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I have been getting a bit lazy lately when it comes to male masturbators. It has been a while since I have gotten anything new and the market for these types of toys has been getting stale for a while now. I mean, I still love my adore stuff like my Kiiroo Keon and Kayley Gunner stroker combo and pretty much all my Lovense male toys

Why would I even NEED anything new?!

Well, when Lovense released a new male masturbator, I changed my mind. I mean, Lovense is one of the number one brands when it comes to long-distance toys, VR-sex toys, and sex toys for cam girls. Everything they release is generally hyped in the community and a true aficionado has to try their new stuff.

As such, I decided to go and get myself the Lovense Solace and see what this one is all about. Of course, I also decided to put together a little guide on some of its main features along with the most important part, my impressions of this toy and whether I find it to be worth the purchase or not.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. In this Lovense Solace review, you will find:

What is the Lovense Solace?

What’s in the Box?

The Lovense App

How Does it Feel? – The Personal Impressions

Lovense Solace vs Lovense Max 2 – Which One Is Better?

The Advantages of Lovense Solace

The Disadvantages of Lovense Solace

Where to Find the Best Price & Is it Worth it?

What is the Lovense Solace?

An image showcasing the look of the Lovense Solace male masturbator

I mean, this is the key question, right? In simple terms, Lovense Solace is a male masturbator. 

Male masturbators are toys that mimic the sensation of a blowjob (some male masturbators are in fact called blowjob machines) – these types of toys come in several different price ranges. There are good cheap male masturbators and then there are some toys that will cost more, but also come with several unique features for further enhancing the masturbation experience.

For example, Kiiroo toys are known for their VR capabilities while stuff like the LELO F1SV2 is known for how it tracks and manually tailors the jerk-off session according to the tastes of the user.

Let’s not get off track here though – we are talking about the Solace here and for Solace the inevitable main competitor will be the Max 2 male masturbator from Lovense. That one is very well-received in the community as one of the best starter male masturbators.

Due to this, Solace faces some stiff (no pun intended) competition from Max 2. I will be dedicating a specific paragraph for direct comparison with Max 2 later on in this article. But, for now, know that the Lovense Solace is a high-tech male masturbator with VR capabilities and loads of other useful perks.

Now that we have had our quick introduction to Lovense Solace and male masturbators in general, let’s get to the more detailed part. For starters, let’s see what you will get with your order of the Lovense Solace male masturbator.

What’s in the Box?

An image featuring the components of the Lovense Solace order

Firstly, it is worth noting that the outer parts of the box are all as unassuming and plain as possible. Lovense knows that sex toy buyers generally want a lot of discretion and this is why the box will look boring. No one will know that you are dragging a male masturbator home once you receive your order.

Now that we have gotten this out of the way, let’s move and see what is actually INSIDE the box:

  • The Lovense Solace automatic male masturbator – The main treat. Here, we can draw the very first comparisons to Max 2. Simply put – the Solace looks sleeker, lighter, and more high-end when compared to the Max 2.
  • A neutral TPE hole sleeve – Another key part of the order. This is the sleeve that will wrap around your penis and work its magic. It is also worth noting that TPE is a material commonly used in male sex toys due to its skinlike properties. It feels silky, luxurious, and hot. No wonder it is also commonly used by high-end sex doll companies like Tantaly.
  • USB charging cable – Probably a familiar item to most so no need for long explanations here.
  • Mounting parts – The Lovense Solace is designed to be something that you can use completely hands-free. As such, the order will also include mounting parts. I will be writing about how to get the most out of the mounting parts later on in this article.
  • A user manual – These days, people rarely use manuals. But, I would make an exception here. Especially if this is your first male sex toy. Information straight from the developer is always useful. Even though I have generally found better tips on online forums and the like.
  • A storage bag – A simple yet useful item for when you want to get the toy away from prying eyes.

The Lovense App

An image showcasing the Lovense app in action

The Lovense app is free, available on both the Play Store and the App Store and will be your key to getting the most pleasure and thrills out of your Lovense Solace machine. 

Here is a quick overview of how to use this app and what you can do with it:

  • Possibility of syncing the toy to VR porn – VR porn is all the rage these days. And understandably so – VR porn can be so immersive that it can make one wonder whether VR porn is even worth it or not. Well, I for one love VR porn, and the Lovense Solace can sync to interactive VR porn seamlessly. This means that everything happening on the screen is synced to the Lovense Solace. If your favorite VR pornstar is sucking someone off-screen, it will be you that feels it to exactly the same rhythm. Sure, it may not seem like a big deal reading it here, but you would not believe just how realistic the VR porn experience can get.
  • Long-distance connectivity – Lovense is known for its long-distance toys and Solace is not an exception. As mentioned, the Lovense app is free. This means that someone can get the app and use it to operate your Lovense Solace from…anywhere. Even if it is thousands of miles away. The operator can be an obvious choice like a partner. Alternatively, it can be a complete stranger. Kinksters willing to become your masters can be found at online sex toy communities and there is even a dedicated Lovense subreddit where Lovense fans meet. The bottom line is this – if you are into long-distance play then the Solace has these capabilities on lock.
  • Possibility of syncing the Solace to music – Similarly to VR porn, the Solace can be synced to music. Sounds stupid, but it can actually be very thrilling and feel super nice if you choose the right tracks. For me, deep house works very well. Something about this smooth, throbbing, and intense rhythm just works with the stroking sensation that Solace offers.
  • Possibility of syncing the toy to VR porn games – Personally, I have always been more of a VR porn scene watcher. But, loads of folks love interactive VR porn games like Dezyred so it is good to know that Solace can be used for VR porn games as well. The idea here is simple – you play the game, have some steamy sex in the game, and let your Solace make the steamy on-screen action physical.
  • Pairing with other Lovense toys – If you are a couple of true kinksters, you can also use the Lovense app to pair two Lovense toys together. For example, you can pair it with the Lovense Nora vibrator and enjoy the fun together. The movements of the two toys will be in sync.

How Does it Feel? – The Personal Impressions

Promotional image of the Lovense Solace male masturbator

As always, it is the personal experience that matters the most. In the following, you will find the key details from my own ride with the Lovense Solace.

The neutral sleeve with no mount

I decided to let my first run with this toy be “raw” – just the neutral sleeve, no VR, and no mounting.

Now, as I slid my penis into it, the first thing that I noticed was the softness of the sleeve. Yes, I know that TPE feels good to the touch, but it still never fails to impress me with just how soft and luxurious this material can feel. The head of your c*ck will feel like it is resting on a bed of clouds right off the bat!

Now, I will not be discussing my size at great lengths here, but I am pretty average when it comes to d*ck size. 

Why is this important? Because some girthy men have had issues with getting the Solace to run properly. So, if you know that you are packing a monster down there, better do a quick check on the measurements of Solace and see if you can actually fit into that thing before ordering.

Now, I had no issues whatsoever. I slid in and started experimenting with the Lovense Solace.

The first thing that comes to mind when describing the sensation is smoothness. I went at it with a lot of lube and started on a fairly slow and steady pattern. It felt similar to receiving a BJ from a true specialist and it was awesome. On lower settings, the Lovense Solace could be a fantastic edging tool. The slow stroking is super stimulating without being overbearing.

Now, I am already used to the possibility of regulating the patterns of my sex toys. The adjusting of the stroke depth is a somewhat more novel take though. And I do like it a lot.

Go deep for some deepthroat action. Alternatively, go super shallow to make the head and the upper parts of the penis the stars of the show. In that sense, the Solace is a completely different sex toy depending on how you use it.

Lovense Solace – The Mounted Experience

The included mount works best when attached to a sturdy table. Keep in mind that you can also position your mount in pretty much any direction you want. Theoretically, you could find a small table or another sturdy and suitably sized item and have your fun in the bed.

I found that the mount offers the best value when standing up though. As I mentioned, the mount can be attached to a table. 

Think about it – the length of an average table, the Solace attached to the table, and the position of your penis.

Attach the Solace to a table, put on a clip of your favorite porn, and just let the Solace do its job on your penis. This way, you can turn regular porn into something that is pretty much as immersive as VR porn. It may not sound like much of an add-on, but trust me, it DOES make a big difference.

Lovense Solace – The VR Experience

When it comes to VR porn, different people have completely different preferences. As such, I will not tell you which kind of content to go for. VR Bangers is my personal favorite for all sorts of categories, but there are countless others and you will undoubtedly find something suitable to your tastes. 

What I can tell you is that the Solace will handle all the main VR platforms very well and without any issues. The connection is seamless and the machine thrusts in exactly the right times. It works, simple as.

Now, if this is your first experience with VR sex toys then I would suggest checking out the official Lovense guide on connecting your toy to VR. It has wonderful, step-by-step introductions that do a better job of explaining than I ever could.

Lovense Solace vs Lovense Max 2 – Which One Is Better?

An image showcasing the inner parts of Lovense Solace

It is inevitable that Lovense Solace will be compared to the Max 2. After all, Max 2 is the most well-known Lovense male masturbator and arguably one of the most well-known male sex toys out there.

I am personally an owner of both. As such, allow me to give you a quick overview on the features of both. Here, we will compare the key aspects of both the toys and see which one fares better in which aspect. Here goes:

  • The noise – They are about the same here. I do not know about the specific decibels, but both of the toys are unfortunately quite loud. No, they are now lawnmowers, but if you have to hide the noise from your parents or roommates then consider that both toys do make considerable noise.
  • The feeling – Here, I slightly prefer the Lovense Solace. The sensation from the Max 2 is a kind of massage. It feels like vaginal contractions while you are inside a woman. Good stuff, sure, but the Solace has that little extra going on. The thrusting and the hands-free aspect are both great. They make the experience feel more fuller yet relaxed at the same time. Super good stuff.
  • The design – The Solace wins this one. It is a lighter, more stylish toy. The Max 2 may feel good, but let’s be honest, it will not win any awards in the style department.
  • The VR – Admittedly, there are bigger VR porn aficionados than me out there. That said, I do watch a lot of the stuff and play some games too. And, everything I have tried thus far has connected with both the Max 2 and the Solace. So, a tie in this department. Top marks for both of the toys.
  • The cleaning – For a toy with that many features, it is impressive just how easy the cleaning process for the Solace is. The “pop-out” sleeve makes it a quick and efficient process. A big plug because cleaning the toy after doing your business is never the most fun part of the ride. All in all – yet again, Lovense Solace gets the points here.
  • The intensity – The Solace easily wins here. Let me give you an analogy – if the Max 2 is like a finely brewed craft beer then the Solace is like super pure vodka. They both taste good, but one will hit you much faster and with much greater intensity.

The Advantages of Lovense Solace

An image of Lovense Solace male masturbator

In the big picture, the Lovense Solace is a great toy with a lot to love. Here is a quick round-up of the main advantages of the Lovense Solace:

  • The masturbation experience is great – As you already read in my paragraph on personal experiences with Solace, it simply feels good. And, in the end, this is the most important aspect of any sex toy – does it feel good or not? The Solace passes the test and feels good. Very good.
  • The interactivity – Yes, the bread and butter of all Lovense sex toys. This one can handle VR porn, VR porn games, and also offers seamless long-distance connectivity. The bottom line? You can do a lot of stuff with this toy. A lot of very fun and pleasurable stuff.
  • The design – It feels nice in the hand, the mounting equipment is efficient, and the toy itself is super simple-to-use. Oh, and it looks like a sci-fi gadget. All in all, the Lovense Solace is a winner in the design department.
  • Easy-to-clean – With the push of a button, the inner sleeve and the sleeve holder of the Lovense Solace will pop out. These are the two washable items of this toy. And yes, you should wash them after each use. Mild soap or a specifically made sex toy cleaner are both viable options for cleaning the sleeve and the holder. When it comes to the machine itself, you will not have to do much there. A quick wipe with a cloth will be enough. All in all, for such a complex sex toy, the cleaning process was simpler than on the Lovense Max 2.
  • Intensity of the stroke – At the most intense speed, the Lovense Solace can go at 280 strokes per minute. This is quite fast and intense. And yes, it does feel awesome. Interestingly enough – even at this kind of speed, this toy will not give you the dreaded death grip for some reason.

The Disadvantages of Lovense Solace

For the sake of transparency, I will not only focus on the positives. Here are some of the cons that I found when testing the toy and putting together my Lovense Solace review:

  • The noise – The Lovense Solace is as loud as, if not louder, than the Lovense Max 2. As such, this is not a toy that you can use without anyone in the house finding out. This is something you will want to consider when your private time with this toy will be at a minimum.
  • Men with very large penises have reported stability issues – Some super girthy men have reported that the machine can simply stop working if the humongous size completely fills the sleeve. As such, you will want to make sure that the sleeve measurements fit your size.

Where to Find the Best Price & Is it Worth it?

Lovense logo

You will find the best price for the Lovense Solace at the official homepage of Lovense.

There are additional advantages to ordering directly from Lovense – you also get great customer service and fast shipping.

Now, when it comes to price – Solace should cost you under $200. Is this toy worth the price or not? To me, it absolutely is. It has a wide range of different high-end features that make a big difference in the masturbation experience. And this is the end goal of all male masturbators – to make something as simple as beating off into an exciting ritual.

All things considered, I loved this toy. Will it become as legendary as the Max 2 from Lovense? Time will tell. All the signs are there though. The toy feels good, looks good, and offers a lot of bang for the buck.

Yes, there are similar alternatives out there, but I can safely say that Solace is a better toy than 90% of its competitors. Simply due to the range of features it offers.

Is it a great first toy? Of course. Despite having a lot going for it, all of the key features are super simple to use…and most importantly, the orgasm from the Lovense Solace will be a great introduction to the world of male toys.

With that, I will wrap things up for now. Take care, folks!

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