used and whether the designs are up to any kind of standard at all. 

The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot to get a quality butt plug that also looks good.

I deliberately kept this article short, sweet, and easy. After all, I only wanted to answer one clear question – what is the point of a butt plug? Hopefully, the 6 reasons for using a butt plug posted in this article gave you an idea of why loads of people use (and enjoy) butt plugs on the regular. And, hey, maybe the article even gave you inspiration for buying a butt plug for yourself.


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