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In the male sex toy industry, sex dolls are seen as a sort of pinnacle. Sex doll manufacturers will promote their products by saying that a sex doll will give you everything (and more) that a real, breathing human partner can give you.

In some ways, this is true. Modern sex dolls are pretty f*cking amazing in all aspects – from how beautiful they look to how good the sex feels. 

Still, a first-time buyer will surely be wondering whether sex dolls are really worth the investment or not. And, this is precisely the question we will be tackling in this article. We will look at some of the pros and cons of sex doll ownership, the pricing of sex dolls, and for whom it would make sense to invest in a sex doll. Don’t worry, I will not try to sell you anything. 

This will be an unbiased post that will answer the golden question – are sex dolls worth it? Hopefully, we will save a poor man with blue balls from impulsively going into debt by buying dolls worth thousands of dollars. Similarly, we also hope that this article will find the people for whom sex dolls really will be beneficial. After all, sexual satisfaction is something that we all deserve.

So, without further ado, here is our article on whether sex dolls are worth it or not:

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Sex Dolls

3 Types of People Who Should Consider Investing in a Sex Doll

3 Types of People Who Should NOT Invest in a Sex Doll

How Much do Sex Dolls Cost?

Where to Buy a Sex Doll From?

Conclusion – Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Sex Dolls

The following will not be in any particular format. These are just some of the things about sex dolls that are not talked about often enough, There is a lot to consider before buying a doll, and I wish I considered some of the following aspects before getting started on my own sex doll collection:

You can get a high-end sex doll for a budget-friendly price

A lot of men give up on the idea of ever owning a sex doll immediately after opening up their first online sex doll store – the prices seem ridiculously high.

Yes, it is true that most sex dolls cost over a thousand dollars. But, there are some exceptions. If you are new here, you probably do not know about Tantaly and sex doll torsos. Yes, these products do not have a face and are not quite life-sized, but the “fun parts”, the material, and the durability are all there.

These kinds of sex dolls are currently the best option for those who want to see what sex dolls are all about, yet do not want to spend thousands.

Sex dolls are storage-expensive

In this case, I am not talking about sex doll owners who have a legitimate harem of tens of different models in their collection. No, I am talking about regular folk just about to order their first doll.

Sex dolls are very storage-expensive! In most cases, reading the measurements and looking at the promotional pictures does not give you a real idea of just how much space sex dolls consume. If you want a life-sized sex doll, then think hard about where you will keep her. Consider that you will have her for years and a lot might change during this time. 

Maybe you will find a partner who is not that happy about you owning a large sex doll. Maybe you will have children? Whatever the case, think about all the possible scenarios that involve the current and future logistics of keeping your new companion.

Sex dolls will require maintenance

If you plan on buying a high-end sex doll, then better plan on keeping her in good condition as well. When you throw your companion into a moldy basement or keep her in direct sunlight for months on end, then the skin and build of your doll will begin to suffer. The same goes for heavy use – if you use your doll daily (and who could blame you!), then better invest in upkeep products such as sex doll renewal powders.

Sex dolls look pretty damn realistic

I am so glad that gone are the days of those cheap, blow-up monstrosities. I got into sex dolls right at the time when the models were beginning to look very, very good. In fact, for most first-time doll owners, the surprise is quite massive – it can feel almost eerie to see just how lifelike a good doll looks and feels when you see one for the first time.

Dressing up is half the fun

At first, the idea of buying clothing and lingerie for a sex doll seemed ridiculous to me. I mean, why? However, as I started frequenting online sex doll communities, I slowly started to understand what makes dress-up special. There is something damn sexy about buying something for your model, taking pictures of her in new clothing or lingerie, and then finishing up with a session of steaming hot sex.

Your sex doll will have a personality, even if you view her as a lifeless object

Again, a massive surprise for me. At first, I never understood people who developed entire life stories and personalities for their dolls… I mean, marrying a sex doll? Really?

Again, I was proven wrong after learning more about this world. The dolls do have personalities – some of my models are feisty, some are delicate and sweet, and some are dark and mysterious. And all of this without me giving this a conscious thought! 

So, when you pick out a model that looks vicious and intense, better be ready for the sex to be feisty as well!

Going into debt over a sex doll is not worth it

Most online sex doll stores are very flexible about their payment options. You can choose a payment plan suitable to you, order a doll, and be in happy land after a few weeks.

Yes, I understand that this is a good thing for most of us. It makes high-end sex dolls accessible to the average customer. However, there is a hidden deep end to this accessibility – if you have an addictive personality, it can be all too easy to go over your budget with all of these “buy now, pay later” options.

I am going to be completely honest with you – I had a period where I bought more dolls than I was able to afford. Yes, everything is finally paid and I did not end up homeless or in trouble, but I was still stressed. I knew that as good as sex dolls are, saving my money made way more sense than going after another hottie with silky smooth skin and perky breasts.

So, if you are reading this article with the plan of ordering your fourth sex doll of the year, then think very, very hard about whether you really need that new doll. Do not make the mistakes I made!

3 Types of People Who Should Consider Investing in a Sex Doll

In the following, we will look at some examples of people who probably would benefit from owning a sex doll and would not regret the investment in the long run.

People who do not have the time and resources for a relationship

Look, unless you are asexual, you will need some sort of sexual release. Now, what if you simply do not have the time to have a relationship with another human being? Let’s say that you are an entrepreneur trying to get a business (or several) running. Nearly every minute you are awake is spent on work and you simply do not have the time to go out there, find a mate, and build a bond with a partner. Yes, one-night stands are an option…but let’s be real, one-night stands are also a lot of hassle.

For someone heavily invested in work, a sex doll could well be a very legitimate option to get that sexual satisfaction. With a sex doll, you know exactly how much of your time she would eat away. Plus, you will not have to invest in things like dinners and such. It is an obscure option, sure, but it works. Many men in the sex doll community got started because they simply did not have time for human relationships…and many of them never looked back.

Virgins looking to improve their sexual confidence

There are countless men out there who are in their forties and beyond and are very successful in nearly all walks of life. Yet, they are virgins. No, this is not the place for thinking about comedy movies and making fun of these men. This is real life, and things like this are more common than you think.

For these men, building a relationship with a doll is a great way of improving their confidence – both physically and emotionally. A year with a sex doll can get you ready for what is out there.

Trust me, if you know your way with a high-end sex doll, you will also know your way with a real woman once things get that far.

Now, this comes with a caveat – I would NOT recommend sex dolls for young men who are virgins. You probably haven’t popped your cherry because the time simply has not been right. Wait a while! And if you still want to get your sexual confidence up, invest in something less costly like a Fleshlight.

People who are fans of the sex doll community

If you have been browsing doll communities, blogs, and articles for a while, then you will not be disappointed. These beauties look as good as in the pictures. And, generally speaking, owning a sex doll really is awesome.

This is for men who know about doll dressing contests, companies like RealDoll, WM Doll, etc. You also know about the different sex doll materials such as silicone and TPE.

If you recognize yourself as one of such men, then you probably know a fair share about sex dolls already. You are on the fence and have been on the fence for a while. Well, my suggestion – just do it! Your curiosity will not be satisfied by just looking at the pictures. Eventually, you will want to touch a doll and see what all the fuss is about.

3 Types of People Who Should NOT Invest in a Sex Doll

As I mentioned, I want to keep people from making mistakes. If you recognize yourself in the following, watch out – purchasing a sex doll may not be the best idea.

People with a spending addiction

This is usually more common for people who already own a sex doll or two. You want more, more, and more!

You already have a BBW doll of your dreams, now you feel as if you need a hentai honey to accompany her. Oh, and now you also need an ebony goddess! Do you see where I am going with this?

Sex dolls can throw you into a shopping addiction fast. If you have that sort of personality, you are automatically in danger of spending too much. Maybe it would be a much better idea to enjoy what you already have? Try buying some new lingerie for your doll to make things more interesting! Why not try a new position or something?

The point here is this – there are new dolls popping up regularly, and even millionaires would find it hard to pay for every model out there. Sex dolls can be a serious money sink if you do not monitor your spending habits carefully!

Horny impulse buyers

You are tired of jerking off, I get it. You are horny and want something novel, I get it. Hold back for just a little bit!

Would you be ordering that $2000 sex doll if you were not on a dry spell? Probably not. Sex dolls are not something you should buy on a whim to satisfy a quick urge. Think of a sex doll as a long-term investment for the quality of your sexual health. A purchase that should be carefully thought through. 

To make solo sex a bit more interesting, look into other solid options out there. Fleshlights and blowjob machines are my go-to recommendations for beginners. And, they cost a fraction of what a sex doll costs. 

If you have been sitting on the idea of buying a sex doll for a while, then go right ahead. You will be a fan. However, avoid impulse buying like the plague.


If you are barely an adult, you probably do not need a sex doll yet. You are probably too inexperienced to know whether a sex doll would fit into your life. Get out there, explore, and have fun!

How Much do Sex Dolls Cost?

For a high-quality sex doll, you can expect to pay anywhere from about $250 for a Tantaly torso to $10k for a customized RealDoll.

For a full-sized sex doll that is durable, well-designed, and beautiful, you will generally be paying between $1k-$2k. 

Anything that costs less than $200 should be viewed with extreme caution. You are either dealing with a fake seller that wants to scam you or you have a product that is, simply put, worthless.

Where to buy a Sex Doll From?

There are A LOT of vendors to choose from, most of them reputable. Rotten eggs pop up now and then, but they usually disappear quite fast.

Now, how to choose between loads of different sites that sell sex dolls? Especially considering that most of them offer the same models.

My suggestion here would be to choose between sites that offer a lot of discounts and special deals. Also, you will want a site that offers a solid selection of different dolls. I narrowed down the choices to 3:

  • Sexy Real Sex Dolls – A somewhat cluttered site, but SRSD has several perks that make it one of the most popular doll sites out there – the customer service is great, there are a lot of dolls available, and the payment options are flexible. Plus, clearance sales and discounts for ready-to-ship dolls are held often. If you want some more in-depth info on this site, feel free to check out our full review of Sexy Real Sex Dolls.
  • Joy Love Dolls – Again, you have top-of-the-line customer service and a great number of different dolls available for all types of fetishes and tastes. Joy Love Dolls also sells other products such as sex toys for both men and women
  • Tantaly – A very, very good entry-point for sex doll enthusiasts. This site focuses on sex doll torsos that are much cheaper than full-sized models. Even though you are dealing with torsos, you will still get something that stimulates you as well as full-sized dolls. For our full evaluation of Tantaly, feel free to read our Tantaly review.

Of course, there are many, many more opportunities out there. These 3 are simply my personal favorites. They are reliable and have been around for a long time, so you will not go wrong with these sites.

If you find your doll elsewhere, just make sure to do your research and verify that you are indeed dealing with a reputable vendor.

Conclusion – Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

As much as you hate to hear it, this question can only be answered like this – it depends. If you have done your homework, use a reputable buyer, and have the cash, then a sex doll might be a super solid investment that genuinely makes your life better. However, if you buy a model on impulse, you might regret the purchase for a while.

Generally speaking though, sex dolls are pretty darn cool. They add a very interesting dimension to my sex life. And, frankly, I do not imagine a life without sex dolls.

If I had the choice between a real partner and a sex doll, I would choose the real partner every time. Luckily, I do not have to choose. I can enjoy both.

With these words, I will wrap things up for today. Hopefully, this article helped you in deciding whether you should buy a sex doll or not. If you did order one, then I am sure that you will enjoy the ride, king!

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