Today, I’m talking about one of the most iconic male sex toys on the market: the one and only Fleshlight. I know this might be surprising, but in 2022 the Fleshlight is more than 2 decades old!

As time has passed, the landscape of male sex toys has changed A LOT. These days, we have sex dolls that use AI, toys that directly respond to the strokes of your penis…we even have near-perfect renditions of DC superheroes.

All of the aforementioned was unthinkable back in the nineties when Fleshlight first made its appearance.

This leads us to the golden question – with so many amazing toys in a similar price range, is a Fleshlight still worth it?

This article will be an in-depth answer to this question. We will look at what has made this toy so successful, how it has been able to stay relevant, how it feels, and finally, whether it is worth the price.

Without further ado, let us dig right in:

What is a Fleshlight?

Why buy a Fleshlight? – The key advantages

Why NOT buy a Fleshlight – The disadvantages

Factors to consider when choosing a Fleshlight

Where to start? – A quick buying guide

Conclusion – Is a Fleshlight worth it or not?

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a masturbatory aid that simulates the feel of a human vagina or an anus. Sounds rather simple, right? Well, there is more to the story – trust me, Fleshlight is not just a rubber-hole to stick your c*ck into. If it was, the company would have gone out of business decades ago.

Fleshlights use a material called SuperSkin. This material has many, many properties that make it such a good imitation of sexual intercourse. Let’s examine the 4 best properties of SuperSkin material:

  • Heat retention – Is there anything better in life than a warm, inviting p*ssy? Well, the SuperSkin material retains heat, which helps make the penetration realistic.
  • Non-allergenic – So, you are having fun with a male sex toy only to get an itchy rash immediately after action…annoying, right. Stuff like this will not happen with the SuperSkin material. No latex or other possibly allergenic materials are used in Fleshlights.
  • The softness – Ads for Fleshlights often focus on how soft these toys feel. Well, for once, the marketing is right on point. Penetrating SuperSkin sleeves feels like dipping your c*ck into luxury velvet. Awesome stuff.
  • Easy-to-clean – Some warm (not hot!) water and a clean cloth are all you need to take care of your Fleshlight. As long as you do not go crazy with the rubbing, this material will stay fresh for a long time.

As good as the SuperSkin material is, it is still only half of the equation. You see, there are A LOT of different Fleshlight toys available. How does this make sense? Textures, baby!

You see, every Fleshlight is different from the inside. Every Fleshlight sleeve has a unique set of different “chambers” (usually 3 different chambers in each Fleshlight.) 

These chambers feature various nubs, tight spots, beads, spirals, etc. The point of these chambers is to give your penis some novelty (Fleshlight is not just a rubber hole, remember!) as you penetrate it. 

Some Fleshlights are super tight from the inside and will pretty much give you a very quick orgasm if you are not used to the sensation. Some Fleshlight are more loose and feel more like oral sex or a good penis massage. The key here is to avoid blind buying and doing some research on the properties of the Fleshlight you are planning on buying.

Later on in this article, we will also look at some specific recommendations for beginners.

Why buy a Fleshlight? – The key advantages

First and foremost, the Fleshlight is a sex toy for enhancing the male sexual pleasure. In simple terms, this toy is designed to provide you with something better than the plain old hand.

That said, there are more benefits to owning and using a Fleshlight:

  • Sexual stamina improvement – Fleshlights offer a more intense sensation than old-school masturbation. This is why men often use Fleshlights for training their sexual stamina. You can use a Fleshlight without worrying about disappointing your partner by blowing your load too fast. Ultimately, you will get used to lasting longer and this will translate into real-life as well.
  • Enhancing the sex life of couples – Despite popular opinion, Fleshlight is not necessarily a solo toy. For many people, seeing their partner get off with a Fleshlight is a massive turn-on. If this is something you are interested in, then go for Fleshlights that are see-through. This will make seeing the action even more fun for your partner.
  • Experimenting with anal sex – Pop culture often makes it seem like everyone is having lots and lots of anal sex. This is not true! Anal can be very hard to come by “in the wild”, which is why it remains a sort of hidden dream of many men. Well, an anal Fleshlight is a great option for getting a feel of what anal sex feels like.
  • Raising the confidence of male virgins – We chose Fleshlights as the very best male sex toys for virgins. And, we stand by our choice. They are relatively cheap, offer realistic stimulation, and are discreet. If you have NO sexual experience with other people, yet want to buy a sex toy, then choose Fleshlight. It is the best choice for virgins by quite a distance.

Why NOT buy a Fleshlight – The disadvantages

Even 5 years ago, I would have said that there is pretty much no legitimate reason for not buying a Fleshlight. That is if sex toys are your thing. These days, the competition is much more fierce among sex toys. For an informed decision on whether a Fleshlight is worth it or not, here are some of the disadvantages of this male sex toy:

  • More complex toys available in the same price range – When it comes to the prices of male masturbators, a Fleshlight sits somewhere in the middle. This toy will not cost you over $100. However, when you add another $100 to your male sex toy budget, the jump will be considerable. For under $200, you can experiment with things like AI-powered male masturbators and premium blowjob machines. Now, I am not saying that a Fleshlight is not worth the cost. It absolutely is. The thing is, though, that next-generation male masturbators offer much more variety…and their price is not that far off from the price of a Fleshlight.
  • The number of Fleshlights available can be overwhelming – I mean, I collect these things. This should give you an idea of how many different products there are available. For a beginner, the number of different choices available could become confusing though. And, trust me when I say that all of these toys truly do feel different. 
  • Real sex may become redundant after buying a Fleshlight – I am oh-so-glad to say that I am not speaking from experience. That said, some men love their Fleshlights so much that they lose interest in real pussy. Look, I am a big advocate of Fleshlights, but they can become addicting. So, if you happen to have an addicting personality and also love masturbating, then better watch out! Never a good idea to develop an attachment to a point that it interferes with your sex life.

Factors to consider when choosing a Fleshlight

Choosing a Fleshlight is like going to war – you do not go unprepared. Ok, you can choose randomly, but this can end up with you choosing the wrong product. Not a good idea if you want to fully enjoy what this toy can offer.

Here are the 3 key factors to consider when going through the list of different Fleshlights available:

  • Your size – If you are packing a big one down there, you should not choose a Fleshlight that is too snug and filled with tight textures. You do want the fit to be just right, so take some time and carefully review the measurements before ordering.
  • Solo or more? – If you are planning on sharing your Fleshlight experience with a partner, choose a see-through Fleshlight. You get the perks of a regular model plus your partner gets to see your penis penetrate the toy. A win-win for couples.
  • An adult performer of your preference – In the last part of this article, you will find a link to our list of Fleshlight Girls rankings. Fleshlight Girls are a series of Fleshlight models that are replicas of the vagina and/or anus of some of the most famous pornstars in the world. For example, let’s say you want to have fun with the Puerto Rican goddess Autumn Falls – no problem, Fleshlight has a toy for you. And, this was just one example. New Fleshlight Girls products are constantly being developed, so stay patient. Even if your star is not featured yet, this might change soon.

Where to start? – A quick buying guide

If you have decided to take the leap and order a Fleshlight, then you are probably wondering which models are genuinely worth the purchase.

Well, worry not! We love Fleshlights and have a few articles dedicated to those lovely toys. So, feel free to use them as your guideposts for finding the perfect Fleshlight for your needs.

  • Fleshlight Girls Tier List – 27 Fleshlight Girls male masturbators ranked with short reviews of each product. You will not go wrong with choosing anything from the S or A tier.
  • Best Fleshjack Sleeves – Fleshjacks are toys for gay men. A Fleshlight is inspired by the vagina or a female anus, a Fleshjack is inspired by an anus. And, similarly, Fleshjacks are made to resemble the orifices of some of the best adult performers from the gay niche.

Conclusion – Is a Fleshlight worth it or not?

All things considered, Fleshlights deserve their reputation as game-changers. The company took a simple idea, executed it well, and gave awesome orgasms to millions of men around the world.

Are they the very best male sex toys on the market? No. Are they the best sex dollar for $70 or so that you will pay for one? They just might be.

If you manage to find a sleeve that you love, then this will not be a purchase you will regret.

With this, I will wrap things up for today. Happy orgasmic experiences to you, fellas!

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