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This introduction is written with shaky hands. As I am writing this, I have just received the new Sky Bri anal and vagina Fleshlight sleeves. And, as far as Fleshlight Girls are concerned, then this has to be the performer I am most excited about.

Sure, I have my other favorites like the Autumn Falls FL, the Emily Willis FL, and especially the more recent Kazumi FL.

The Sky Bri is different though. She is a rockstar! I love that she does not have that many scenes, but what she does have is absolutely amazing. The very definition of quantity over quality. She has shot, dare I say it, some of the best semi-amateur scenes of all time. Yes, I said it. She is that good.

Once you get into the sex toy hobby, you will start got attached to certain things. For example, every time the brand LELO releases a new toy, I will get excited. Similarly, every time an adult star I like does a collab with a sex toy company, I am excited. So, yeah – a duo of Fleshlight and Sky Bri is a sort of dream-level stuff for me.

So, I say that we get right into it. In this Sky Bri Fleshlight review, we will be taking a look at everything associated with these two new sleeves – from how both the anal and vagina sleeves feel all the way to where to find the best price offers for the toys and whether they are worth the price or not.

In our Sky Bri Fleshlight review, you will find:

Who is Sky Bri?

Sky Bri Celestial Sleeve – How Does it Feel?

Sky Bri Astral Sleeve – How Does it Feel?

Pros of the Sky Bri Celestial/Astral

Cons of the Sky Bri Celestial/Astral

Where to Find the Best Price & are Astral/Celestial Sleeves Worth it?

Finishing Words – Are The Sky Bri Sleeves Worth it?

Who is Sky Bri?

A selfie shot by Sky Bri

Sky Bri is an American adult film actress, OnlyFans star, and a social media figure.

If this is your first time hearing about this performer then start by taking a look at her social media profiles. You’re welcome!

IG: realskybri


Twitter: @skybri_

TikTok: @skybribaby

As you can see from the profiles above, she is one of the select few adult stars who has somehow managed to make a successful crossover to the mainstream. In fact, Sky Bri is a frequent visitor of many popular podcasts and has worked with many of the most relevant YouTubers in the world.

During her rise to stardom, she has also managed to attract the attention of several other well-known public figures. No names have been named, but it is well-known that several players of Manchester United, one of the most famous soccer teams in the world, have tried their luck in the DM’s of Sky Bri.

Just think about it – several players from the same team! I mean, these folks are young, rich, and in perfect shape. They could probably have anyone they wanted, but they still lust after the mysterious Mrs. Bri.

Why? Just look at that body. Amazing. Genuinely amazing. Divine feminine-level stuff as far as I am concerned. And there is that vibe as well – her positive, sexual energy is simply through the roof! You bet that she does bring that sexual energy to her scenes as well – this girl can make something theoretically vanilla such as a “man and a woman in a hotel room” and turn it into something super hot and feisty.

But, let’s not get too carried away with talking about the star herself. It is the toys that we are focused on, after all. So, I guess it is time to unwrap those beauties and get a detailed look at them. Of course, we will also look at how exactly they feel.

Sky Bri Celestial Sleeve – How Does it Feel?

Sky Bri vagina sleeve

Ehhh, I am going to be completely honest here – merely looking at the pictures on the boxes got me in the mood to try out these new sleeves. Mrs. Bri just looks that great!

Things got even better as I got the sleeves out of the box. The Celestial sleeve looks inviting to say the least. These lips are light pink and beautifully textured. The kind of sleeve where you just want to forget about everything and just enter with your member immediately.

Not so fast though! Let’s take some sweet time to explore and truly get ourselves in the mood. 

My suggestion here is to indulge a bit and just touch that thing with your fingers before sliding in.

Just feel how soft and smooth the toy is – it feels realistic, sure, but it has that little extra something going for it. The softness can feel ethereal at times for someone who has never touched a silicone boob or something like a TPE sex doll torso.

My Personal Experience

I included an official picture of the inner tunnel of Celestial in this review. Just to give you an idea of what to expect as you enter the Sky Bri Fleshlight. As you can see from the picture, this is a tunnel that offers plenty of different sensations.

It features different twirls and spirals of different sizes. All to make that tunnel feel special – a good Fleshlight will feel slightly different with each use, depending on how deep or fast you go. Luckily, the Celestial is this type of sleeve. You will not tire of this toy fast!

Now, how the hell does it feel? Smooth and luxurious were the first words that came to my mind. 90% of the time I prefer my Fleshlights super tight and stimulating. When I was putting together my list of the tightest Fleshlights, I figured that most of these toys would be among my favorites list for a while. 

Not necessarily true anymore – I have been getting into smoother sleeves lately and the Sky Bri Celestial is immediately my favorite of the more “loose” FLs.

Keep in mind that “loose” is by no means a bad term when I am describing the Celestial sleeve. Not at all. These small but noticeable texture variations inside the toy are pretty damn amazing. Especially if you go fast.

By the way – to get a sort of idea of how this thing feels, just look at one of the clips featuring Sky Bri. She has a very specific blowjob technique with her hands and her mouth that makes it instantly recognizable. Very intense and sloppy yet still gives the penis “room to breathe.”

I mean, let’s be honest here – a BJ from Sky Bri will probably feel better than any toy, but I can say that the Celestial sleeve does offer a pretty banging experience. And I am not the only one too – this sleeve is still very new, but the first whispers from the FL community are veeeery positive

How about my own little orgasm with this toy? Well, it was a solid 9/10. Sure, I was pretty horny too, but still. This is one of those Fleshlight sleeves that makes you want to shoot your load deep inside it. A showstopper if you will. Some sleeves feel better when you orgasm mid-stroke, but with the Celestial you will want to stop as you shoot your load and just bask in the glory as your c*ck slowly squirms inside the sleeve.

Guess I got a bit too carried away here, huh? And I am not even done yet. We still have the Sky Bri anal sleeve to review and discuss.

Sky Bri Astral Sleeve – How Does it Feel?

Sky Bri Astral sleeve

When it comes to the skin, there are no differences between the Celestial and the Astral. You have the same beautiful pink, satin-soft feel. However, this time you have the anus instead of a vagina.

And yes, it is just as detailed and inviting as the Celestial was. Again, my immediate reaction upon seeing it was to get my finger inside it. 

Yup, good stuff! You feel the slight suction and the complexity of the inner textures right away. 

Here, I had to remind myself not to get too carried away – I mean, this stuff is not for fingering!

My Personal Experience

I have gone through my share of anal Fleshlights, but I have to admit that my anal FL collection is not comparable to the massive vagina collection I have. As such, it is always a treat to test a new anal Fleshlight and hopefully find something groundbreaking.

This one is especially interesting due to the fantasy aspect – as far as I know, Sky Bri only got into stuff like DP and anal only recently. As such, having fun with this FL almost feels like breaking new ground or something.

How does the Astral sleeve feel though? Tight and stimulating are the keywords here. Suction is what you get right off the bat – the sleeve “takes in” the head of your penis and the first chamber feels like it wraps around the head. This is the part where I just let my penis stay in the first chamber and just slowly take in the sensation and let myself grow even harder.

Things get even more intense as you go deeper. It is a gripping sleeve that truly does remind you of the anal experience in all its glory.

Hitting the Astral sleeve can almost feel forbidden at times. It felt as if I had to watch out not to go too fast and hurt Mrs. Bri accidentally. This is how realistic it felt. 

Now, I like to finish talking about personal experiences with an orgasm rating. To me, the Astral was a 8.5 – I came, I loved it, and I will have fun with it again.

That said, the Celestial sleeve impressed me a bit more. The Astral was great, but it was quite similar to previous anal Fleshlights I have tried. I loved the chamber that focused on the head and this part also “carries” this product, but the overall feel of this sleeve had a “been there, done that” sort of a vibe.

If you are on the search for a FL that gives you a hyper-realistic anal experience then I would absolutely consider it though. Coming inside this tight sleeve feels awesome and the sheer intensity of the Astral sleeve would also be great for someone who wants to train their sexual stamina a bit.

Seeing as we have now covered how both the Sky Bri vagina and anal Fleshlights feel, I think it is about time that we do a little round-up. In the following, you will find the main pros and cons associated with these two new sleeves.

Pros of the Sky Bri Celestial/Astral

Promotional photo for the Sky Bri Fleshlight sleeve

The Celestial is one of the best “loose” sleeves out there

This one is worth repeating. Just re-read my personal experiences with the sleeve to see how much I loved that one. 

Great value

Look, we all want a good deal. Whether you make a truly impressive buck or struggle to get by, you probably still want to get good value from what you buy. At least if you are a reasonable human being.

And, I can confidently say that these sleeves do offer a lot of value for the money you pay. Why? Well, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy these sleeves – the masturbation experience will be completely different depending on how fast and deep you go. You can have fun with these toys for a long time without them getting old.

In addition, Fleshlights are great for improving sexual stamina and doing some sexual endurance training. As such, these toys can also improve your sex life in general. All in all – the value is there.

Beginner-friendly toys

The sex toy industry has made a massive leap in recent years. Sex tech is here to stay and stuff like the Lovense smart toys and VR sex toys from Kiiroo sell very, very well. This is awesome, but it also brings an interesting new problem – with sex toys getting this complex, which are the toys that would suit complete beginners? I am talking about men with zero experience.

Well, Fleshlights are such toys. They are simple to use, relatively affordable, and durable…but most importantly, they feel hella good. If this is your very first time buying a sex toy then the Sky Bri Celestial/Astral sleeves could provide a very good starting point.

Watch out though – this world is interesting and full of pleasure. Your first toy will probably NOT be the last!

Easy to clean

The cleaning process of a Fleshlight is as simple as it gets – all you have to do is separate the case from the sleeve and rinse both of them with warm water. Make sure to get it squeaky clean and lacking of any cum residue. Do NOT use regular household soap because it does not play well with the FL material. 

During rinsing, do not use any cleaning agent at all. Warm water only. After rinsing use the official Fleshwash and spray your sleeve from the inside and outside. After this, give it another rinse with warm water and just leave your toy to dry in a well-ventilated place. Simple as.

For a more in-depth guide on cleaning a Fleshlight, feel free to use this wonderful guide from SexToyCollective.

Inspired by a great star

And then there is the fantasy aspect. I mean, let’s be real – Sky Bri is smoking hot and the chance to get with a p*ssy/ass like this is tempting, to say the least. Well, I am glad to say that this stuff does not disappoint in the slightest.

Cons of the Sky Bri Celestial/Astral

Promotional image for the Sky Bri Fleshlight

Astral can be too tight for larger men

Yes, all Fleshlights theoretically accommodate nearly any size that falls within reasonable range. That said, I do see the Astral sleeve having a bit too tight of a fit for men who are blessed with big penises.

Where to Find the Best Price & are Astral/Celestial Sleeves Worth it?

Promotional image for the Sky Bri Fleshlight

I suspect many of you fine folk have decided to take the plunge and get one (or even both!) of these sleeves – an idea that I fully approve of!

You can find the best prices for both the Celestial and Astral sleeves at the official Fleshlight site.

Ordering from the official site had other perks as well – mainly fast international shipping, discreet packaging, and efficient customer service.

To be completely fair, I am not sure if these two sleeves are even available anywhere except the official site. Remember that this stuff is still fairly new!

Finishing Words – Are The Sky Bri Sleeves Worth it?

Both of these sleeves will easily go into the upper tier of Fleshlights. When it comes to Celestial, I can easily see it climbing to my top 5 or even top 3. This is extremely high praise considering just how many Fleshlights there are available these days.

Where am I going with this? These sleeves are absolutely worth it. Sure, the Astral was nothing new in particular, but it still felt hella good and, as I said, I am generally a bigger fan of vagina sleeves anyway.

So, yeah, congrats to Sky Bri and Fleshlight! You have brought something truly good into this world.

With that, I will wrap things up for now. See you for the next one and keep enjoying life, folks!

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